I loved this report on ABC World News tonight.

In case you missed it: Bacontrepreneurs video

The Bacon Salt
I already use the Bacon Salt! It’s available at Ralphs Market. I’ve sprinkled it on potatoes, salad (instead of dressing or bacon bits), eggs and pasta.

The Bacon Lip Balm
I just ordered the 4pack! (Who wants one?)

All J & D Food Products on Amazon



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4 responses to “Bacontrepreneurs

  1. Amazing what you can do with the word “BACON”!!!!!!!!

  2. I thought bacon chocolate was a crazy idea, but bacon lip balm?? That totally new to me.

  3. I got a gift pack from my friend at Christmas that includes 6 different varieties of this salt, a jar of Baconaisse, and the lip balm. Brilliant idea, especially when you stop to consider how bacon-crazy people are. Most interesting is that there isn’t a trace of bacon in any of this stuff. So even Vegans can enjoy the taste of bacon.

    I haven’t tried the lip balm yet. One of these evenings, I’ll smear some on my lips and surprise my wife with a nice bacon kiss. 🙂 Pucker up, butter cup.

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