BierBeisl Austrian Restaurant

Sausages, schnitzel, WHIPPED PORK FAT and kaiserschmarrn? Grüß Gott!

My first bites at Bernhard Mairinger’s BierBeisl…

Whipped Pork Fat at BierBeisl
Grammel Schmalz: Whipped white pork fat sprinkled w PORK CRACKLING.

Oh, I wasn’t supposed to eat the pork fat with a SPOON?

Potato Cheese on bread at BierBeisl
The Potato Cheese spread was so creamy.

Stiegl Radler Grapefruit at BierBeisl
Grapefruit Stiegl Radler: Half Goldbrau/half all natural grapefruit soda. I need this at home for pool-side sipping this summer!

BierBeisl Carpaccio
“BierBeisl” Carpaccio, thinly sliced roast pork and bread dumpling, “Styrian Gold”, pumpkin seed vinaigrette.

"BierBeisl" Carpaccio
So beautiful, light and refreshing.

Käsekrainer Sausage at BierBeisl
Awesome Käsekrainer Sausage: Swiss cheese infused, light peppery, similar to “Polish”. Served with with tarragon mustard and fresh horseradish. Continental Gourmet Sausage (Glendale) custom-makes these for the chef.

Käsekrainer Sausage at BierBeisl
Cheese inside the sausage.

Vienna Schnitzel (veal) at BierBeisl
The BEST veal schnitzel I’ve ever had (even in Germany). Make sure you order the vinegary potato salad. NOTE: This is a half-portion. Peter & I split the order.

I usually don’t order dessert, but when it’s made by pastry chef Lissette Rodriguez (she’s worked at ink & the Bazaar), it’s a MUST.

Kaiserschmarrn at BierBeisl
Classic Kaiserschmarrn (like a pancake), with warm plum compote.

Poppyseed Parfait at BierBeisl
Poppyseed Parfait, crispy chocolate tuille, raspberries… so GOOD!

Peter w BierBeisl pastry chef Lissette Rodriguez
Peter chatting with lovely Lissette!

Grab a seat at the “stammtisch” (communal table) along this wall. It’s the perfect spot to watch the action in the kitchen.

with Chef Bernhard Mairinger, BierBeisl
The talented Austrian himself, Chef Bernhard Mairinger!

BierBeisl entrance.

All my BierBeisl photos on flickr

Loved our dinner at BierBeislRead all about BierBeisl:
L.A. Times


Tasting Table

9669 S. Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 271-7274

BierBeisl on FaceBook

Dining Date: 5/11/12 with Peter

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Vienna Bistro aka Beisl

Grüß Gott


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