For the love of BACON…


For the love of bacon…
I’ve hired a personal trainer.

For the love of bacon…
I’m taking my dogs on extra runs each day.

For the love of bacon…
I’m trying to cook healthier food at home.

For the love of bacon…
I’ll never be a size four (or even a six).

And the best part is…
I’m totally okay with that.

The point is, I will NEVER GIVE UP BACON… but I’ve started to make a few changes.

Two Peas CuisineMeet Chef Paola Petrella, personal chef and owner (along with husband Craig) of Two Peas Cuisine. My good friend Laurieann introduced me to Paola and suggested I try out her food.

Besides cooking for Hollywood folks like Rebecca Romijn, Zach Braff, Brett Ratner, Cybill Shepherd (and many more), Two Peas provides “High-End Daily Meal Delivery Service, Customized and Exclusive Private Airplane Cuisine, Residential and Corporate Catering, plus Seasonal Personalized Gift Trays.”

Chef Paola was kind enough to let me try (at no charge) her healthy home-delivery meals. A cooler was dropped off on a Sunday evening, then I had a complete day’s worth of meals on Monday.

This was the first time I had a chef prepare and deliver meals for me, and have never tried any “diet” food delivery because it just isn’t my thing. It’s great that “diets” work for some people, but they just make me crazy, especially combined with diet pills (which I haven’t taken in years). BEEN THERE. DONE THAT. NO THANK YOU.

What I want to do for myself (as well as for Peter) is to learn to eat more healthful meals at home, and this didn’t taste like “diet” food at all!

Two Peas Cuisine
Two Peas Cuisine Food Delivery 2/15/10. Each container had reheating instructions (if needed).

Two Peas Cuisine
Flaxseed Berry Cereal with Nonfat Milk and Fresh Berries. I don’t usually eat breakfast, but started the day off with this cereal and fruit, which tasted great. Non-fat milk? Not so much. I prefer 1% milk, but I’d happily eat this every day.

Two Peas Cuisine
Mid-Morning Snack: Insalata Caprese. I couldn’t WAIT for “mid-morning” to break into this SNACK. Okay, so I ate it after the cereal. It was awesome, even for post-breakfast!

Two Peas Cuisine
Beef and Vegetable Stir Fry. I love beef. I love broccoli. LUNCH! I wanted to add more soy sauce, but didn’t. I KNOW I have to cut back on my salt, so I need to get used to enjoying food without extra sodium.

Two Peas Cuisine
Baked Crab Burger over Arugula & Watercress Salad (with Sweet Potato Wedges and Mustard Vinaigrette). Peter was home when I broke out this succulent beauty. I explained that eating this was “work”, and I couldn’t share it with him but he didn’t buy it. We enjoyed it together and I made extra salad on the side. I don’t really love dessert, so Peter ate the muffins that came with the delivery.

Two Peas Cuisine Kitchen
Chef Paola Petrella in the Two Peas Cuisine Kitchen. Visiting the kitchen (later in the week) made me appreciate how much work goes into EACH dish. Great organization, but also a look (and taste) of various menu options.

My day of eating Two Peas Cuisine was fantastic. Peter and I could BOTH benefit from eating these meals at home. What’s better than opening up a cooler of ready-to-eat, farmer’s market fresh and healthy meals?

Unlike most of my friends, I actually have plenty of time to do my own cooking. Plus I actually LOVE spending hours in my kitchen, so I wouldn’t regularly use meal delivery. What I learned most from this experience is that healthy food doesn’t have to taste bland or boring.

Two Peas Cuisine

How It Works:

“Two Peas Cuisine: The Alternative to Fine Dining with a Healthy Conscience.”

First, they need to know what goals you want to achieve. Is it weight loss or simply maintaining a healthy weight? Contact via email or call (818) 994-2834 to discuss.

Meal Delivery: Every evening they deliver your next day’s meals between 7-10pm.

For individuals it’s $69/day – Weekly Prepaid Services (Prices subject to change). Please contact Two Peas Cuisine for questions and more information. You can also follow them on FaceBook! (link below).

As noted above, Two Peas Cuisine not only offers these healthy meal deliveries, but also full catering services on land and air (private jets).

Meet Meredith Miller, my personal trainer at Level 10 Fitness.

Meredith Miller Level 10 FitnessThe Level 10 Website notes: “Born and raised in Southlake, Texas, Meredith Miller is a fierce trainer known for her motivational and inspiring style. She coaches elite athletes in the AVP, UFC, and NCAA Division 1, including three-time Olympian Volleyball player Holly McPeak and two-time gold medalist Misty May-Treanor. Other clients include people from all age ranges and fitness levels as well.” (more on Level 10 Fitness website, link below)

Okay, so that’s what it says on the Level 10 Fitness website. What is Meredith really like? She’s TOUGH… and very encouraging. Currently I’m training with her once a week because Manhattan Beach is quite a distance from my home in Studio City. I do run with my dogs every day, and am working out more with weights at home, but this once a week KICK-BUTT session with Meredith is also my way of being accountable.

with Krissy LefebvreMy friend Krissy introduced me to Meredith, and she’s more than a workout partner, she’s sort of like a second personal trainer. They both call me out when I’m slacking off or not pushing hard enough.

It hasn’t been easy, especially because I’m still going through the aches and pains of working on muscles that haven’t been used in YEARS, but I know it will get better! What I love most is that it’s NEVER boring, and the gym is just steps from the beach. Sure, I have to get up at 5am to be at the gym by 9am, but if I’m early, I just park at the beach and watch the surfers… helps me wake up and get motivated. Thanks Krissy!

Level 10 Fitness (for the love of BACON)
Level 10 Prices: Group sessions range from $25-$45 per hour.
Private sessions: 3 x per week $65 per hour, 2 x per week $75 per hour, 1 x per week $100 per hour. Note: Prices are not guaranteed and are subject to change. Please contact Level 10 to discuss rates that would work for you. (info below)

Looking Forward

My Sister Janet & Her FamilyMy sister Janet has always made nutrition and fitness a priority in her life. You can see it in her family as well. I know I’m biased, but I think she has one heck of a gorgeous family!

Every week when I cook dinner for her kids, it’s “cheat night”, because “Aunt Jo is here”. I usually cook up some steak with butter-filled sauce, or bacon-covered something or other. The fact that my big sister is a size two, and I’m NOT should pretty much sum up what I’m feeling these days. It’s time to make a few more changes in my life, and it will start with eating better at home. Maybe cut back on the butter when I grill a lean steak for the kids, and add more whole grains into our weekly dinners.

Eating out at my favorite restaurants? It’s what I love most, so I’ll order more salads and vegetables (easy)! My beloved bacon? Nope… never, never going to give you up… even if in the end… it’s My Last Bite.

For The Love Of BACON...

Mentioned Above:

Two Peas Cuisine on FaceBook

Contact by email or call (818) 994-2834

Level 10 Fitness (310) 802-8888

My Trainer, Meredith Miller

My Workout Partner, Krissy

More Photos on Flickr

Glorious Bacon was homemade by my good friend Phil. Photo by Jo Stougaard



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18 responses to “For the love of BACON…

  1. I work my buns off everyday so that I can stuff myself silly. Welcome to the club 😉

  2. So proud of you for taking the initiative to get healthier, Jo. It’s a great feeling when you wake up sore the day after an intense workout. I’ve always loved the quote “Pain is your bodies way of letting you know you’re still alive.” And it’s good to be alive.

    Glad you still have room in your life for my bacon. If I could find a way to make it healthier (without using — cough, cough – turkey or TOFURKEY) I certainly would. Everything in moderation, and we’ll be OK.

    In your shoes too, so don’t feel alone. I’ve been incredibly hard on myself the past month and a half and I’m not letting up for a minute.

    Keep it up! So proud of you!


  3. mid morning snacks and beef and vegetable stir fry i just love that
    thanks for such a good post!

  4. I have yet to find that balance between eating what I like and enjoy (restaurant meals), and eating healthier (home meals) AND exercising. It was great to read this and see how you are approaching this ‘issue’. Love what Chef Paola does. Thanks for the food for thought (pun intended) and here’s to MORE BACON!

  5. So good for you Jo and so PROUD of you, you just motivated me some more!

    I do have to agree, Phil’s bacon was one of the best I’ve ever had.

    I love this photo of Janet and her family, they ALL are gorgeous inside and out!

  6. Yutjangsah

    That bacon looks amazing! And i can’t believe your trainer trains Olympians! She must kill u guys! You look amazing but it’s great you’re focusing on fitness – after all I’m sure your niece n nephews want you around for a long long time whether you’re a size 00 or a size 100.

  7. wow! thats great! i need to get a balance like urs!

  8. Nice post Jo. The foodie/fitness conundrum is one I think we all share.

  9. Loved the post! Is it possible to do low-sodium soy sauce and just drink more water? .. or add Sriracha? That spices up every meal 😉

  10. I remember in the middle of kickboxing, everyone gave my teacher a death glance to which she said “After this class, you’ll be able to eat a whole pie!” So this is why I continue to “torture” myself with exercise, cuz I love to eat!

  11. Love the bacon post Jo! 🙂 What you’ll do for some lovely fatty goodness~

    Love the in depth look of these meal delivery services, as well as your Level 10 training. Good luck! 🙂

  12. Keep up the great work – love the blog!

    See you around! — 🙂

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