TOP CHEF Michael Voltaggio!

Congratulations Top Chef!
Peter & I were so honored to be with you
and celebrate your win last night!

Top Chef Michael Voltaggio

Photo taken at Michael’s viewing party
Top Chef Season 6 Finale 12/9/09
The Langham in Pasadena

Top Chef

The Dining Room At Langham

Michael Voltaggio



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10 responses to “TOP CHEF Michael Voltaggio!

  1. What a great night for you to be there, Jo. That had to be one hell of a celebration. I did feel bad for Bryan, having to stand there and watch his mother give his little brother the congratulatory hug.

    Congratulations, Chef! That was a well-earned hard fought win. And hats off to the editors at Bravo. They hooked us once again.

  2. How exciting?? Congratulations to Top Chef Michael Voltaggio on an awesome season!!! Very well done and deserved! And how nice it is for you to be there, that must have been so much fun!

  3. Very, very cool! Congrats to Michael and thrilled for you that he won. Looking forward to going to the Langham to eat! xxoo

  4. Liz

    Great pic to add to your collection! I didn’t really feel bad for Bryan, it’s a contest and between the three of them I didn’t really think there was a clear loser. They are all highly skilled passionate chefs. I cannot wait to eat all their food. Big careers ahead.

  5. Jen

    Lucky you! 😉 And Congrats indeed – he deserved the win.


  6. Rock on Jo! What a cool night that must have been, I loved this season the best 🙂

  7. we’re very happy Mike won and is the top chef for this year!

    and, I was very happy with your bacon wrap breadstiks! hope you’ll contribute something again to EMB2010.

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