Lucky Elephant Thai

Lucky Elephant Thai, MyLastBite.comMy big sister Janet has always been like a mom to me (even thought she LOOKS younger than me), so when “Mother’s Day” rolls around, I make sure we do something special together, usually a family lunch out.

This year, only two of her kids (the twins, 13) were available during the day. Cody (20) was away training at L.A. Firefighter Explorers, and Camron (22) was working.

Thankfully, Janet’s husband Paul had the day off from the fire-station, so I made a reservation for a 1pm lunch. 

Lucky Elephant Thai Restaurant is one of Janet’s favorites, located just five minutes from her home in San Dimas. She told me how much she loves the decor and food, but doesn’t get to go very often. The simple fact is, the Thai cuisine is a bit too “authentic” for most of the family.

Kindal and her big brother Cody are the most adventurous eaters, and I can usually get them to try anything. But Chace, Camron and their dad Paul are a little more reserved, apt to order an identifiable beef or chicken entree, instead of some extremely ethnic sounding dish. 

Well, “Aunt Jo is treating on Mother’s Day… so bring on the Hormok Kanom Krok!”

Lucky Elephant Thai,

The lovely interior. Such a pleasant surprise walking in from the mini-mall parking lot!

Lucky Elephant Thai,
Shrimp DONUTS (shrimp balls shaped like donuts), with a sweet sauce.

Lucky Elephant Thai,
Hormok Kanom Krok (Salmon balls, steamed with red curry and coconut milk). Janet and I LOVED the salmon balls. Also in photo: Beef with Garlic and Black Pepper, Classic Pad Thai with Chicken.

Lucky Elephant Thai,
Mango sticky rice: with coconut milk… (the kids LOVED this!)

Lucky Elephant Thai,
A wonderful Mother’s Day for my big sis! Left to right: Chace, Janet, Kindal and Paul 

Lucky Elephant Thai,
Mother’s Day Gifts to each mom: incense and tiny 1-inch elephants. (Aunt Jo got one too!)

Lucky Elephant Thai,
Another view of the pretty interior

Lucky Elephant Thai,
Adorable, authentic Thai gifts for sale near the front of the restaurant.

Lucky Elephant Thai
531 W Arrow Hwy
San DimasCA 91773

(909) 592-4242 

The website is fantastic fun!



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5 responses to “Lucky Elephant Thai

  1. I Love Lucky Elephant restaurant I don’t get to go for the same reason. Since it’s only few minutes away from both of us, I need to arrange to go to lunch with her.

  2. Sounds like Janet is ready to step it up Jitlada-style! Leave the non-adventurous eaters at home 😉

    • Ha! Well, I have to say… my nephew Chace (13 years old) is one to AT LEAST “try it once” even when we had dinner at Michael Mina in San Francisco. Both the twins (his sister Kindal will eat anything) fell in love with truffle popcorn, but weren’t too fond of foie gras.

      I told them to try foie again when they turn 21, then again at 30. LOL

  3. Teka

    Great restaurant. Love that you ventured into the SGV, do not see that too often on foodie blogs. Their service is amazing and have always enjoyed everything I have ordered.

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