Underground Dinner. Mind Blown.

Wolvesmouth: Burrata & Figs
Upon arrival: Burrata & Figs

Course 1: Potato Soup, Black truffles, Chive Creme Fraiche

Course 2: Crab, Fried Green Tomatoes

Course 3: Ocean Trout, Clam, Squid Ink, Dashi, Tofu, Shiso, Salted Cherry Blossom

Course 4: Asparagus, Risotto, Snails, Morels

Course 5: Rabbit, Mole, Poblano, Rabbit Liver, Rabbit Kidney, Black Beans, Creme Cotija, Pickled Red Onion, Huitlacoche, Jalapeño, Cilantro Flowers

Course 6: Kabosu Elderflower Ice  (palate cleanser)

Course 7: Pork Belly, Soft Shell Crab, Peas, Mint, Young Garlic, Scapes, Pork Jus, Fava

Course 8: Lamb, Sour Black Cherry, Shallot Jam, Purple Basil, Savory Granola, Coffee Yogurt

Course 9: Brioche Ice Cream, Green Apple, Smoked Maple Syrup

Course 10: Wild Strawberry (slightly dehydrated), Strawberry Creme Fraiche, Ice Cream, Pound Cake

Photographed at the Wolves Den 5/18/11

WolvesmouthAbout Chef Craig Thornton by Elina Shatkin

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4 responses to “WolvesMouth

  1. Mmmmm…..how come I didn’t get truffles during my dinner? 😦

  2. The man is a genius. Cute too!

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  4. Noelle

    Wild strawberries are the best. Craig is rad.
    That’s all.

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