In March 2010 I decided I would try 300 dishes on Jitlada Thai Restaurant’s menu. Goal completed March 16, 2013!

My favorites dishes are on the “Spicy Southern Thai” pages and I usually invite friends to join me for lunch. Sometimes I just go alone and work in my “remote office“, but either way the focus is all about the amazing food.

Of course I’ll be taking photos of each plate during my delectable journey. Check for updates here at

Eating the Menu Jitlada Thai Cuisine
300 Dishes Completed! (updated 3/16/13)

Eating The Menu: Jitlada
(click above for more info on each dish)

3/30/10 I met the cutest couple today, who are WAY ahead of me on this quest. Jan & Ron from Glendale. They’ve tried over 100 dishes and eat at Jitlada every week as well! It was so nice to meet some fellow SUPER Jitlada Fans!!

9/10/10 With the help of friends (Julie, Ed, David & LeAnn), I passed 100 dishes today!  All photos here

More about Jitlada

Thanks Zach for sharing lunch with me!

Below are Completed

It took me twelve visits to the Bazaar, but I eventually ate every one of the 76+ dishes on the original two menus (a personal goal I set for myself). I’m so looking forward to the new spring menu, and will post updated photos here.

Eating the Menu – The Bazaar by José Andrés
Dishes Completed (All on menu, Year 1) – 76

Eating The Menu: Bazaar

More about The Bazaar by José Andrés

More Flickr “Eating the Menu” Groups Coming Soon
Dining Room

In the spirit of “full disclosure”, I just want to note that I manage and update but do not receive any compensation from the restaurant. I do it because I love the incredible food so much (and wanted to help promote the restaurant), but mostly because I adore Jazz, Tui and their remarkable family.


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  1. You are a BEAST! And I love it! I have never eaten an entire menu. I shall live vicariously through you.

  2. I love this! You’re my hero for doing this. I don’t think I’ve ever (consciously) eaten through a menu. I am quite happy to watch (and help) you do the Jitlada menu. When not eating with you, I’ll be cheering you on. Go, Jo, GO!!

  3. Am always available to help.:) Love it!

  4. The only thing crazier than a restaurant that offers 300+ dishes is this Japanese chick I know who’s trying to eat them all. You’re nuts, but you’ve got impeccable taste. The food at Jitlada is flippin’ amazing.

    I could think of so many easier challenges when it came to eating a menu (Ludo Bites, for instance). But I’m a wuss like that.

    You’ve already taken so many great photos. It’s amazing that you’ve done this much already.

  5. Good Luck Jo! I’ll join you anytime if it’s a weekend lunch or weeknight dinner!

  6. Jan and Ron Leath

    Thanks for the mention. We’re at Jitlada Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday so maybe we’ll see you again. Happy eating! Your photos are luscious.
    Jan and Ron
    (we’re at approximately 120, not counting desserts…and no, it’s not a contest..we tend to repeat)

  7. LOVE it. So far, what are your absolute faves? Do you ever double up or are you strictly powering thru?

  8. Crazy; I started the same Jitlada series back in January!

    Good luck!

  9. LOVE THIS! I love Jitlada. Major props to you Jo for getting through their massive menu. I’d love to eat with you for one of your visits 🙂

  10. Ed

    I love this. I just wasted an hour drooling over your Flickr photos.

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