The Kitchin, Edinburgh

A perfect lunch with my brother Greg.

The Kitchin
Edinburgh, Scotland

The Kitchin, Edinburgh
Nibbles at the bar

Amuse-bouche at the Kitchin
White Bean Soup with Chorizo and Chives

The Kitchin, Edinburgh
Mackerel: Line caught mackerel from Eyemouth poached in stock a’la grecque and served with local vegetables

The Kitchin, Edinburgh
Hare: Ravioli of brown hare from Humbie served in a game consomme

The Kitchin, Edinburgh
Game: Terrine of Scottish game and foie gras served with elderberry jelly, autum fruits and vegetables

The Kitchin, Edinburgh
Hake: Seared fillet of hake from Scrabster served with Perthshire girolles and herb gnocchi

The Kitchin, Edinburgh
Partridge: Roasted red-legged partridge served with braised red cabbage and grapes

The Kitchin, Edinburgh
Ox: Braised ox cheek from Peter Flockhart cooked ‘daube style’ and served with puréed potatoes and garnish ‘a’la grand-mere’

The Kitchin, Edinburgh
Millefeuille of British apples served with chestnut parfait and candied chestnuts

The Kitchin, Edinburgh
Pistachio souffle served with pistachio ice cream

The Kitchin, Edinburgh
Cheese: A selection of Scottish and French cheese served from the trolley

The Kitchen, Edinburgh
I already miss my brother so much, and really loved spending the day with him in Edinburgh!

The Kitchen, EdinburghThe Kitchin
78 Commercial Quay
Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6LX
Telephone 0131 555 1755
Fax 0131 553 0608





Edinburgh, Scotland
An post-lunch stroll past Edinburgh Castle



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8 responses to “The Kitchin, Edinburgh

  1. Fave pic above is the Hare Ravioli. 2nd fave is that amazing cheese board. But it ALL looks incredible. So glad you had a good trip, and welcome home!

  2. Great photos, Jo. Really classy plating going on there. The cheese selection is incredible too.

    Not a bad job shooting without your “lighting guy” around. 😉 Thanks for sharing these with us.

  3. omg, you ate so well! i can’t wait to personally hear all about it!
    so glad you are back, safe and sound!

  4. I’m going there for lunch too next Friday. Can’t wait! Yours looks so good

  5. Dare I say, the Kitchen looks bitchin’! This makes me wanna go out for a tasting menu with my bro 😉

  6. you have the best pics, Jo! OX

  7. This is beyond insane how overdue we are for a catch up (and I don’t mean the tomato sauce). I had no idea you went to Scotland!!

  8. Oh! awesome dishes here..i can’t wait anymore.

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