Deeply Madly Marché

Marché Restaurant Sunday Supper [Visit 6]

When Peter and I fall in love with a restaurant, we fall MADLY. Especially so, when it’s just a few minutes away from our home in Studio City. Although we tried to show some restraint in the past few weeks, we have NOT been able to stay away from our (now favorite) neighborhood spot.

During our New Year’s Eve dinner at Marché (link below), Chef Gary Menes told us about his upcoming “Sunday Suppers”. Instead of the regular tasting menu (which we LOVE because we share multiple plates), there would be a 4-Course Prix Fixe dinner for only $30.

When we learned (on yet another visit) that Marché server Ashton Sullivan would be the evening’s entertainment, we decided to make this first “Marché Sunday Supper” a good old fashioned party.

It’s not a real party without my nephews (big brothers to the twins), so Camron and Cody (along with their girlfriends) drove out from Glendora in the pouring rain. Friends Emrah & Silma trekked into the valley from over the hill, and although Lisa & Dave could have easily walked the few blocks to the restaurant, the streets were just too wet for a casual Sunday stroll.

The atmosphere is so cozy at Marché, especially on a cold and rainy night. Our table of ten hunkered down for a few hours of great food, drinks, soothing guitar by Ashton and of course lots of laughs. As Lisa (@DailyWine) tweeted the next morning: “You’re doing something right when place is packed on a Sun in LA in the rain”. So true.

Sunday Supper #1 [visit 6]:

Marché Restaurant visit 6
1st Course: Romey Lettuce, Goat Cheese, Apples, Cider Vinaigrette.
2nd Course: Soup – Okinawa Sweet Potatoes, Leeks, Truffle Scented Creme Fraiche.
3rd Course: Beouf Bourguignon (cooked sous vide for 36 hours at 60 degrees celsius), Pomme Puree.
4th Course: Creme Caramel, Coconut Butter Cookies.

Marché Restaurant visit 6
3rd course option (instead of the beouf bourguignon) was Blue Hubbard Squash, Wheat Berries, Smoked Pearl Onions, Sauce Soubise.

Marché Restaurant visit 6
Cody (my nephew) & his girlfriend Jade, Camron (my nephew) & his girlfriend Jennee at the first ever Sunday Supper at Marché Restaurant

Marché Restaurant visit 6
Peter having a laugh with Chef Menes

Marché Restaurant visit 6
Music by Ashton Sullivan
Marché Restaurant visit 6
With our good friends Emrah and Simla

Sunday Supper: $30
Quartino of Wine $5
Dining Date: 1/17/10 with Peter, Cody, Jade, Camron, Jennee, Lisa & Dave, Simla & Emrah.
Mentioned above:

Marché [Visit 5]
Marché Restaurant visit 5
Pig Candy: Applewood Smoked Bacon, Brown Sugar, Spices

Marché Restaurant visit 5
Veal Tongue Pastrami, Horseradish Creme Fraiche

Marché Restaurant visit 5
Jambon, Butter, Pain Grille

Marché Restaurant visit 5
Local Yellow Tail, Honshimegi Mushrooms, Sugar Peas, Green Garlic

Marché Restaurant visit 5
Healthy Family Farms Chicken, Purple Top Turnips, Chantrelle Mushrooms, Hearts of Romaine

Marché Restaurant visit 5
Prime Beef, Pomme de Terre, Torpedo Onions, Haritcots Verts, Red Wine

Dining Date: 1/08/10 with Peter, Bob, Lisa & Dave

Note: This restaurant is now closed. Please follow Chef Menes on Twitter

13355 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 784-2915

Update: 3/30/10 Read Jonathan Gold’s Review!

All Marché photos on Flickr

Marché [1 & 2]

Marché [3]

New Year’s Eve at Marché [4]

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14 responses to “Deeply Madly Marché

  1. It’s always so great to have a reliable neighborhood place. I look forward to trying it very soon. Love the Pig Candy!

  2. …it’s like ‘Cheers’…. everybody knows your name.
    I’m not quite Norm, but close.
    Really it is a great place and we loved taking family there.

  3. You have the best food photos. That yellowtail and that chicken. Yum. ANd I can’t believe teenagers want to hang with you guys. You’re obviously the cool aunt and uncle.

  4. It’s barely 11am & my mouth is watering from your photos! Sous vide, 36-hour Beouf Bourguignon? Should be a wonder of the world. We’re in WeHo but Marche is definitely on our “hit soon” list. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Six meals at Marche? That’s serious. The Okinawan sweet potato and candied bacon look especially good.

  6. OH my goodness, not a neighborhood spot for me but definitely looks worth the trek! Thank you for the beautiful report. 😉

  7. Another great post and the food look amazing, and love the photo of Cameron, Cody and the girls. XOXO

  8. Marvyn Gordon

    Never tried your restaurant but looking forward to coming.

    Heard many great things about your food from Peter, my friend, at the Sports Club.

    See you soon.

    Can you bring your own wine? And do you have copsticks ?

    Thank you

  9. Hi Jo,
    Since Peter gave me your blog in January, I’ve visited your blog more than a half dozen times, not to mention, sharing your blog with a number of my foodie friends.

    I don’t know the studio city area food-wise, and thanx to your enthusiastic review, I’ve made a reservation at Marche for this Friday.

    Have you been to Blue Plate Oysterette in SM? Dining there this weekend. Will let you know my experiences at both…….Julie

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