It’s All About BACON

Saturday, September 5th was International Bacon Day, so I decided to repost a few of my favorite (and EASY) bacon recipes:

Bacon Ice Cream

Bacon Ice Cream @ Home,
I’ll be mixing up a batch for family & friends on Saturday! 
Step-by-Step PHOTOS and Directions 

Bacon Wrapped Baby Potatoes
Bacon-Wrapped Baby Potato by
Easy to make, and perfect with grilled steak, burgers, chicken or on their own!

Bacon Wrapped Breadsticks
EASY Bacon Wrapped Breadsticks,
So simple, you can have the kids help you make ’em!

Bacon Bowl
Bacon Bowl by
Step-by-Step “How to make” photos here

Hope you enjoy… and please have a safe and fun holiday weekend! 

Note: Bacon Day is held on the Saturday before Labor Day in the U.S.

More about International Bacon Day



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14 responses to “It’s All About BACON

  1. I can’t pick a favorite!! They all have Bacon! YUMMY!

  2. Yummmmm, pork! Bacon!! Luv it. Happy International Bacon Day!

  3. Mmm…bacon. Have you seen the new show “What would Brian Boitano Make?” on Food Network? This week’s episode was all about bacon.

  4. Oooh…is it wrong to have all that bacon goodness in one sitting? 🙂

  5. bacon, bacon, bacon! yay! bacon ice cream is brilliant. i bet your dogs go crazy when you cook bacon. they’re the beggin’ strips of the human world too. ; )

  6. You’re making the bacon ice cream for Saturday?? SWEET! I cannot wait!

  7. An early HAPPY BACON DAY to your and yours! I know you’re gonna go big 😉

  8. Happy Bacon day to you too! All these look great. I’m going to have to make those wrapped potatoes! Yum!

  9. I am going to have to try some bacon ice cream.

  10. I love bacon too and your ideas look really yummy – especially your bacon wrapped breadsticks! Thank you for posting these!

  11. woods4

    yes! bacon ice cream!

  12. Cosmo had this cute article called Top 10 Phrases a Man Loves to Hear, and one was “more bacon honey?” The bacon-wrapped potatoes look tasty!

  13. is there a national bac-o’s day?

  14. Wow – all of these look amazing! Thanks for posting! 🙂

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