BREADBAR’s Hatchi Series: 8 for $8

What is Hatchi?

Voltaggio @ Hatchi, MyLastBite.comA little background (by LA Weekly):
“The Hatchi series, a collaboration between Breadbar and chef Noriyuki Sugie, began this past June and showcases a guest chef the last Thursday of each month. The series menu features 8 small plate courses at $8 a dish–“hatchi” means 8 in Japanese–and guests order a minimum of three dishes. The chefs, who are picked for their rising-star talent, are given a budget and must stick within it; Sugie is on hand to mentor, watch, and (one hopes) taste a few dishes. The previous chefs to run the floor were Debbie Lee (The Next Food Network Star, now at Gyenari), Michael Voltaggio (now chef de cuisine at The Langham) and Santa Barbara-based private chef Roberto Cortez.”

I love these “guest chef” dinners, and do my best to attend each one. So far I’ve been to three (links below), and highly recommend it! It’s just a really comfortable and inexpensive way to try out a chef’s new menu.

Michael Voltaggio at Hatchi
Voltaggio @ Hatchi,

Robert Cortez at Hatchi
Cortez @ Hatchi,

Remi Lauvand at Hatchi
Lauvand @ Hatchi,

Waylynn Lucas at Hatchi
Waylynn at Hatchi,

Marcel Vigneron at Hatchi
Marcel Vigneron at Hatchi, MyLastBite

Upcoming Events: 1/28/10 Ricardo Zarate
Chef at Mo Chica
Hatchi Theme: Peru Much Gusto

voltaggio top chef

BreadBar Century City
10250 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(310) 277 3770
WebSite (check for upcoming Hatchi dinners)

Follow BreadBar on Twitter @BreadBar_LA

Mentioned above:

LA Weekly

Chef Noriyuki Sugie


Chef Voltaggio – Dining Room at the Langham

Chef Lauvand – Cafe Pierre

Chef Roberto Cortez

Chef Debbie Lee – Gyenari

voltaggio married wife girlfriend michael voltaggio’s top chef


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3 responses to “BREADBAR’s Hatchi Series: 8 for $8

  1. What a brilliant idea this is. And again, thanks for teaching me stuff. I love learning new Japanese words, and discovering new approaches to dining. $8 seems incredible inexpensive, when you stop to consider what they’re serving you. These plates look like a lot of work goes into them.

    What I find most unique about this is how it plays right into the fact that chefs are becoming rock stars. Having different guest chefs at your restaurant is akin to having Eddie Van Halen jam with your band one night, then inviting Eddie Vedder the next. It’s all good, and the different styles that each chef brings to the table makes the entire idea unique. It’s not the same old thing every time you go there.

    You always find the coolest stuff, Jo. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have my reservations in for Waylynn and Marcel. Can’t wait. Love Hatchi @ Breadbar.

  3. I absolutely love this idea. The fact that an established chef and restaurateur would give the spotlight and guidance to up and coming chefs is brilliant. As a chef it gives me joy that the teaching side of our industry is thriving.

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