First Look: Petit Trois by Jo Stougaard

Read my L.A. Times piece about the Petit Trois opening here.

Petit Trois Opening Article

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The Daniel O’Connell – Adelaide (South Australia)

One of the best things about traveling (in my humble opinion) is discovering the unexpected. Even though I’m one of those ridiculously organized people who plan out each day before departing (my husband hates this), as an avid traveler, I do appreciate the joys of an occasional, itinerary mishap.

Ox Heart, Oyster, Caper, Cornichons at The Daniel O'Connell, Adelaide AustraliaA cancelled flight could mean an unplanned excursion to an archeological site in Greece. A wrong turn on a remote Japanese island could lead to a fabulous, hidden izayaka. Even something as simple as an unscheduled, free evening abroad could turn out to be an absolute EPIC experience.

Last September, enroute from Melbourne to Adelaide (start to my Australia trip here), I was informed that after checking into the hotel, I’d be on my own for dinner. I’d had an exhilerating week covering a media preview of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, a non-stop schedule of restaurants, wine events and lectures, so I almost opted to tuck into my hotel bed and catch up on sleep.

Instead, I caffeinated and sent out a tweet to friends on Twitter, “Where should I eat in #Adelaide tonight”?

Social media is a terrific tool for travelers, especially solo travelers. I’ve asked friends online for help with directions, shoe repair suggestions and even reached out when I’ve felt a bit homesick.

I got a few, quick responses to my Adelaide tweet, but the one that intrigued me the most was from Sydney, Australian chef @darrenmfc. He tweeted back, “check out @PhilWhitmarsh @PubAndDining“.

After a bit of research, my heart started racing. @PubAndDining aka The Daniel O’Connell, was quite the “nose to tail” restaurant, a la Fergus Henderson’s St. John, which is my favorite spot in London.

From The Daniel O’Connell website:

“Nose to Tail” is both a menu style and philosophy for us at the Daniel O’Connell. Traditionally it is a term used to describe whole beast dining where both the primary and the secondary cuts of a beast are utilised in the dining experience.

Believing that it is responsible and sustainable for us to use all that is fresh and available at any given time we take a more holistic approach and adopt a “no waste” philosophy to all that we do.

About the chefs via FaceBook:

The Two Chefs

Head Chef, Aaron Gillespie, started off his career in Adelaide pubs, at the age of 16. Now after stints at The Manse, The Science Exchange and Grace the Establishment, Aaron is excited to get behind the stoves of The Daniel O’Connell to continue to build his reputation by creating an iconic dining destination.

Joining him is Sous Chef Phil Whitmarsh, a loveable rogue, who was trained in some of the most notable kitchens of London and Paris, experiencing what it takes to earn Michelin hats. Phil is now home in Adelaide, and after a stint as Head Chef at Lochiel House, he brings his unique blend of global understanding and passion for the local produce available to him to The Daniel O’Connell.

The Daniel O’Connell was first licensed in 1850 as the Commercial Inn. The current building was built in 1881 at the same time as the many of the other buildings that were proudly situated in North Adelaide’s “High Street” by the town planners. The hotel changed its name from the North Adelaide Hotel to the Daniel O’Connell at the time of a refurbishment in the late 1990s and proudly maintains the Irish connection of North Adelaide’s heritage.

PHOTOS: My EPIC Meal at The Daniel O’Connell

Ox Heart, Oyster, Caper, Cornichons at The Daniel O'Connell, Adelaide Australia
“Dead Romance” Ox Heart, Oyster, Caper, Cornichons

Tartar of salmon belly w puffed wild rice at The Daniel O'Connell, Adelaide Australia
Tartar of Salmon Belly with Puffed Wild Rice

Pig Head torchon, gribiche, quince, leaves at The Daniel O'Connell, Adelaide Australia
Pig Head Torchon, Gribiche, Quince, Leaves

Morels, Egg (hidden), Asparagus at The Daniel O'Connell, Adelaide Australia
Morels, Egg (hidden), Asparagus

Ox Tongue: Fresh, fermented #kohlrabi & horseradish at The Daniel O'Connell, Adelaide Australia
Ox Tongue: Fresh, Fermented Kohlrabi & horseradish (additional photo)

Blood Orange Soufflé, Malt Chocolate parfait at The Daniel O'Connell, Adelaide Australia
Blood Orange Soufflé, Malt Chocolate parfait

The Daniel O'Connell, Adelaide Australia
BadAss (and super talented) Chefs Phil Whitmarsh and Aaron Gillespie.

A few wines I tried at The Daniel O'Connell, Adelaide Australia
Wine (and Scotch!) paired beautifully by Cameron Frost.

Thanks you so much for the suggestion Darren!

Fergus Henderson & Phil WhitmarshAbove Tasting Menu from September 14, 2013

The Daniel O’Connell Pub
165 Tynte Street, North Adelaide,
South Australia 5006

Follow the Daniel O’Connell on twitter

Follow Aaron Gillespie on twitter

Follow Phil Whitmarsh on twitter


Fergus Henderson visited the Daniel O’Connel Pub in May 2014. Photo by John Krüger (used with permission).

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Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker

I LOVED meeting Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker! What a force...Last September, when I was on assignment in Australia, I didn’t get the chance to eat at Alla Wolf-Tasker’s revered Lake House Restaurant in Victoria.

To be perfectly honest, until my eye-opening visit, I didn’t know much about the culinary scene Down Under.

Lake House (celebrating 30 years!) is about a 90-minute drive from Melbourne, situated on the shores of Lake Daylesford in Victoria’s spa country. From what I’ve seen in these photos, the property (which covers 6 acres) looks spectacular, and it’s now on my travel “bucket list”.

From the restaurant website:

Alla Wolf-Tasker is credited with the establishment and growth of Daylesford and surrounds as a premier food and wine destination. Over three decades of honing Lake House into the mecca for foodie travellers that it is, she has fostered a network of excellent local suppliers and in the process succeeded in putting Daylesford on the culinary map.

Lake House boasts one of Australia’s most highly awarded restaurants and a New York Wine Spectator award winning wine list and cellar of some 10,000 bottles. The menu offers modern Australian cuisine paying homage to the region’s excellent seasonal produce. Local and seasonal may be a marketing mantra nowadays, but the ‘sense of place’ philosophy that imbues all of Lake House has operated here from day one.

In November I was invited by Tourism Australia to attend a dinner at the prestigious James Beard House in New York. The theme was “Evenings Afar: Australia” and Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker was center stage. This was my first visit to Beard House, and I was thrilled to be included on the guest list.

My first bite of Chef Alla’s food? Kangaroo tartare of course! The entire meal was stunning and included an exceptional pork dish I still think about today.

Meeting the chef was a thrill as well and we often engage via social media. If you love food AND travel, do follow her at @WolfInKitchen.

Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker at Beard House 11/22/13


Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker's dinner at Beard House, NYC
A few drinks in the back garden before dinner…

Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker's dinner at Beard House, NYC
I almost tripped over this life-size sculpture in the back garden… This must be HIS head, right?

Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker's dinner at Beard House, NYC
Kangaroo Tartar with Pepper Berries and Bush Tomatoes, Beet Crostini before heading upstairs to dinner (the only decent food photo I captured).

Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker's dinner at Beard House, NYC
We drank heaps of gorgeous wine (listed below), provided by Wine Australia.

At this point, the lights were dimmed for dinner service and there was no way I could adequately capture Chef Alla’s beautiful food with my iPhone camera. To be blunt, my photos were crap. Thankfully the chef’s team sent me some lovely images taken in the bright Beard House kitchen. See complete menu below.

Smoked Eel with Pancetta, Beet Rémoulade and Horseradish
Smoked Eel with Pancetta, Beet Rémoulade and Horseradish (Photo provided by James Beard House and Tourism Australia)

Butter-Poached Pheasant with Foraged Mushrooms and Black Truffles
Butter-Poached Pheasant with Foraged Mushrooms and Black Truffles (Photo provided by James Beard House and Tourism Australia)

Pork Croustillant with Choucroute Garnie
Pork Croustillant with Choucroute Garnie (Photo provided by James Beard House and Tourism Australia)

Brioche French Toast with Goat Cheese and Local Pears
Brioche French Toast with Goat Cheese and Local Pears (Photo provided by James Beard House and Tourism Australia)

Late Harvest Apples with Caramel, Buttermilk, Honey and Oatmeal
Late Harvest Apples with Caramel, Buttermilk, Honey and Oatmeal (Photo provided by James Beard House and Tourism Australia)

Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker's dinner at Beard House, NYC
I snapped this Beard portrait quickly on my way to the loo… James Beard’s LOO.
The table I dined at can be seen in this Beard House library virtual tour (near left bookcase).

Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker's dinner at Beard House, NYC
A quick peek in the Beard House kitchen. Tight quarters… check out the floor plan here.

Australian Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker and her crew
Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker (center) with her hard-working crew in the Beard House kitchen  (Photo provided by James Beard House and Tourism Australia)

Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker's dinner at Beard House, NYC
Beard House kitchen equipment… touched by so many world-class chefs, past and present.

Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker’s Beard House Menu

Chestnut–Armagnac Velouté
Kangaroo Tartare with Pepper Berries and Bush Tomatoes
Endive with Fresh Curds and Grain–Seed Praline
Wine: NV Plunkett Fowles Stone Dwellers Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Freshwater Trout with Buckwheat Vinaigrette and Fennel
Wine: Plunkett Fowles, Ladies Who Shoot their Lunch, Riesling 2012

Smoked Eel with Pancetta, Beet Rémoulade, and Horseradish
Wine: Heggies Chardonnay Eden Valley 2011

Pork Croustillant with Choucroute Garnie
Wine: Giant Steps Pinot Noir 2012

Butter-Poached Pheasant with Foraged Mushrooms and Black Truffles
Wine: D’Arenberg Derelict Vineyard Grenache 2009

Brioche French Toast with Goat Cheese and Local Pears
Late Harvest Apples with Caramel, Buttermilk, Honey, and Oatmeal
Wine: Yalumba Museum Reserve Tawny Barossa Dessert Wine

Learn more about Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker:
“How Alla Wolf-Tasker’s Lake House has lasted 30 years in the tough restaurant game” by Michael Bailey

James Beard Foundation
167 W 12th St.
New York, NY 10011
(212) 675-4984
website   twitter

Lake House
King Street Daylesford 3460 Victoria, Australia
+61 (03) 5348 3329
website   twitter

The Lake House Cooking School

Follow Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker on twitter

How Chefs are invited to cook at Beard House

Meal and Travel generously paid for by Tourism Australia. 

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Dreams Come True

This is my favorite photo from a recent trip to Scotland.

Mar Hall, Scotland

My niece Kindal and nephew Chace (twins) had never met their grandfather (my dad) OR traveled overseas. He lives in Bridge of Weir, Scotland (near Glasgow) and I’d dreamt about taking them for years. After much saving and planning, we finally made the trip a few weeks ago, right after their high school graduation in Glendora, CA.

The photo was taken at the spectacular Mar Hall, where Dad plays piano every Sunday.

I’m currently editing over 7,500 photos and video from our recent UK trip, but wanted to share this special moment now.

Dreams do come true, and I am so damn grateful.

Cheers, Jo

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Chef José Andrés PORK Umami Burger

José Andrés for Umami Burger
This super juicy, José Andrés pork and cured ham patty comes with piquillo pepper confit, caramelized onion, manchego cheese and aioli. It’s available for a limited time only at Umami Burger and is absolutely the BEST pork burger I’ve ever tasted… and I’ve tried plenty!

$1 from each burger goes to the World Central Kitchen!

Eat well and DO GOOD.

Follow @ChefJoseAndres on twitter

Follow @WCkitchen on twitter

Follow @UmamiBurger on twitter

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DeSano Pizza in East Hollywood

DeSano Pizza’s are hand-made (each made to order) by an authentic (and charming) Italian Pizzaiolo named Massimiliano Di Lascio. The East Hollywood pizzeria is serving up Neapolitan-style pies with imported ingredients like fresh Mozzarella di Bufala (flown in each week) from Naples.

DeSano PizzaThe four, MASSIVE wood-burning ovens are truly the focal point of the room and each are named after a saint.

From DeSano’s website:

Our four ovens are imported from Italy and each weigh 6,000 lbs. We bake our pizzas at a temperature as high as 1000 degrees, so the cooking time is between 75 and 90 seconds. Baking at this temperature makes that charring on the edges and bottom that is so familiar with Neapolitan pizzas.

Peter and I tried a few different pizzas recently and the San Gennaro (photo below) is now a favorite. It’s topped with Salciccia sausage, caramelized onions, garlic, buffalo mozzarella and charred peppadews. Fatty and tart, all in one bite.


DeSano Pizza
Italian Pizzaiolo Massimiliano Di Lascio.

DeSano Pizza
San Gennaro with sausage and peppadew being made.

Chef Maximino Luna at DeSano Pizza
Desano’s Chef Maximino Luna.

San Gennaro Pizza at DeSano Pizza
San Gennaro Pizza: Sausage, Peppadew, Garlic, Buffalo Mozzarella, Caramelized Onions.

Diavola Pizza at DeSano Pizza
If you like it spicy, go for the Diavola Pizza. It’s made with spicy salame, pepperoni, Calabrian peppers buffalo mozzarella.

Margherita Pizza at DeSano Pizza
In the mood for something simple and perfect? Try the classic Margherita Pizza with San Marzano tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, garlic.

DeSano Pizza
Don’t forget dessert: Pistachio Cannoli.

DeSano Pizza
I  loved being able to watch all the action, from the dough-kneading to pizza creations. Left: Massimiliano Di Lascio, Right: Maximino Luna.

DeSano Pizza
Another shot of the glorious ovens.

DeSano Pizza
Imported salt.

General Manager Marino Monferrato, DeSano Pizza
Make sure you say hello to General Manager Marino Monferrato. You may recognize him from his years at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood.

All my DeSano photos on flickr

Read more about DeSano at L.A. Times, Zagat and NomsNotBombs

5 Tools DeSano Pizzaiolo Massimiliano Di Lascio Can’t Live Without by L.A. Weekly

5 Questions For Marino Monferrato of DeSano Pizza by L.A. Weekly

DeSano PizzaDeSano Pizza and Bakery
4959 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Open: Monday through Sunday,
11:30 am until the dough runs out.

Follow Desano Pizza on Twitter and FaceBook

This meal was gratis.

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ATTICA Restaurant, Melbourne

Chef Ben Shewry’s Attica Restaurant in Melbourne, is the ONLY Australian restaurant in S. Pellegrino 2014 World’s 50 Best list. Located in Ripponlea (a suburb of Melbourne) the restaurant has won several other awards including Age Good Food Guide’s Restaurant Of The Year and Chef Of The Year.

Attica in Melbourne, AustraliaTo be honest, I hadn’t heard about the restaurant until Jonathan Gold (Pulitzer-Prize winning L.A. Times food critic) emailed me, writing, “if you’re going to Melbourne, you MUST eat at Attica. Dainty Sichuan in Chinatown is worth a visit too.”

On my first day in Melbourne (invited by Tourism Australia), I headed straight to Chinatown, finding myself lost in narrow alleys and laneways, but eventually tucked into Dainty Sichuan’s numbing Chongqing Chili Sichuan Chicken. But finding a coveted reservation at Attica, ranked (at that time) 21st in THE WORLD? … Not a chance.

Until I started begging. Politely begging mind you, but still, it was shameless begging. Anytime a representative from the tourism board asked if there was anything I needed, I would mention Attica. I also noted that I would happily pay for this tall order myself, and even offered to rearrange my travel schedule (on my own dime) in case a reservation became available while I was Down Under.

When the great Jonathan Gold says I MUST eat at a restaurant… I simply MUST.

As luck would have it, Nyree Mcfarlane, a writer from New Zealand (where Chef Ben Shewry grew up) also requested a visit to Attica and joining forces (more begging), a few days later… WE WERE IN.

Jo Bites Oz, Part Five - An Extraordinary Meal at Attica

Born and raised in rural North Taranaki on the rugged west coast of the North Island, New Zealand, Ben believes that food can have a deeper meaning than just another item to consume; it can be evocative, emotional and thought provoking, appealing to all of the senses. Of course the key to all this is that it tastes of the purity of its ingredients and is something delicious to eat.

For inspiration, he often draws from his childhood; from the volcano, rivers, ocean, and native bush that make up Taranaki, as well as his current Australian surroundings. (Attica Website)

"Leaves From Our Garden", Attica
“Leaves From Our Garden”. Spicy Ruby Red Steak Mustard Leaf dipped in the Fermented Corn Juice topped with Alpine Pepper and Forest Anise.

Fermented Corn Juice
Closeup of the Fermented Corn Juice topped with Alpine Pepper and Forest Anise.

Hand-Churned Jersey Cow Butter
Hand-Churned Jersey Cow Butter w Salt Flakes (Whipped Olive Oil in background), served with wattle seed sourdough rye (no photo).

Whipped Olive Oil
Whipped Olive Oil topped w Black Sea Salt.

The Walnut
The Walnut dish is brought to the table.

The Walnut
Inside The Walnut (Biodynamic walnut) is a walnut purée with shavings of pine mushrooms and rosemary flowers.

Pickled Jerusalem Artichoke
Pickled Jerusalem Artichoke (turmeric, honey & cider).

"Lance Wiffin Watches His Mussels"
“Lance Wiffin Watches His Mussels”: Sea Bounty Blue-Lip Mussels Flash-fried in Rye Crumb and Sea Succulents with hand-painted portrait (on mussel shell) of Lance Wiffin. About Sea Bounty’s Lance Wiffen.

Steamed Crab & Sorrel, Wild & Cultivated
Steamed Crab wrapped in Sorrel, Wild & Cultivated.

Marron, Kale, Sauce of Onions & Pork Fat
Sauce of Onions & Pork Fat being poured over the Marron & Kale.

Marron, Kale, Sauce of Onions & Pork Fat
Closeup: Marron, Kale, Sauce of Onions & Pork Fat.

"A Simple Dish of Potato Cooked In The Earth It Was Grown" at Attica
“A Simple Dish of Potato Cooked In The Earth It Was Grown” with smoked goat curd, coconut husk ash, salt bush, ground coffee.

Just a potato right? No. This was one heck of a potato and all these months later, I still can’t stop thinking about it. Watch a video of the chef making it here. It will help you understand why it’s such a special dish. I also love what Adam Sachs wrote about it (and Ben Shewry) for Bon Appetit:

Today is his day off, and we’re up early to “lay a hangi” in a friend’s yard. A hangi, for the uninitiated, is a New Zealand Maori ritual in which vast amounts of food are buried over searingly hot rocks in the ground and steamed to perfection in that slow cooker called Planet Earth.

Waiting for the bonfire to die down, I ask him about something I’d eaten at Attica the night before. On the menu, it’s listed as A Simple Dish of Potato Cooked in the Earth It Was Grown.

Chang (David Chang), who recently tweeted that Shewry’s potato in dirt was one of the best things he’d eaten last year, tried to describe why. “It’s hard to explain, but Attica’s a very personal dining experience,” he told me. “When I eat there I feel like I’m eating what Australian food should taste like.”

The dish is a hangi in miniature and essential Shewry: a humble potato, buried in dirt and shrouded in personal narrative. (Read the full article)

Cucumbers, Holy Flax, Sauce of Burnet at Attica
The dinner continued with Cucumbers, Holy Flax, Sauce of Burnet.

King George Whiting In Paperback
King George Whiting with Butter & Lemon Myrtle In Paperback

Flinders Island Wallaby, Scorched Macadamia, Ground Berry
Flinders Island Wallaby (tasted like venison to me), Scorched Macadamia, Ground Berry.

"Plight of the Bees" at Attica
WOW. “Plight of the Bees” dessert (New Zealand honey) arrived in a beehive box made of Tasmanian oak. One for each of us.

"Plight of the Bees" at Attica
Opening the lid to “Plight of the Bees”. Two types of New Zealand honey combined with meringue, frozen lemon, wild thyme. The honey comb pattern was created with freeze-dried apple on top of the thin layer of pumpkin.

"Plight of the Bees" at Attica
Digging in… “Plight of the Bees”. Again, WOW.

Native fruits of Australia
Native fruits of Australia (Plums, Muntries, Riberries, Lime, Quandongs) with Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt & Native Currant Shaved Ice.

Vinegar Ice Cream at Attica
Apple Vinegar Ice Cream with Candied Oats.

The Pukeko's Egg by Chef Ben Shewry, Attica in Melbourne, Australia
Along with our Attica menu, we each received a copy of Ben Shewry’s artwork. On the back he explained why he is inspired by the Pukeko:
“The New Zealand Pukeko is quite a character and has often provided my family with first class entertainment… Like me, Pukeko are often seen foraging for food beside roadside ditches, but unlike me they had been forced to adapt because their natural habit, the swamplands, have almost disappeared with human proliferation.”

The Pukeko's Egg
The Pukeko’s Egg: Hand-painted, Chocolate & Salted Caramel Eggs.

Attica in Melbourne, Australia
Tourism Australia and Tourism Victoria went above and beyond to make this meal happen. Many thanks to Madeleine Blake (above left) for organizing the phenomenal evening for myself and Nyree McFarlane.

Read Nyree’s fantastic piece on Ben Shewry here.

Read more about Ben Shewry on Bon Appetit.

Marshmallows in the garden with Chef Ben Shewry! Attica in Melbourne, Australia (Nyree Mcfarlane and Madeleine Blake)How to Get a Reservation at Attica in Melbourne, Australia by Eater

74 Glen Eira Road
Ripponlea, VIC 3185
Bookings: +61 3 9530 0111

This meal was paid for by Tourism Victoria.

Jo Bites Oz, Part One



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