I’m a Twit

Seriously, I’m a twit for not posting all week! Even though I have at least twenty stories (including many restaurant visits) to share.

After downloading Tweetdeck (for free) and realizing I could actually organize my Twitter subscriptions (aka friends), I decided to search out and “add” as many tweople (twitter people) as I could in one week. I didn’t want to add just anyone, but instead wanted to take the time to search out twitterers with common interests.

Using Tweetdeck, I can now organize the people I’m following into various groups such as: restaurants, L.A. restaurants, chefs, food writers, home cooks, music, publishing, travel, krav maga, entertainment and friends.

I currently follow 1288 people on Twitter and plan to keep on adding more, but will get back to the writing first. If you’re on Twitter and haven’t tried Tweetdeck yet, it will make your experience so much better and definitely more organized.




My Twitter Bites



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6 responses to “I’m a Twit

  1. WOW! that’s 10x time more than I have. LOL Tweetdeck is definitely the best application invented for twitter. Saves a whole bunch of headaches. Now if they can just do the same for a decent blackberry app, though twitterberry ain’t all that bad. =)

  2. Tweetdeck is a definite must if you have any amount of people you follow. Groups and search make life much easier.

  3. A very timely advice as I was just trying to figure out how to approach twitter better. I will try the tweetdeck app. Thanks!

    • Just found these great Twitter Tools:

      “Friend or Follow”
      Who are u following that’s not following u back? Who’s following u that you’re not following back? http://friendorfollow.com

      Great service that notifies you whenever your name (or any other word you specify) is mentioned. Use it to catch @replies that might have been missed, for reputation management, or customer support.

  4. Great post I learned alot! Thanks =)

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