My Giant Kitchen “Tweezer”

After reading Oliver Strand’s New York Times article about chefs using tweezers in the kitchen, I wanted to share photos of a few favorite kitchen tools.

My Large Kitchen "TweezersStrand wrote: “The most recent cross-disciplinary tool in a chef’s batterie de cuisine comes from the operating room: medical tweezers. In some of the country’s most ambitious restaurants, a pair of them allows a chef to put the final, seemingly impossible touches on a dish.”

I love my giant kitchen “tweezer” (Sur la Table calls them “fine tongs”). I use these the most for precise plating, but also for turning meats and vegetables on the stove.

The two smaller tongs (below) are great for grabbing olives (or capers) from small jars, or for a platter of appetizers. Sometimes we even use them as utensils, especially when I’m mixing up some molecular fun fruit “caviar”. Out of the 9 “specialty” kitchen tongs (or tweezers) I own, these three are my favorite.

My Kitchen "Tweezers" (Tongs)
The two 9 inch tongs can be purchased on Amazon. Sur la Table sells the 12 inch “fine tong”.

My Kitchen "Tweezers" (Tongs)
Great little grippers!

Read the full New York Times article here
“When Fingers Would Fumble, Chefs Turn to Tweezers” by Oliver Strand

Progressive Stainless Steel Angled Tong & Olive Tong (9 inches long) 2 for $10 on Amazon

Rösle Fine Tongs (my giant 12 inch “tweezer”) is available at Sur la Table for $27

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10 responses to “My Giant Kitchen “Tweezer”

  1. Ooo, ooo! New kitchen gadgets to get! Shhh, don’t tell Robert. I gots to pick me up some of those tweezer tongs!

  2. Yes, tongs and tweezers are essential! Small ones for pulling tiny bones out of fish, big ones for everything else. Also, Daniel Patterson wrote a great NY Times article some time back about using your hands in cooking, for everything from tossing salads, to testing if meat is cooked, to putting small touches on food. And they are my other favorite kitchen tool. 🙂

  3. wow i really need to get me some of these! i can’t believe i don’t own at least one of your three faves, i’m behind but i will catch up =). can’t wait to use these.

  4. I’ll have to get me some of those!

  5. I tweeze my brow, but never my food. Sounds like I’m missing out!

  6. I have those two smaller tongs and use them ALL the time! Plus I love that one looks like a little alien. Gonna grab those big fine tongs next time I’m at Surfas.

  7. Awesome kitchen tools, I have to get me some! XO

  8. Those are all kinds of awesome….I need some asap!

  9. When I get a big splinter in my toe, I’ll come running. Please have your tweezers ready Dr. Jo.

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