Ta Bom means “It’s Good!”

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time with Bill Esparza aka StreetGourmetLA. We met last year at Jonathan Gold’s Cocktail Party, and ever since then I’ve wanted to tag along on one of Bill’s many “street food” adventures. I’ll be writing a full post about my “non valet” evenings with Bill soon, but first a look at my new favorite food truck!

Ta Bom

Ta Bom Brazilian Food Truck is owned and operated by Ilse Marquis and her twin daughters, Jaquelin & Juliana Kim (gorgeous girls… part Brazilian and part Korean). When Bill sent out an email recently to organize a tasting for a few bloggers, I was thrilled that I was available to join the fun.

In Portuguese, Ta Bom means “It’s Good!”, but the food that came out of Ta Bom truck wasn’t just good… it was FANTASTIC. I even broke my “no carb” rule for the afternoon! Honestly, I’m not very familiar with Brazilian cuisine, and mostly thought it would be a beef fest or something (which I would LOVE). Thank goodness I had Bill there to explain that the bites we were devouring, were some of the most authentic Brazilian flavors he’s experienced outside of Brazil. The recipes are from the southern state of Santa Catarina, and if you haven’t tried it yet, follow Ta Bom on Twitter and chase this truck down now! Ta Bom
COXINHA: Croquette filled with shredded chicken and cream cheese

Ta Bom
PASTEL: Spicy Cheese Pastel (Pepper Jack) – Crisp pastry with melted pepper jack cheese

Ta Bom
PASTEL: Ground Beef Pastel – Crisp pastry with seasoned ground beef filling

Ta Bom
HAMBURGAO: The ultimate hamburger topped with scrambled eggs, bacon, potato stix, corn, mayo, lettuce, tomato and thousand island

Ta Bom
CACHORRO QUENTE BRAZILIAN HOT DOG: Beef sausage, topped with ketchup, mustard, mayo, corn and potato stix. (LOVED the crunchy potato stix. I’ll be trying to recreate these on the 4th!)

Ta Bom
GISELLE WRAP (SALPICAO) – SPINACH WRAP Special blend of chicken, fruits and vegetables

Ta Bom
PASTEL: Banana Nutella Pastel – Crisp pastry with sliced banana filling and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar

Ta Bom
Guarana Antarctica (my first try… loved it… will have to try with vodka!)

Ta Bom
Bill inside the truck with Ilse, Juliana and Jaquelin

Ta Bom
Ta Bom Crew Member Cesar Coutino (from Chiapas Mexico)

Ta Bom
The Truck (and Matt!)

Ta Bom Truck Website

Great fun eating with:







Don’t forget to follow @Ta_Bom

Ta Bom on FaceBook

All my Ta Bom Truck photos on Flickr

Look for Ta Bom at the upcoming LA Street Food Fest!

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9 responses to “Ta Bom means “It’s Good!”

  1. nice rundown of the tasting. the wide angle camera makes me look wide. nice…but not really haha

  2. Um. That burger looks like JUST the thing! Must try that.

  3. Hi,

    I’m brazilian and I can testify that all the goodies you tried are delicious.

    I’m happy to see our culture being appreciated!!! Great post and I hope you can come to Brazil some day 😉


  4. ‘Ta bom’ indeed! Looks amazing. Following the truck on Twitter and will be eating there soon.

  5. OMG….that food looks sooooo good!!! Now I only wish they had a truck in Philly!

  6. I just made the biggest mistake coming here before lunch. I’m famished and these pictures look incredible. Hamburger topped with scrambled eggs and bacon? You’re killing me.

  7. Wow! That all looks absolutely fantastic! I have just recently become more familiar with Brazilian food, but haven’t seen any of this deliciousness yet. I would break a no-carb rule to eat all that, too! Wish they had a truck in Tokyo!

  8. that spicy cheese pastl has my name all over it. im so jealous u have food trucks in la

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