I’m Doing It

Today is Earth Day, and I’ve got a fun evening planned with friends. Chef Akasha Richmond invited me to “Battle of the Chefs: Eco-Cuisine”, a cooking competition “to help raise national awareness of the importance of incorporating eco-friendly foods, soy in particular, into our diets”. Akasha is one of the judges and is also cooking for the event.

That’s what I’m doing tonight. Today I’m doing something even more exciting, and it’s something that I know will make a difference in our very fragile world: I am officially giving up plastic AND paper bags at the market.

I know I should have done this long ago, but I just didn’t want to deal with it. I KNEW the statistics, that just one thin bag could take up to a THOUSAND years to decompose in a landfill. I’m estimating that I brought home an average of 8 bags per week, sometimes BOTH plastic and paper. I should be ashamed, and I am.

And the actual reason why I hadn’t switched to reusable bags yet?

I’m almost embarrassed to say it, but if I’m going to be honest and make the change today, here goes… I’ve been waiting for someone to sell “cute” reusable shopping bags that I like. Something with a vintage-look or with some groovy patterns that I’d WANT to carry in public. It’s ridiculous I know but I hated the ones sold with the market logos, and I definitely didn’t want to carry the “I’m not a plastic bag” tote either (it’s white for goodness sakes).

I actually own two amazing, sturdy shopping bags with “Gourmet Institute” embroidered on the sides. I got those when I attended the (awesome) event in New York a few years ago. But honestly, those are too “special” to use everyday.

Just last weekend, Peter and I were grocery shopping at Gelsons market and as we walked up the cleaning aisle, I stopped dead in my tracks. There, next to the dish soaps and rubber gloves were a whole, new bunch of beautiful, REUSABLE shopping bags. Pretty ones with vintage looking paisley patterns, pink ones with yellow flowers, just all sorts of cool designs. There must have been nine or ten different styles and I stood there “oohing and ahhing”… then we continued walking up the aisle, paid for our groceries and brought home eight more plastic bags.

What a waste. Especially when it’s such an easy switch. I’m heading to Gelsons now, but don’t worry, it’s not a special trip JUST to buy the pretty, vintage-looking, reusable shopping bags. I had already planned to grocery shop anyway.

I’m actually excited about this change. I think I’ll have Peter put up a special (pretty) hook for the bags near the wall where we keep our grocery list. Ooh, I guess I should think about not writing my list on actual paper anymore… wait, maybe I should just take this one step at a time.

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Please check back soon to see my pretty, new (and I’ll say it proudly), REUSABLE grocery bags.

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>> I DID IT!



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4 responses to “I’m Doing It

  1. You are very funny. And very honest. Very few would admit that they were waiting for the right “cute” reusable shopping bags with a vintage-look or with some groovy pattern on it before they’d go eco-conscious.

    True, the reusable bags I’ve seen are butt ugly. We bought 6 Trader Joes reusable bags last year, and we use them for everything. They do have the worst design on them, but they’re sturdy. We pass on the plastic bags offered to us at the Farmers Market, just throwing our booty into the TJ’s bags.

    Have fun at the Chef Battle tonight, and Happy Earth Day!

  2. Happy Earth Day to you as well:)
    Have fun tonight!!!

  3. Hah, I love it! It’s important to be stylish while you shop!

    I use the plastic bags (the lame, ugly ones from TJ’s), but I still get paper bags from time to time so I can use them to bag my recycleables at home. I’m hoping that because I’m using them to recycle things, it all works out in the end? Who knows… I’m still pretty green at being green!

  4. I made this switch last year. Ralph’s actually gives me 5 cents credit for each of my bags that I use. So I even MAKE money! I think they may have stopped that practice recently but give me Ralph’s “points”. I bought 2 BIG colorful bags at IKEA for $2 last year and always carry them in my trunk. I use them at Target and Costco too. BTW, I reuse the plastic bags that the LA & NY Times come in as poop bags for Lola’s business. They’re the perfect size.

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