The Bazaar by José Andrés [4]

I think it’s perfectly fitting that my fourth visit to the Bazaar by José Andrés, came just a few days before the L.A. Times awarded the restaurant FOUR stars. I don’t have a rating system on MyLastBite, but if I did… I would give the Bazaar a TEN (out of ten).

Since the very first night the restaurant opened (I was there), I’ve been telling everyone about this “gift” that Jose Andres has given to L.A. I know times are tough, but if you can afford to eat out once in awhile and haven’t been to the Bazaar yet, then make a reservation now. Your spirits (and taste-buds) will be quickly lifted, and you’ll feel good that you did something nice for yourself.

I love the Bazaar so much that I find myself berating friends who haven’t been there yet. These are friends who eat out once or twice a week and just haven’t “gotten around to it”. I want to shake them and scream “Do you have ANY idea what you are missing?”. Thanks to S. Irene Virbilia (L.A. Times Restaurant Critic), maybe now they’ll finally go experience the magic for themselves. 

The Bazaar is not just a “special occasion” restaurant, although on this fourth visit we went to celebrate my nephew Cody’s birthday. Each time we go to the restaurant, Peter and I make sure to take family or friends, because it’s such an awesome experience to share with people you love… especially if you are celebrating something (or someone) special! 

What we ate:

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
Of course, we started the evening with my favorite… the 
Foie Gras Cotton Candy! Bites of foie gras rolled in crushed corn nuts then wrapped in cotton candy. My nephew Cody and his girlfriend Jade loved them! $5

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar, MyLastBite.comCaviar Cones with Crème Fraîche $8

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
Nitro Caipirinha $20

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
Making the Nitro Caipirinha (cachaça and lime) made with Liquid Nitrogen

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
“Not Your Everyday (Winter) Caprese” (Molecular Liquid Mozzarella Balls)$12

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
Steamed Crab Buns with Pickled Japanese Cucumber $15

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
”Just Shrimp Cocktail: Yea Right” $12

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
Alitas de pollo: Boneless chicken wings with green olive puree $9. These were so good, we ordered seconds!

Mushrooms toped with Truffles,

Chef Marcel Vigneron brought this special dish to our table. I can’t remember what is was called, but it was filled with mushrooms and topped with freshly shaved truffles. A wonderful treat… THANKS CHEF!!

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
truffles, lovely truffles!

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
Pisto Manchego con flor de calabaza: Sauteed peppers, zuchini, onions, eggplant and tomatoes with a beautiful poached egg. $9

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
Beef Hanger Steak and Piquillo Pepper Confit $10

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
Japanese Baby Peaches with Persimmon, Yogurt and Olive Oil $12

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
The incredibly gracious William Douillet making our “Dragon’s Breath”! Caramel Popcorn bites “cooked” in Liquid Nitrogen!

Liquid Nitrogen at the Bazaar,
William lifting the Caramel Popcorn out of the Liquid Nitrogen!

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
I love Cody’s face as he bites into the “Dragon’s Breath”!! Priceless.

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
Cody exhaling the “Dragon’s Breath”

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
Cody, Jade and Chef Marcel Vigneron

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
The Patisserie Menu

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
Nitro Island, specially delivered by the lovely Waylyn Lucas!

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
“Nitro Coconut Floating Island” Dessert $10

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
Apples Carlota $10

Cody's Birthday at Bazaar,
Jo, Felix, William, Dan, Jade and Cody. Thanks for ANOTHER fantastic evening!

At The Bazaar by Jose Andres, 
My wonderful husband, Peter.

Additional dishes we had (as well as previous visits):

Olives Ferran $8

Sweet potato chips $10

Toro (Tuna) “Nigiri”, Wasabi, Watermelon, Soy and Jalapeño $16

Jicama wrapped guacamole with micro cilantro and corn nuts $10

“Philly Cheesesteak”: Air bread filled with cheese and topped with Kobe beef $8

Lomo de corder con Patatas y trufas: Lamb Loin with Mushrooms and Potato. $14.00

Jamon Platter $32

Five Quesos: Murcia, Valdeon, Idiazabal, La Serena, Manchego $25

Jamon Croquettes $9

The Bazaar by José Andrés, SLS Hotel
465 South La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 246-5555

Bazaar photos on Flickr

Dining Date: 2/15/09

<– Bazaar Visit #3

–> Bazaar Visit # 5 and 6

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17 responses to “The Bazaar by José Andrés [4]

  1. Toro sashimi, Wasabi, Watermelon, Soy, and Jalapeño. Only a mad scientist genius like Jose would put those things together, and further proof why he’s one of the most exciting people in food today.

    Excellent pictures, Jo. It looks like you had yet another memorable meal.

  2. lol. im going back to bazaar too for a second round… man that place just gives you too many options.

  3. Katrina

    OK I’m in. Looks fascinating and yummy. Hope now that it has a 4 star rating we won’t have to wait six months to get a reservation. Great photos Jo. Does Marcel work there full time or was he just guest chefting?

  4. Phil, It was so fun to see my nephew’s reaction to all the crazy (and delicious) food!

    sassy flashy classy, I keep thinking I’ve eaten everything on the menu but always find something new.

    Marcel has been there from day one. He works in the “Rojo” open kitchen and has always come out to say hello. Really nice guy.

  5. My husband and I were just returning from a getaway weekend when we read the LA Times 4 star review. “Now we’ll never get in,” we said to ourselves as we contemplated when we’d ever be able to try Jose Andres’ restaurant for the FIRST time.

    We both agree it’s worth saving our dollars up so we can try everything! Thanks for the great write up and photos, as now I think I have a very good idea what to expect!

    Great post!

  6. Michelle

    I have to tell you how much i love reading your blog, especially highlighting all the “bazaar” moments. In fact, i was just there last night for the second time. I thought i wouldn’t be impressed since i’ve been there already, but i kept discovering new things. The liquid nitrogen Caipirinha, ceviche tuna w/avocado cilantro crispy pork flakes were amazing. How was the toro nigiri? I wonder if they will be having the parmesan spaghetti on their menu.

  7. EEEEEEE! I’m going this Saturday night, which means I have only six days to narrow down what to order 😉

  8. Food Woolf,
    If you haven’t yet…. grab a reservation for the Bazaar on You can reserve up to a month in advance. Definitely request a table near the Rojo kitchen if you like to watch the action!

    Thank you for reading MyLastbite! And I loved the Toro Nigiri, especially with the Soy Sauce foam. It didn’t overwhelm the fish like a dunk into a soy sauce bath.

    Definitely take a list of dishes you want to try. The two menus are packed with so much information…. I was a little flustered on my first visit when our server started making so many incredible suggestions… and I even HAD a list!

  9. It looks incredible. Consider me jealous.

  10. Thanks for the great pics! This restaurant is going on my “list”!

  11. OMG I’m so jealous! I really want to go to the Bazaar and I think this post just sealed the deal. I DEFINITELY have to go!!

    I hope you don’t mind that I linked your site on my own food blog!

    Have a good one 😀

  12. i wanna go back to try the caviar cones!!!

  13. Pingback: Just Another Caprese Salad « my life as a foodie

  14. Jim Pena

    What great articles.Molecular Gastronomy!!!!!! OMG………… I have taken such an interest, That i am inquiring about Culinary School at Le Cordon Bleu.In the meantime, are there any classes on this
    new technology in Miami? Any help will do

    • Hi Jim,
      I don’t have any info on classes in Florida, sorry. I did check the Sur La Table site (where I first took lessons), but didn’t see any Florida info. If I hear or read about anything I will let you know! Cheers.

  15. Lynn

    Thanks for the photos! This Saturday will be my first time at The Bazaar (SAAM dining room). I will be celebrating my 3rd year anniversary. Your photos and descriptions were very helpful!

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