Gourmet Institute (save the date)!

The official dates for the 2009 GOURMET INSTITUTE event in NYC.

SAVE THE DATES: October 23-25, 2009.

Peter and I had a great time when we went, especially mingling with the likes of Eric Ripert and the great Mario Batali!

Peter & Ripert, MyLastBite.com  With Mario Batali, MyLastBite.com

Check out the promo video from last year. I was totally surprised to see myself and Peter featured on the video! Actually, him more than me… I’m standing behind him (tipsy from wine tasting!) when he’s speaking on camera.

Promo Video

Gourmet Institute

I’m definitely going again this year!


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6 responses to “Gourmet Institute (save the date)!

  1. I think you both deserve a discount on your tickets for that little promotional clip. 🙂 You both look great.

    Must have been cool to rub shoulders with the likes of Batali and Ripert.

  2. I am going with you!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful!!
    Ray & I are saving the dates!

  4. I wish I could go too! Don’t think I can. It would be like a IFBC reunion if I did. But need to get Phil to join on one of these food junkets!

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