Use Twitter For Inexpensive Marketing

This morning on Twitter, @ZagatBuzz posted a link to an article on the Boston Globe titled, “Restaurants using Twitter for cheap, effective marketing”. Of course I instantly retweeted (if you’re unfamiliar with Twitter, that just means I resent it to my followers), and also decided to add the link here on MyLastBite.

Over the past few months I’ve been urging my chef and restaurant pals to get on Twitter because as the article notes below, it’s “INSTANT AND FREE MARKETING” (it’s also faster and more effective than Facebook). For food writers and frequent restaurant goers like myself, Twitter is the information portal of the moment. Hey, even Michael Jackson’s death was reported there first (via @HarveyLevinTMZ ).

From the Boston Globe article, Devra J. First writes:
“What can you do with 140 characters or less, the length of each tweet? A lot, restaurants are discovering – everything from posting daily specials to luring followers with offers of free appetizers to offering a glimpse of kitchen life. It’s all good for business. It’s instant and free marketing,’’ said Chris Barr, a manager at L’Espalier, which joined Twitter this month.

Most of the people I follow on Twitter are food photographers, food writers and fellow bloggers, but more and more of my favorite chefs and restaurants (from California to New York and beyond) are realizing the power of “tweeting”.

Recently, I started compiling a list of chefs and restaurants on Twitter and have been posting them on a new blog called, “Chefs Who Tweet”. The project is just in the beginning stages and I’ve been happily overwhelmed with “add me” requests, especially in the past week. It’s exciting and I’m so glad to share it with my friends and readers.

Needless to say, if you’re not on Twitter yet, and have something to market or promote, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. If the problem is that you don’t understand or “get” Twitter, then check out this short video clip called “Twitter in Plain English”.

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7 responses to “Use Twitter For Inexpensive Marketing

  1. Despite being a tech refugee, I resisted Twitter for a long time. I’m still not in love with it, but I can’t deny it’s marketing value. The search function is also a great source of current info.

  2. Another great – and valuable – post! You are on to something big with the new site. Such a smart and fun concept! We’re all behind you 100%!! xo

  3. I think there’s an art to using Twitter when you’re a business, small or big. The key is really building your follower list and to do that, there are two basic things you need to do. First, you should engage your twitterers and be a person and not just an entity. Second, reciprocate by retweeting useful information twittered by your followers or those who you follow. Third, provide useful information.

    When you can do a good balance of all three, you can build a good foundation of people that not only you can market to, but who may even help you in that process because they see value in who you are and what you have to offer. 🙂 Those are just my two cents.

  4. Twitter!!! What an invention.

    We may have never met without it, that is how I found out about the conference, thank god for Tweets.

  5. Twitter is definitely one of the cheapest ways to market a restaurant being that it is free. One thing to note though is that Twitter is about building relationships more than marketing. If you come out of the gate with constant promotions you will alienate your following. Be sure to engage the community first and they’ll reciprocate later.

    However there’s no better way to build a loyal following than Twitter and there are great tools out there for restaurants to find and build local following like Twellow.

    Also – Twitter search is a great way to find opportunities for restaurants!

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