I love Twitter. It’s where I currently get the majority of my restaurant, food and chef news. My first two reads of the morning are my blog and news subscriptions via Google Reader and Twitter (links below).

One frustration I’ve been dealing with though, is trying to find out which chefs and restaurants are actually using Twitter. Many I’ve found by randomly searching names (like Babbo in NY), but most were accidental finds (like Chef Grant Achatz of Alinea).

twitchefIconSmOne of my favorite L.A. chef tweeters is Akasha Richmond. I wish all chefs and restaurants would embrace Twitter as well as Akasha does. Her messages are always about what she’s cooking that day, or what ingredients she’s just found at the farmer’s market. For example, her latest tweet from today:

“OMG Weiser melons at Santa monica market, so many types, very excited alex is choosing for me (image)

Maybe that doesn’t seem very exciting to you, but as an avid restaurant goer it really makes me feel more connected to the chef, as well as the food. A quick text message via Chef Akasha’s phone to Twitter probably took less than 30 seconds to send. It’s a once-a-day brilliant (and cheap) marketing plan really.

On the other side of the pond, St. John Restaurant  in London (home of the famous Fergus Henderson) usually tweets a photo of the day’s menu specials. How fantastic is that for a food-obsessed fan like me?

San Francisco Chef Chris Cosentino uploads photos of plated dishes from the kitchen of his restaurant, Incanto: Local halibut, summer squash, cockles & dragoncello salsa (image)”

And let’s not forget Kogi. The popular taco truck used Twitter to revolutionize the way feeders reach out to their hungry eaters. I used to love reading the Kogi tweets via text on my cell phone (late at night in bed) when they first started using Twitter. Such a simple idea that continues to grow.

“Chefs Who Tweet” is simply a list of chefs and restaurants that use Twitter. I started the list primarily for myself but figured others would find it helpful too.

Please note: This is an ongoing project, and currently I’m adding users by city (LA, NY, Chicago, etc). Future categories will include: Celebrity Chefs, James Beard Award Winners, Young Guns (under 30), Masters, Food Bloggers and more.

I also plan to breakdown the categories within each city: Fine Dining, Casual, Fast Food, Bars, Specialty, Caterers, etc.

Please feel free to forward any tweeting chefs or restaurants not yet on the list.

Email the following:
1. Restaurant Name & Location
2. Restaurant Website
3. Chef’s Full Name (if you know it)
3. Twitter @ username

Email to or add to comments on this page

ChefsWhoTweet (the official site)

@ChefsWhoTweet (on Twitter)

MyLastBite on Twitter @MyLastBite

Mentioned Above:

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Google Reader – About


Akasha Restaurant (official site)


Babbo (official site)


St John Restaurant (official site)


Kogi (official site)

@Gachatz (Chef Grant Achatz)

Alinea (Grant Achatz Chicago Restaurant)

@OffalChirs (Chef Chris Costentino)

Cosentino’s Restaurant Incanto



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  1. This is very clever Idea, Jo! You did it again.

  2. oxfordsomnivore

    I agree – it is a great source for food lovers. But only two UK chefs are listed. Where are all the rest?

    If you know of any, please — let me know!


  3. This is a fantastic idea! I love it. I’ll send along anything I find, come up with… and now I really, really have to start using Twitter more! I also really, really need another 10 hours in my day!!

  4. This is a fantastic idea, Jo. And I love the Twitter Chef illustration! Where do you come up with this stuff?

    I hope this catches on. It’s a great resource for wanna-be home chefs like myself. It’s cool to read what’s happening on a daily basis with successful working chefs. Sometimes I wonder how they have any time in the day for a real life outside of work.

  5. I love that you love Twitter. Me too!! 🙂

  6. I stumbled on to your site today and absolutely love this idea. I suppose I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get on the Twitter train. I live over in good old G-dale, so methinks it would be an easier way to stay in the know.

  7. Thank You!

    I love it Twitter Too! :>

  8. i just added like 20 chefs to my twitter. thanks for the post! =)

  9. This is such a great resource, thank you! You should consider doing a list for great bartenders too!!

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