Sri Siam Café [4]

My friend Laur invited me to lunch yesterday and suggested we go to Sri Siam Café, our favorite, local Thai joint. She wanted me to meet her niece Sherry, an intensive care nurse visiting from Chicago. I was totally fascinated with all of her exciting hospital stories, especially about the time she got to hold someone’s lungs during surgery (she said they felt “spongy”). Obviously it wouldn’t be appropriate lunch conversation for everyone, but for three gals with iron stomachs (sitting there filling ourselves with fiery Thai goodness), it was perfectly lovely.

Spicy Basil Seafood at Sri Siam,
I ordered the Spicy Basil Seafood with pan-fried Squid, Mussels, Shrimp, Sole, Peppers and Chilies. The dish came with rice and an eggroll and is not on the regular menu. Look for it on the “All Day Special” menu. $11.50

Succulent Grilled Chicken at Sri Siam,
Sherry ordered the Succulent Grilled Chicken over Egg Noodles. $5.95 (#91 on the regular menu)

Panang at Sri Siam,
Laur ordered the Panang Chicken cooked with Red Peanut Curry Paste and Coconut Milk. $6.95 (#66 on the regular menu)

Thai Chili at Sri Siam,
Beautiful Thai Chili Sauce on the table

On each visit I’m trying to taste a new dish, but the one thing I have to order EVERY time is the Crispy Rice Salad with Sour Sausage (Nam). It’s tangy, spicy deliciousness!

Sri Siam has over 100 dishes listed on the regular menu, plus ten dishes on the “Specials” menu. If none of those delights interest you, then you can always check out the “Off Menu” items listed here (you may need some help with the translation).

Sri Siam Café
12843  Vanowen St.
North Hollywood, CA 91605
818 892-6262

All my Sri Siam Photos on Flickr

Sri Siam Café  Website

Dining Date: 2/26/09 (Visit #4)

Visit #3 to Sri Siam (with photos)

Visit # 1 & 2 (with photos)

Sri Siam Cafe on Urbanspoon



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7 responses to “Sri Siam Café [4]

  1. I’m very interested in seeing what their “nam kao tod” looks/ tastes like.

    Thinking about hosting a festive dinner @ Jitlada doing nothing but fierce Southern Thai dishes. Hope you can join us?

  2. TonyC,
    (I hope I can keep up with you!)

  3. Exactly how many dishes does Sri Siam Cafe offer?? Seems like every time you post there’s something new, and not a single thing looks like it fails to be out of this world.

    Impressive, and love the photos. I want to bath in the thai chili sauce, as painful as that might be.

  4. Afaf

    Jo! Seriously every time I go on your site , something magical happens to me ,
    I get in a gooood mood, I love people & I love Food… and you have both on your site. The food that you post and the stories that you write… they are both beautiful!!

  5. Wow. Looking at this post and all these pictures at 12:27 a.m. makes my Thai stomach growl like crazy. 🙂 Even the fish sauce with chili looks very good right now.

  6. Mmmm. It looks yummy. When I saw your yummy dishes I feel very hungry.

  7. Wow, all the enticing colors are making me drool.

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