XIV (now closed)

My first encounter with chef Michael Mina was during a birthday trip last January, for my niece and nephew, twins Kindal and Chace. Since they were about to officially become teenagers, I wanted to plan an extra special celebration dinner with Aunt Jo (that’s me) and Uncle Peter (my husband). Some sort of “grown up” place where we could get all dressed up and use every piece of fine silver on the table.

I’m extremely close with my sister’s kids, and would go to the ends of the world for them, but for their thirteenth birthday, I decided we would fly to San Francisco, and dine at Michelin-starred Michael Mina (the chef’s flagship restaurant). 

Dinner was, of course, incredible, and the fact that chef Mina was in the house that night made it even more special. He oversees multiple restaurants from California to Florida, so we were happily shocked when he stopped by our table for a birthday photo.

XIV Michael Mina, MyLastBite.comMichael Mina’s XIV (“Fourteen”) in Hollywood is much closer to home of course, and we surely would have had the same dinner experience as we did in San Francisco, but I sort of felt like we (especially me) had to dine at Mina’s original outpost first.

Finally, last week I had my first full dinner at XIV (I previously enjoyed a few bites at the bar).

My nephew Cody (the twin’s older brother) is dating one of the sweetest, caring and downright gorgeous girls in all of L.A. That’s a bold statement I know, but Jade’s warmth and down-home personality (she hails from Tennessee), plus the way she cares for our entire family almost outshines her beauty. I said “almost” because there’s no denying her “WOW” factor.

Jade’s family still lives back in Tennessee, so Peter and I both try to be here for her if she needs anything. Last year after her car was totaled (a hit and run while parked in front of her building), she was in our kitchen on her cell phone dealing with her insurance company. The person on the other end must have asked her where she was at that moment, and she answered (in her sweet southern accent): “I’m with the folks that look after me”. Peter and I cracked up laughing. We just loved that she “got” how much we adore her, and how much our entire family loves her.

On September 10th Jade turned twenty-one, so of course we had to take her somewhere special to celebrate that night! I checked with Cody and we decided on XIV. It was perfect, and we had the best time TRYING to get through FOURTEEN delicious courses together. We almost made it (stopped at thirteen) but we’ll always remember it as yet another fun and fabulous, Michael Mina family experience.

What we ate:

XIV Michael Mina, MyLastBite.com
Sea Scallops Tempura, Cauliflower, Passion Fruit, Edamame, Almonds $17

XIV Michael Mina, MyLastBite.com
Liberty Duck Breast, Seared Fois Gras, Leg Confit, Pineapple, Star Anise $36

XIV Michael Mina, MyLastBite.com
Tataki of American Wagyu Skirt Steak, Moroccan Spiced Vegetables $16

XIV Michael Mina, MyLastBite.com
Top Left: Beef Carpaccio, Heart of Romaine, Cherry Tomatoes, Horseradish $16
Top Right: Tai Snapper Tapioca-Crusted, Broccoli Rabe, White Soy Vinaigrette $33
Bottom Right: Heirloom Beets, Burrata, Wild Arugula, Aged Balsamic, New Olive Oil $15
Bottom Left: Jidori Chicken “Cobb”, Blue Cheese, Avocado, Baby Gem Lettuce $17

XIV Michael Mina, MyLastBite.com
Top Left: XIV Caesar Salad, Classic Dressing, Shaved Parmesan Reggiano $13
Top Right: Kobe Burger, Trio of French Fries, Farmhouse Cheddar, & “Secret Sauce” $27
Bottom Right: Asparagus Risotto, Sqash Blossom, Chervil, Castelmagnno Cheese $25
Bottom Left: Lobster Pot Pie, Baby Summer Veg, Brandied Cream Sauce $59

XIV Michael Mina, MyLastBite.com
Sweet Corn Soup: Pork Belly, Apple Cider, Cilantro and Sea Salt $15
Bottom Left: Nutella Custard: Popcorn Ice Cream, Toast Streusel, Passion Fruit $11

XIV Michael Mina, MyLastBite.com
Birthday Card from XIV Staff. Jade & my nephew Cody.

XIV Michael Mina, MyLastBite.com
Uncle Peter, Jade & Cody.

XIV Michael Mina, MyLastBite.com
Happy Birthday Jade!

XIV (restaurant now closed)
8117 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 656-1414

XIV Website

Dining Date: 9/10/09

XIV Michael Mina, MyLastBite.com

Our XIV dinner (with lots of cocktails) was $200 per person, so the DineLA deal is a wonderful way to try out the menu!

Restaurant Week> October 4 – 9 / October 11-16

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21 responses to “XIV (now closed)

  1. Another great post, as usual!
    Happy Birthday to Jade! We all love her too.
    The food looks divine … and every one looks fabulous!
    I want some of the Kobe Burger, Trio of French Fries, YUM! And of course I love the Sweet Corn Soup with Pork Belly, Apple Cider, Cilantro and Sea Salt, I remember last time I had few cups of it, so good.

  2. Wow. I’ve already said it but you are the best aunt ever. It looks like it was another food-filled, stellar evening, and a perfect birthday resto! Happy Birthday, Jade. And I’m with Afaf — bring on the Kobe Burger with Trio of Fries. Yum. Thanks for sharing & another one to add to my very long list.

  3. Oh, Happy Birthday Cody! I told him that was my brother’s name at your party -and it was true-not a pick-up line…I swear

    Sadly, we don’t have an aunt like you so we will have to wait until DineLA Week!

    We met Michael Mina at TOTNLA, he was so sweet!

  4. Oops, I mean…Happy Birthday to Jade!
    Leave it up to the UG girls to just look at the guy and ignore the super hot girlfriend.

  5. I need to make my way back here sometime. Do you know if they still offer the “gamut?”

  6. Haley

    Wow. That looks and sounds AMAZING!
    Jade – what a wonderful way to celebrate your 21st!

    I love DineLA week and I try to get all of my friends to join me – looks like the prices have gone up a bit from years past but it is such an amazing deal! Any other suggestions of places like this on this year’s list that I should not miss?!

    Thank you!

  7. You ate 13 courses??? I’m impressed. And these don’t look like small plates…
    Beautiful food and people. So much fun.

  8. Hi Jo! Lovely photos! I think it was a good call that you dined at Michael Mina in SF first – that is definitely MM at it’s finest, but XIV is surely fantastic too! What a nice treat for a 21st bday 😉 Jade & Cody are absolutely adorable…

  9. Gorgeous peeps, gorgerous food, gorgeous atmosphere — what more can you want from an LA restaurant?

    How sweet of you and Peter to treat your nephew’s gal to such a lovely meal. Cody doesn’t have a brother (aside from the teenage twins) does he? 😉

  10. I live not too far off from LA, and I definitely need to go HERE! Thanks for sharing their delicious looking menu options 🙂

  11. Jae

    I discovered your blog at the recent NY Times post and I am surprisingly happy to say that I’ve enjoyed it tremendously =]. I read every single one of your posts under the restaurants section today(well, some were from days past, but still ^^) and it has been quite an adventure! And your grammar is so enthusiastic it’s so funny!
    Thank you for making my day~

  12. birthday cards that are personlized are the best in my opinion, they really come from the bottom of the heart of the sender~”`

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