Persia (Glasgow, Scotland)

Photos: Dinner with my family at Persia Restaurant in Glasgow’s charming West End.

Persia Restaurant
Persia Restaurant

Jalepeno Hummus at Persia Restaurant
Jalepeno Hummus: Jalepeno peppers flavoured with garlic in sesame seed paste and mixed with cooked chickpeas.

Persia Restaurant
Merza-ghassemi (Caspian Aubergine): Mix of sweet aubergine, tomato and garlic, topped with fried onion. Classic Hummus in background.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus at Persia Restaurant
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus: A mixture of pureed chickpeas with sesame seed paste and roasted red pepper.

Fresh Baked Naan at Persia Restaurant
Fresh Baked HUGE Naan Bread.

Naan! Persia Restaurant
The Naan being cooked in the downstairs tandoor (clay oven).

Persia Restaurant
Koobideh Combo: Skewers of minced lamb and chicken, Saffron Rice & Grilled Tomato.

Persia Restaurant
Karne Yarik: Stuffed Aubergine with Minced Lamb, Celery, Parsley, Peppers and Garlic, Baked In Tomato Sauce.

Zulbia & Bamiya Dessest at Persia Restaurant
Zulbia & Bamiya: Cake Mix & Plain Dough pan-fried in vegetable oil then dipped in Saffron & Honey Syrup.

If you’re looking for a terrific (yet casual) evening out in Glasgow’s West End, I highly recommend Persia Restaurant. So many of the flavors reminded of my friend Afaf’s Syrian cooking (I miss her food!).

Thanks Lindsay & Greg for sharing one of your favorite spots!

Persia RestaurantPersia
665 Great Western Road.
Glasgow, G12 8RE
Phone: 0141 237 4471

Dining Date: 9/9/11

Persian Cuisine, a Brief History

More Photos on Flickr



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2 responses to “Persia (Glasgow, Scotland)

  1. Dang that looks freaking AMAZING!
    I think I’d better go to Scotland soon.

    I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of a Tandoor before. Suddenly I’m wondering if I could get one for my kitchen… It would help with those late night naan cravings… 🙂

  2. Robert

    That looks amazing….Who would have thought, a Persian restaurant in Scotland!! I love Persian food and try to get as much of it as I can. By far the best Persian food I had was in Los Angeles. I use to look up Persian restaurants in different locations. I will suggest Persia to them to add too. They got a recipe section too if you wanna try making your own…Didn’t work out so well for me 🙂 …. Not a very well cook!

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