Gordon Ramsay at the London


It’s Not About Gordon Ramsay

Anticipating our dinner at Gordon Ramsay at the London, I hopped online and began researching what I should order. I browsed through all the usual food blogs and sites including Chow (raves about the Pork Belly), Yelp and Eater…. and then I read Virbila’s review on LATimes. She mentioned one of her favorite dishes was the braised “Pig’s Head”. DONE. I knew what I was ordering. Pig’s Head and Pork Belly. My fellow diners (husband Peter, FoodWhore Baub and Andrew) could pick out the rest.

Peter and I arrived early to have a drink and bite at the bar. We ordered a couple of vodka tonics and one order of an asparagus/avocado sushi roll. It was delicious. A quick FYI here… we had another order of the avo roll to share with our friends at dinner, and it was a much smaller version of the bar order.

As we sat down at our table, we noticed a familiar face walking towards us. Jared Heber is a former high school pal of FoodWhore Baub, and is a sommelier that previously worked at Osteria Mozza. Currently Jared is the wine director at ‘Gordon Ramsay at the London’. When he saw us he laughed and said “YOU FOUR AGAIN?”. We so enjoyed his service at Osteria and we were thrilled to see him again. He really made the night extra special by taking us on a private tour of the massive kitchen. It was a fantastic rush. Of course we didn’t expect to see Gordon Ramsay there expediting our dinner order, but I was personally hoping for a glimpse of Christina, the recent Hell’s Kitchen winner. I didn’t see her around, but I have to say it was pretty darn cool to stand with Jared and watch head chef Andy Cook yelling out orders a few feet in front of us.

As we got back to our table I thought… “this place isn’t about Gordon Ramsay really”. Of course we went there because of his celebrity, but I certainly didn’t “feel” his presence in the dining room, kitchen or even the food. He wasn’t missed at all.

I absolutely loved the look and vibe of the restaurant. It’s sexy. You feel sexy sitting there. It sounds silly to say that now, but it’s true… I was sitting there eating my Pig’s Head and Pork Belly feeling SEXY.

What we ordered:
Pig's Head and English Peas
Pig’s Head with English Peas. Delicious and I would order again and again.

Pork Belly, Scottish Langoustine & Celeriac
Pork Belly with Roasted Scottish Langoustine, Celeriac & Apple. We had one as an entree… then I ordered another for desert!
Monkfish & Thyme Consommé
Monkfish wrapped with Crispy Chicken Skin, served in a Lemon Thyme Consomme’. Delicious and I would order again.

Asparagus Risotto
Wild Asparagus Risotto with Chive Flowers. This was our table’s favorite dish.

Asparagus & Avocado Roll. The bar version was larger than the restaurant version but both were delicious.

Simple bread and creamy butter topped with crunchy fleur de sel. Loved the “bullet” presentation.

Jo & Bob with Jared Heber in the Kitchen
Touring the massive Gordon Ramsay kitchen with Jared. Standing next to the wall of walk-in fridges.

Gordon Ramsay at the London
The London West Hollywood
1020 N San Vicente Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 358-7788

Dining Date: 07/12/08


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