L.A. Street Food (aka Ludo) Fest

Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s fried chicken is simply the best. I first fell in love with it during LudoBites at RoyalT Cafe in December, and was thrilled (like many) that Ludo was bringing it back… in a FOOD TRUCK! This special event was for one day only, at the first ever L.A. Street Food Festival.

L.A. Street Food Fest 2010Peter and I, along with our friend Hanh, showed up almost an hour early and got in line. Happily, we were in direct view of Ludo’s spanking new “Mobi Munch” food truck.

There, we met up with my sister Janet, foodie friends, and lots of other Ludo Lovers. It was an unofficial LUDO FRIED CHICKEN (LFC) munch fest in downtown L.A.!

The event entry fee was only $5, and vendors were selling food at $1 to $5 for each dish. Two pieces of Ludo’s giant deep-fried, rosemary-crusted chicken balls for only five bucks! I was in full “happy dance” mode for the rest of the day.

L.A. Street Food Fest 2010Although the lines for ALL food trucks were long, the Ludo Fried Chicken queue seemed like it went on forever (some people waited HOURS). I’m just so grateful we went early, and was sad to learn that thousands of folks were turned away because of over capacity. Honestly, I DREAM about LFC. It’s THAT good.

After camping at Ludo’s truck for the first hour, I only managed to try two other vendor’s treats. It’s quite obvious that the event was a huge success, but I kept wondering if the entry price was just too low. Maybe next year (hopefully there WILL BE a next year) the entry fee should be increased to $10 or $15 per person? As my sister Janet noted, “it should be about the same price as a movie ticket.”

In any case, I’ll definitely be back… hopefully Ludo (and his chicken) will be there too!

L.A. Street Food Fest 2010

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12 responses to “L.A. Street Food (aka Ludo) Fest

  1. Yes, it wasn’t $ or my stomach keeping me from trying everything but the lines! Psyched I was finally able to scarf down some LFC.

  2. Terrance

    Dude, isn’t it rather silly to suggest raising the ticket prices to keep attendees away? Doesn’t that sound rather elitist? Besides, with the economy being what it is, I would think that you would be an advocate for public events that all can attend and enjoy. Maybe the organizers can do something the second go-around to alleviate the long lines which seem to be the main complaint.

  3. Good to see you, sad to have missed the chicken! 🙂 I know you ate my portion, Jo, so thank you! May I borrow your tastebuds?!

  4. Yutjangsah

    The lines were insanity! I would have been disappointed had there been no lines however- and the amazing weather was partly to blame as well. It’s too bad we didn’t run into each other at the Fest! Glad you got the French colonel’s LFC tho!

  5. Aw I didn’t get to try Ludo Bites. Hopefully I will get to next time! Love the photos.

  6. Sorry I missed this event, but I hope I get a chance to taste Ludo’s chicken again. It was such a brilliant dish.

  7. Ludo, among a few other vendors, was definitely one of the highlights of fest. Check out the rest of our experience and our favorite food (trucks) here

  8. Kat

    Great photos Jo as always! So sorry we missed the chicken but not sorry we missed the crowd! I have been fortunate to have tasted LFC and it is A-mazing!!!!

  9. ila

    wow! i’m was sad about missing the fest (and Ludo), but with my little patience, maybe it was a good idea.

  10. hours for fried chicken? that’s commitment

  11. Such fun day with every one!

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