Truly Humbled & Super Excited!

A great big THANK YOU to Betty Hallock and the L.A. Times!!!

Thank You L.A. Times!

Also, thank you Anne Cusack for photographing me (and the food) so beautifully!

Continue reading article on L.A. Times

Some photos of the PRINT copy (so excited!)

Eating the Jitlada Menu (photos)


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20 responses to “Truly Humbled & Super Excited!

  1. Jo, what an awesome article and you are definitely a food lover extraordinaire. Your eating journey through Jitlada’s dishes is definitely a labor of love. 🙂

  2. Stephanie C

    Congrats, Jo!

  3. Congrats, great article!

    We all love Jazz and Jitlada too!

  4. Love the article, Congrats!! you might be the original food blogger!

  5. so cool! i’ve only eaten at jitlada twice and feel like i’ve had 6 things there. i’d love to help you reach 300!!!

  6. Jeanne

    I am an avid foodie and after reading this story….consider yourself bookmarked! Thank you!!!

  7. Awesome feature on the LA Times! We love thai food and will trying this restaurant in the near future. Thanks for exposing such a great restaurant.

  8. Congrats! This article clued me into your blog–looking forward to following your food adventures 🙂

  9. BTW, how are you not 400 pounds? O_O

  10. Such a great article! Big, huge CONGRATS, and lotsa xoxoxo’s.

  11. I just found your blog via this article and am so glad I did! I will definitely be referring to your advice when we next visit your part of the world.

    Congratulations on the article.

    Best wishes,

  12. My daughter and I read the article about you in the LA Times this morning. She thinks she could eat Pad Thai everyday for a year. I also shared your story with my 5th graders. They liked that you struggled with the fish kidney curry.Very cool!

  13. After reading the Times, I linked over to your updated site… Can’t wait to read more on your adventures…

  14. Janet & family

    We all are so happy for you!
    I personally can remember you photographing all the dishes/food that we enjoyed during our trip to Japan and back home to Okinawa almost 30 years ago and wondering “why”? Now I know!!!
    You were in “training” as a “foodie” back then!!
    Congratulations and we wish you the best!
    Love you,
    Janet & family

  15. 🙂 what a great article. i’ve eaten at Jitlada once, and i do remember it being spicy!

  16. Jo, congrats! What a great article! Looks like things are really taking off for you.

    Jen 🙂

  17. Congratulations. What a great honor, and well deserved.

  18. Thank you so much for all the nice comments!

  19. Betty did such a fantastic job capturing your essence. You are such a jewel, this is only the beginning!!

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