I Did It!

To commemorate “Earth Day 2009”, I officially gave up bringing home plastic and paper bags from the market. Check out the beautiful, reusable bags I picked up yesterday! (read “I’m Doing It” )

Reusable Shopping Bags, MyLastBite.com
The first four I selected. Very large, these “B Happy Bags” can fit two regular grocery bags inside. Purchased at Gelsons. $15.99 each

Reusable Shopping Bags, MyLastBite.com
About to unpack in my kitchen…

Also, I took lots of photos from last night’s “Battle of the Chefs” in Hollywood. It was fun hanging out with my girlfriends, and especially meeting chef Joanne Weir. I’m a big fan of her show on PBS, so it was a HUGE thrill to hear her say she reads MyLastBite! Thanks for the invitation Akasha!

Battle of the Chefs: Eco-Cuisine, MyLastBite.com

Click here to see ALL photos from the Battle of the Chefs: Eco-Cuisine

Read “I’m Doing It” (Earth Day)

Joann Weir’s Show

B Happy Bags Website (SO MANY cute designs!)



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11 responses to “I Did It!

  1. Nice bags, Jo. Good for you for going green! The Battle of the Chefs sounds exciting. Is that Julianne Moore on the right? I love her. She’s all class.

  2. I love the design on those bags.

    Thanks for sharing those pictures. Looks like a fun event to attend


  3. I went grocery shopping at Gelson’s yesterday after I read your ‘I’m Doing It’ blog and I saw them! Very funny. Brava to you. The ones I use I found online. They’re called ‘Acme Bags’ — not as fun as yours but the right size and sturdy.

  4. Joanne Weir♠

    So cool to meet you last night from afar. Next time we shake hands! Promise? Love your blog! Thanks for including me.
    Joanne Weir

  5. Love the bags! They make grocery shopping seem so much more couture! I have a few of those (not as cute as yours), but I always seem to forget to put them back in the car. I need to get better about that!

  6. I love the bags; they look beautiful and vintage like carrying a pretty purse!!
    Most defiantly you will be shopping with lots of style!

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