Eva Restaurant [1]

NOTE: This restaurant is unfortunately closed.

Peter and I had an early dinner reservation at Mark Gold’s new Eva restaurant last week. We try to eat early on the weekends, just so I can photograph the food using natural light. There’s no way we can do this during the week, as my sweet (workaholic) hubby never even leaves the office until dark.

Eva Restaurant, MyLastBite.comWhen we arrived at the restaurant, I noticed Owner/Chef Mark Gold standing on the inviting porch out front. He was wearing a casual t-shirt, slacks, a warm smile and graciously welcomed us as though we were coming for dinner at his own house.

There are so many times where I’ve read or heard a chef say, “I want the restaurant to feel like you’re in my home”, but this was the first time I actually felt it.

Chef Gold sat us at a cozy table in the back room (which we’re calling the “speakeasy” room), and throughout the meal, he stopped by our table to chat. He noted that the restaurant was “still getting going” (having so recently opened) and apologized if the service was a bit slow. Far from it, we were ordering and happily stuffing our faces in good time.

How was the food? We loved every bite. As you know if you’re a regular MyLastBite reader, if I don’t like it… I simply don’t share it.

What we ate:

Eva Restaurant, MyLastBite.com
Foie Gras, Salted Melon and Maple $13

Eva Restaurant, MyLastBite.com
Burrata Ravioli, Butter Glaze, Summer Truffle, Corn $14

Eva Restaurant, MyLastBite.com
Linguini and Clams: Udon Noodle, Garlic, Bacon, Littleneck Clams $15

Eva Restaurant, MyLastBite.com
Poached Beef, Cauliflower, Chanterelles, Salsa Verde $18

Eva Restaurant, MyLastBite.com
Brown Butter Vanilla Cake $4, Cheese Selection $13

Eva Restaurant, MyLastBite.com
Menu. Note: Nothing over $20

7458 Beverly Blvd
L.A. California 90036
(323) 634-0700

All About Eva by Jonathan Gold, LA Weekly

Follow Eva Restaurant on Twitter

Website (under construction)

Dining Date: 9/19/09

Eva visit #2

Mark Gold’s Eva Restaurant gets 2.5 stars from L.A. Times! Congratulations. Well deserved!! Read more




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13 responses to “Eva Restaurant [1]

  1. It all looks divine! I love that nothing is over $20!

  2. These dishes look extraordinary. Each ingredient is highlighted, not lost in sauces or buried by other components. I want to eat the entire menu right now.

    The best part about this is what you said about the restaurant actually feeling like home. You always want to feel welcome, like you belong. I think this is something more restaurants should certainly shoot for. You really do want to feel welcomed. Glad to read Eva was this way for you.

    Thanks for sharing, Jo. You always manage to find the best places to go.

  3. Your spread looks more tempting than the press previews I’ve been reading these past couple of weeks. It’s great to see that the old Hatfield space is still churning out fabulous and affordable food!

  4. I know this has been way over used but: You had me at Burrata Ravioli, Butter Glaze, Summer Truffle, Corn. Burrata and truffles together? My kind of raviloi. It all looks and sounds amazing. As I said on Facebook – another one to add to the list. Because of you the list is getting VERY long. Nice to know that is also a welcoming place.

  5. All looks so delicious! Favorite one “of course” the Poached Beef, Cauliflower, Chanterelles, and Salsa Verde. And I do have to agree with Phil “You always manage to find the best places to go”.

  6. lovely photos! much better than mine 🙂

  7. Liz

    That udon and clam dish looks insane. And the price point cannot be beat. I rarely share my obsession with food blogs with my DH, but I am going to email this one to him, because he will be the one asking to try some place new. Wonderful rave review, great pics!

  8. Wonderful pics! You’ve got to love natural light. And I don’t share either when I’m really enjoying my food 🙂

  9. the linguini and clams looks divine! and nothing over 20 bucks sounds good to my wallet. i will hv to check this out stat. i mean stat.

  10. Very pretty! Especially enticed by the foie gras starter and because I am in love with cauliflower, the poached beef, which is a preparation I’m not sure I’ve ever had. Lovely post. 🙂

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