Tat for Taste

Yet another reason why I adore Chef Michael Voltaggio? Because when he commits to a cause… he makes it permanent! He definitely went above and BEYOND by getting the Taste of the Nation, Share Our Strength logo TATTOOED on his leg last week!

Chef Michael Voltaggio
“Hey Jo… come meet me… I’m getting a new tattoo this morning.” (be right there Michael!)

Chef Michael Voltaggio
The filling-in looked PAINFUL!

Chef Michael Voltaggio
Tattoo Artist Jesse Exquivel

Chef Michael Voltaggio
“Tattoos are permanent… and if we’re not careful, childhood hunger could be a permanent thing too” ~ Chef Michael Voltaggio

Check out the video on E!

Taste of the Nation L.A.

Photos by Jo Stougaard 6/5/10 More on Flickr

More about Michael


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3 responses to “Tat for Taste

  1. nice! we both took the same shot almost down to exact same angle!

  2. Voltaggio is a stand-up dude, a man of his word. If anyone needed another reason to like this guy, this should certainly do it.

    Thanks for sharing this, Jo. It’s always great to see celebrity chefs give back, but something this permanent goes above and beyond. And it speaks volumes for the character of a person like Michael V.

  3. So great that he did this. I was very impressed watching him give the demo. Great presence and he really got the point and goal of TOTN Share Our Strength across.

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