Saam (Bazaar visit 9, Saam visit 1)

Dining in the new Saam restaurant makes you feel special. It’s located behind a secured, nondescript door near Bar Centro, at the Bazaar by José Andrés. Each of the twenty courses (one or two bites each) are brought out on individual plates, while you sit at one of the exclusive, coveted tables. To me, it feels like a sleek and sexy modern-day speakeasy.

Saam at the Bazaar, MyLastBite.comThe service? Impeccable. I haven’t been to Alinea yet, but I’m guessing the experience is close, or at least as close as we’re going to get here in Los Angeles! It’s like flying first class, where you’re treated like a celebrity and you know it. Especially true for an early dinner on opening weekend. We were one of the first to be seated for the Saturday evening service, and at times there were four staff members looking after the two of us.

The food? It was my ninth visit to the Bazaar and I knew the menu backwards and forwards, so I was pleasantly surprised to find each dish “kicked up a notch”, and thrilled to try a few new bites as well. I found myself mouthing “wow” to my husband Peter, especially when we were served updated versions of dishes we tried on previous visits.

“Saam: The Chef’s Tasting Menu” is printed on top of each take-home menu (rolled up and tied with a little black ribbon), a great souvenir to remember an elegant evening. But throughout our wonderful dinner, I couldn’t help but feel there was something missing. The food was the best I’d ever had at the Bazaar, so that wasn’t it. Our server Charlie was attentive, engaging and throughly knowledgeable. Carolina was nearby in case we had any needs or questions as well. Managers William and Felix stopped by to ensure that we (and later, each and every table) were enjoying the evening, but my dinner still felt incomplete. Why?

Because “Saam: The Chef’s Tasting Room” was missing the one thing I love most about the Bazaar (besides the food), it was missing the chefs.

My favorite tables at the Bazaar are one of the two “Tron” tables in the Rojo room. They’re not officially called “Tron” tables… that’s just what we call them because they have cool laser-like red lights beneath the surface. The few times I’ve been lucky enough to have a seat facing the open kitchen was at one of the these tables. I loved watching Chef Voltaggio warm up the “smoking” gun to finish off the salmon dishes. And as a fan of the show “Top Chef”, could there be anything better than seeing Chef Marcel Vigneron working the foam? By the way, I think the show portrayed him as an arrogant nitwit, because in person he’s a real sweetheart. 

After we finished our evening at Saam, we made our way to the Rojo kitchen where the kitchen staff was in full swing. It was busy, crowded and the room was filled with the frenetic energy that I missed. It sort of felt like I had been at the wrong party earlier.

Do I recommend Saam? Absolutely. Especially if it’s your first visit to the Bazaar. It’s quieter and more focused than either the Rojo or the Blanca room, and you’ll be carefully guided through a palate pleasing, high-flying experience. Heck, it’s not that I don’t like flying first class (the few times I’ve experienced it), it’s just that I like watching the crew even better.

Tasting Menu is $120 per person.

Saam at the Bazaar,
Course #1: Salt Air Margarita. Delicious as always.

Saam at the Bazaar,
Course #2: Sweet Potato Chips and Yogurt Dip. I love the anise flavor in the yogurt.

Saam at the Bazaar,
 Caviar Steamed Bun. Using the steamed bun makes for a nice twist on a classic.

Saam at the Bazaar,
Course #4: Olive Oil Bonbon This was such a treat!! I first saw this being made on “Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie” by Chef Andrés and his Minibar Chefs: Ruben Garcia and Katsuya Fukushima. It’s like a candy shell filled with olive oil. Into your mouth and it crumbles. SO AMAZING.

Saam at the Bazaar,
Course #5: Bagel and Lox Cone. Delicious as always.

Foie Gras Cotton Candy,
Course #6: Cotton Candy Foie Gras (foie gras rolled in corn nuts). Still a favorite and so good I forgot to take a photo before eating! (photo from previous visit)

Saam at the Bazaar,
Course #7: Olives Ferran Adria. My first love (and why I started taking Molecular Gastronomy classes last year!)

Saam at the Bazaar,
Course #8: Jose’s Ham and Cheese.  I LOVED the Jamón Ibérico with the soft La Serena cheese inside the “air bread”. This was one of the “kicked up” dish updates, similar to “Philly Cheesesteak”. La Serena is a creamy, aromatic (aka really stinky which I love!) cheese from Extremadura in Western Spain.

Saam at the Bazaar,
Course #9: Sea Urchin Conservas. Fantastic flavors AND presentation.

Saam at the Bazaar,
Course #10: Boneless Chicken Wing. Delicious as always.

Saam at the Bazaar,
Course #11: Shrimp Cocktail. The updated cocktail sauce was richer, almost creamy.

Saam at the Bazaar,
Course #12: Nitro Gazpacho. I always love when the Liquid Nitrogen cart rolls up! Gazpacho “cooked” in the nitro.

Saam at the Bazaar,
Course #13: Blufin Tuna Toro (and Norwegian Lobster). Both AMAZING.

Saam at the Bazaar,
Course #14: Norwegian Lobster.
Perfection in one bite.

Saam at the Bazaar,
Course #15: “Smoked” Salmon. Another favorite, the dish is finished using a “smoking gun”.

Saam at the Bazaar,
Course #16: Not Your Everyday Caprese (top). I recently learned how to make these liquid mozzarella balls!

Course #17: Tournedos Rossinii 2009. Wagyu beef, truffle and foie gras. MORE PLEASE!

Saam at the Bazaar,
Course #18: Dragon’s Breath (caramel popcorn “cooked” in liquid nitrogen). Currently only served in the Saam room, we’ve enjoyed it several times before. It’s FUN!

Saam at the Bazaar,
Felix Meana making Dragon’s Breath

Saam at the Bazaar,
Coconut in a “Half Shell”. Peter loved all three desserts. I was too full!

Saam at the Bazaar,
Chocolate Biscuit Coulant Michel Bras (above) and Petit Fours: Tablets, Bonbons

Saam, at the Bazaar by José Andrés, SLS Hotel
 465 South La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 9004
(310) 246-5555
Dining date: 4/11/09

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Watch the episode with the Olive Oil Bonbon!


In the kitchen with the chefs

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11 responses to “Saam (Bazaar visit 9, Saam visit 1)

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  2. This is like The Bazaar on steroids. Unbelievable. It’s an entire secret menu, unbeknownst to anyone but the chef. I love that.

    Everything looks so decadent. Great pictures, Jo.

  3. For me, the problem with the main room was the noise, pacing, and service. All three showed marked improvement at Saam. If only I could have a view of the kitchen from there…

    As for Alinea (where it all began), I’m actually returning there in May, so I’ll let you know how it turns out. Service there, if I recall, was indeed impeccable.

  4. “It was my ninth visit to the Bazaar…” I am v jealous! Tops on my hit list of places to try, just as soon as I have some discretionary income to spend.

    Great write up & pix.

  5. jendawnrogers

    Alinea is without a doubt the best meal I have ever had in my life. I still have my printed out menu from when I ate there last year (after years of coveting going). This does sound as close to Alinea as it gets, however I’d have to say that while the food at both places is technically “molecular gastronomy,” their individual on it is very different. Jose Andres’ food feels more playful (and of course Spanish-influenced), while Grant Achatz’s food feels more refined, each dish served on plates and with utensils designed, and in some cases, hand carved out of wax by the chef. I’m excited to try Saam one day (I have two trips to The Bazaar planned this next month). Thanks for the great pictures and review.

    The Diva

  6. I couldn’t agree with you more! I LOVE the Bazaar and it’s my favorite LA restaurant of the moment! I’ve dined there around 10-12 times and each experience has been unbelievable. Like you, I prefer sitting in Rojo at the tables right in front of the kitchen! I love being able to interact with the chefs and the experience I feel is so much more fun! I haven’t dined at Saam yet but I intend to do it soon, I would have gone already but a few of my friends are picky eaters and finding someone willing to forgo their usual 5-6 items they ALWAYS order at Bazaar to try something new can be tough!

  7. Jai Kohli

    I’ve dined at the Bazaar twice in the past week — my first week being back in Los Angeles after eight years in San Francisco.

    I just started getting into molecular cooking before I left so I’m so excited that Sur La Table has classes! I’m signing up for the next one ASAP!

    That said, how do you make the mozzarella spherification?! You can’t leave us hanging! I read somewhere you blend mozzarella with with a little bit of cream and then do just a reverse spherification, no calcium glucotonate/etc. neccessary. Am I in the ballpark? Ohh yeah, I’m also going to make the Papas Carnarias this week too.

  8. Good…Thank for the new knowledge.Thank very much.

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