Visiting the White House

White House 1986 by

White House 1986 by

I just found these two photos from when my ex and I visited the White House in 1986. We were living in Maryland back then (he was flying for a commuter airline), and it was a very memorable visit to Washington D.C.

I personally felt very proud and patriotic, standing so close to where President Reagan was leading our country… especially when I saw him step into “Marine 1” (the presidential helicopter) and fly right over our heads!

The photos have nothing to do with food or restaurants, but they have a lot to do with celebrating on this Inauguration Day 2009. As an immigrant (see “About”), I feel so very grateful and proud today!

What are you doing to celebrate?

This evening my good friend Afaf and I are going to a cooking class taught by chef Michael Young, then afterwards I’m having a late dinner (and drinks!) with my husband Peter.

Let’s Celebrate America!



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6 responses to “Visiting the White House

  1. What a thrill that had to have been for you. Days like this make me feel more patriotic than ever, and I’m patriotic all of the time. Today is one of those days that I will always remember. I thought President Obama’s speech was fantastic. And it feels good to finally be able to call him our President. Ever since the election, he’s been like a new toy we knew we were getting for Christmas but couldn’t unwrap. Finally, change can begin.

    Tonight it’s dinner at home – pasta with Bolognese, garlic bread, and Top Chef.

    Happy Inauguration Day!

  2. I kept reloading the website until the photo changed to Obama! Then it felt real to me!

    So exciting!

    I think we’ll be eating the same as you, but up at our little Italian joint around the corner.

    … Top Chef?? Is it on TONIGHT instead of Wednesday? I’m going to make sure I’m Tivoing if it is.

    : )

  3. Aayanjit Phukan

    Hello mam.

    Lovely pics,upload a pic of yours too if you have,would be lovely 🙂

    Oh you going for a cooking class,thats great.Enjoy the class.

  4. You know, I think I’m losing it. It feels like Wednesday, but it’s not. No Top Chef until tomorrow. 😦

  5. Jennifer

    Hi Jo!

    It was really nice to meet you and Afaf last night at Michael Young’s class. John and I usually have fun together but you two made it even better!


  6. Hi Jennifer! It was fun meeting you both too! Let me know when you and John are taking another Chef Young class! Next time we will skip the Obama-Tinis! LOL

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