Animal [3 & 4]

Visit #3 and #4

We had another fantastic dinner at Animal last night with our friends Adela, Andrew and Jodi. 

Animal Restaurant's Foie Gras & Strawberries by

My favorite was the Foie Gras & Strawberries, Brioche and Mache $20.

9/21/08 Dinner at Animal with my nephew Cody and his girlfriend Jade… and friends Bob, Andrew & Clara. It was such a treat to have Cody there. He is by far my favorite eating partner! We especially loved the Pork Belly and the massive “109” Steak. Chefs Vin and Jon both came around to chat with our group. Love those guys!

Animal Restaurant's "109" Steak by
The “109” Steak, Foie Gras Sauce and Mash $70

Dinner at Animal Restaurant by

Animal Restaurant's Pork Belly by
Pork Belly, Kimchi $10

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Animal Restaurant
435 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 782-9225

Dining Date 9/6/08 and 9/21/08

Animal on Urbanspoon

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