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Guerrilla Tacos

Wes Avila's Guerrilla Tacos
I’ve known Chef Wes Avila for a few years, but had YET to try his award-winning Guerrilla Tacos.

Wes Avila's Guerrilla Tacos
What a wonderful surprise to see the Guerrilla Tacos truck set up for Ruth Reichl’s recent book party!

Salmon Crudo w Avocado & Grapefruit, Wes Avila's Guerrilla Tacos
Salmon Crudo Taco with Avocado & Grapefruit.

Lamb Shank Taco, Guerrilla Tacos
Lamb Shank Taco.

Pork Shoulder Taco, Wes Avila's Guerrilla Tacos
Pork Shoulder Taco.

Wes Avila's Guerrilla Tacos
My favorite (meatless even!) was the Sweet Potato with Oaxacan Cheese Taco. Wes makes it with Japanese sweet potatoes, plugra butter, thyme salt and pepper, white wine braised leeks, don Francisco Oaxacan cheese plus crushed corn nuts, scallions and almond chile. WOW. 

Read Jonathan Gold’s review here

Ruth Reichl on Guerrilla Tacos

Taco Of The Year

Guerrilla Tacos
Website (with schedule)

Follow Chef Wes Avila on twitter

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A Big Heart-On For Lardon!

Get Your Lardon!
Yes Virginia, there is a BACON TRUCK

Get Your Lardon!
My Bacon Loot

Get Your Lardon!
The Bacone: 3 strips of bacon, served in a cone

Get Your Lardon!
The Baco: Potatoes and cheddar in a bacon shell served with horseradish bacon sour cream

Get Your Lardon!
Bite of Baco

Get Your Lardon!
The Lardon: BLT Nueske’s peppered bacon, butter lettuce & tomatoes with St. Agur blue cheese on toasted baguette

Get Your Lardon!
Lark brownies w/ bacon Nutella spread

Cannot not wait to try BREAKFAST!

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All my Get Your Lardon Photos

Get Your Lardon!


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Keep On Truckin’!

Photos and favorite bites from recent food truck visits (July 2010)!

Ahn-Joo Korean Snack Bar

I first tasted Chef Debbie Lee’s “Korean Pub Grub” back in April during her guest-chef stint at BreadBar LA. Not only did I fall in love with her fun take on what I called “post-partying eats”, but I instantly felt like she was an old friend. Debbie’s effervescent personality will have you smiling as you try deciding which bites to try first (hint: the Bacon Wrapped Rice Cylinders!). Make sure you peek inside to say hello to cutie-pie Kelly as well! Yes, Ahn-Joo’s grub is perfect to soak up a few too many cocktails on a Friday night, but it’s also great for a quick afternoon lunch before heading back to the office.

Ahn Joo Chicken Pepper Robata Skewer
Small Grub $3: Chicken Pepper Robata Skewer

Ahn Joo Bacon Rice Cylinders
Small Grub $3: Bacon Wrapped Rice Cylinders w/ Jalapeno Ponzu Sauce

Ahn Joo Chicken Potstickers
Medium Grub $5: Modern Mandu (Korean Potstickers)

Ahn Joo Chicken Drumsticks
Large Grub $7: Korean Fried Chicken, Honey Glaze

Ahn Joo Truck
Ahn-Joo Website

Follow AhnJoo on Twitter

Chef Debbie Lee’s Website

Follow Chef Debbie Lee on Twitter

Enjoyed with my good friend @CharlesGT

Manila Machine

I first met Manila Machine’s Nastassia at Eat My Blog, and when she mentioned her new truck would be hawking SPAM SLIDERS, I just knew I had to go support! Read more about L.A.’s first Filipino food truck on Joshua @FoodGPS Lurie’s blog> “L.A. Bloggers Launch Manila Machine Food Truck”

Manila Machine: Spam Sliders!!!
SPAM Sliders (usually comes topped with a fried egg, but they were out). Didn’t bother me… because I am all about the salty “meat”!


Manila Machine: Beef & Sausage Sliders

Sweet calamansi beef, achara slaw, and spicy sriracha mayo on a pan de sal roll. Longganisa Slider: Sweet pork and garlic sausage, caramelized onions, arugula, and mango jam on a pan de sal roll.

I also ordered some Chicken Adobo to take home for Peter, but I forgot to take a picture. Described as “A Filipino classic. Chicken braised in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, bay, and black pepper. Fragrant and savory. Served over steamed jasmine rice.” (Peter LOVED)

Manila Machine: Lovely Sofia!
My friend Sofia was taking orders that day. She is 10 years old going on 30 (smart-as-awhip!).

Manila Machine Food Truck



Manila Machine Website

Follow Manila Machine on Twitter

Also enjoyed with my good friend @CharlesGT (same afternoon as Ahn-Joo! Pigged OUT!)

Worldfare Bustaurant

Oh the brilliance of the “Bustaurant”… a double-decker food truck with dining on the top level! I’d seen the Worldfare truck on several occasions, but finally got to enjoy the Bunny Chow delights at Ben Anderson’s Summer Rosé Party. Ben is the West Coast Regional Rep for Rosenthal Wine Merchant, so the afternoon was filled with heaps of beautiful Rosé wines, and even better… a surprise visit from the awesome Worldfare Bustaurant! (Thanks so much Ben!) (Read more about Worldfare here)

Worldfare Bustaurant
Left: “The Original” Bunny – Chicken Curry, Coconut Milk, Chick Peas, Cashews and Cilantro Right: Short Rib Bunny – Worcestershire braised short rib, Horseradish Crème Fraiche

Worldfare Bustaurant
Truffle Mac and Cheese Balls

Worldfare Bustaurant
Inside the Truffle Mac and Cheese Balls

Worldfare Bustaurant
Fries with spicy remoulade

Worldfare Bustaurant
Burrata Salad

Worldfare Bustaurant
The Bustaurant!

Worldfare Website

Follow @Worldfare on Twitter

If you missed it, check out this recent post about Ta Bom (fantastic Brazilian street eats!)
Ta Bom


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Ta Bom means “It’s Good!”

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time with Bill Esparza aka StreetGourmetLA. We met last year at Jonathan Gold’s Cocktail Party, and ever since then I’ve wanted to tag along on one of Bill’s many “street food” adventures. I’ll be writing a full post about my “non valet” evenings with Bill soon, but first a look at my new favorite food truck!

Ta Bom

Ta Bom Brazilian Food Truck is owned and operated by Ilse Marquis and her twin daughters, Jaquelin & Juliana Kim (gorgeous girls… part Brazilian and part Korean). When Bill sent out an email recently to organize a tasting for a few bloggers, I was thrilled that I was available to join the fun.

In Portuguese, Ta Bom means “It’s Good!”, but the food that came out of Ta Bom truck wasn’t just good… it was FANTASTIC. I even broke my “no carb” rule for the afternoon! Honestly, I’m not very familiar with Brazilian cuisine, and mostly thought it would be a beef fest or something (which I would LOVE). Thank goodness I had Bill there to explain that the bites we were devouring, were some of the most authentic Brazilian flavors he’s experienced outside of Brazil. The recipes are from the southern state of Santa Catarina, and if you haven’t tried it yet, follow Ta Bom on Twitter and chase this truck down now! Ta Bom
COXINHA: Croquette filled with shredded chicken and cream cheese

Ta Bom
PASTEL: Spicy Cheese Pastel (Pepper Jack) – Crisp pastry with melted pepper jack cheese

Ta Bom
PASTEL: Ground Beef Pastel – Crisp pastry with seasoned ground beef filling

Ta Bom
HAMBURGAO: The ultimate hamburger topped with scrambled eggs, bacon, potato stix, corn, mayo, lettuce, tomato and thousand island

Ta Bom
CACHORRO QUENTE BRAZILIAN HOT DOG: Beef sausage, topped with ketchup, mustard, mayo, corn and potato stix. (LOVED the crunchy potato stix. I’ll be trying to recreate these on the 4th!)

Ta Bom
GISELLE WRAP (SALPICAO) – SPINACH WRAP Special blend of chicken, fruits and vegetables

Ta Bom
PASTEL: Banana Nutella Pastel – Crisp pastry with sliced banana filling and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar

Ta Bom
Guarana Antarctica (my first try… loved it… will have to try with vodka!)

Ta Bom
Bill inside the truck with Ilse, Juliana and Jaquelin

Ta Bom
Ta Bom Crew Member Cesar Coutino (from Chiapas Mexico)

Ta Bom
The Truck (and Matt!)

Ta Bom Truck Website

Great fun eating with:







Don’t forget to follow @Ta_Bom

Ta Bom on FaceBook

All my Ta Bom Truck photos on Flickr

Look for Ta Bom at the upcoming LA Street Food Fest!

About Santa Catarina, Brazil


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The Kogi Taco Truck made me miss being in my twenties. Especially over the last couple of months, since I started following their Twitter updates on my cell phone. Late at night I’d be in bed reading a book, and have to stop so I could see the incoming Twitter text: “10PM-2AM@The Brig – Abbot Kinney and Palm in Venice”. I couldn’t stop wondering, “Who ARE these people partying EVERY night of the week, chasing down the Kogi taco truck at 2AM?”

It was sort of depressing, because I wanted to be out there chasing the truck too, but then again, I didn’t want to be OUT THERE chasing the truck (or chasing anything for that matter). The Alibi Room in Culver City actually runs a Kogi kitchen (monday thru saturday), but still, I had no desire to fight rush-hour traffic and wait in a ridiculously long line, just for a TACO. 

I admit it, at 45 years old, I’m definitely more of an OpenTable, “reservations a month in advance” sort of eater these days, but of course, that wasn’t always the case.


Shortly after I turned twenty-one, I moved to Pacific Beach in San Diego, then spent the next couple of years partying non-stop with my friends. Our days consisted mostly of working in retail during the day, sunning ourselves on our days off and planning “girls night out” EVERY single night of the week.

Most of us were on pretty tight budgets, but we knew which beach bars served free “happy hour” food (drinks bought by the fellas), and it usually consisted of nachos, taquitos or plates of bacon-topped potato skins. Remember when potato skins were the cool, new appetizers?

Roberto's Taco Shop, MyLastBite.comOur favorite drinking holes back then were places like the Beachcomber or the Pennant, and we never missed a Tuesday $1 Margarita night at Diego’s on Garnet Avenue. Quick trips to Mexico for cheap lobster and margaritas were followed by dancing all night at the local clubs.

These nightly adventures always ended with a trip to Roberto’s Taco Shop in Mission Beach, which was steps from the shore, next to the aging Big Dipper roller coaster. The giant, carne asada burrito was my favorite and I always ordered it with extra guacamole. I can’t recall ever eating there during the day, or going there sober for that matter, but back in the day, Roberto’s Taco Shop was MY Kogi.

All-You-Can-Eat Kogi Event, MyLastBite.comIf you’re not familiar with Kogi BBQ, then you probably don’t live in the Los Angeles area. The first time I read about Kogi was on an EaterLA/Lesley Balla post back in December (boy, do I miss her on Eater these days). Ever since then, Kogi has been the “it” taco truck in the city, offering the flavor of spicy Korean barbecue, conveniently wrapped in a fresh tortilla. Kogi gained even more followers when they started using Twitter to communicate upcoming locations with their customers. It was a simple (and brilliant) way for Kogi to keep in contact with hungry, usually late-night, eaters.

All-You-Can-Eat Kogi Event, MyLastBite.comLast Thursday, I just happened to be reading the Kogi website, when I noticed a post titled, “What 20 Bucks Can Buy You”, and was thrilled to learn that it was for a fundraiser in nearby Burbank the same evening. The Gina Alexander Philanthropy Project partnered with Kogi to offer All-You-Can-Eat Kogi tacos for $20, with the proceeds benefiting the Center of Hope Village (for abused children) in the Philippines.

I called Peter and made sure he could make it home early so we could finally try the now-famous Kogi tacos together. Just last week the Kogi truck had been on the Fox lot where he works and he hoped to try it then, but the line was just too long for a my workaholic husband, who doesn’t like to break for lunch anyway.

We arrived at the event 30 minutes early, and after paying our $20 donation (each), we headed for the Kogi truck line, quite pleased to be very close to the front. It was another hour before the truck actually showed up, but there was plenty of entertainment to keep us occupied (photos below), and we didn’t mind because it was all for a good cause.

Peter and I both ordered two Korean Short Ribs and one Spicy Pork. The All-You-Can-Eat Kogi Taco offer, was limited to three at a time, which made sense because when I looked back at the line behind us, there must have been at least 150 hungry people waiting on the street. 

The tacos were terrific (LOVED the spicy pork), and we were content with the three that we tried. Of course if we didn’t have to get back in line and wait again, we would have definitely made it a furious pig-out session, but mostly it felt good to make the donation (Peter later told me he slipped them another $20), and to FINALLY get a taste of the Kogi phenomenon!

Afterwards we headed home, took our pups for their evening walk, and then I fell asleep next to my husband reading my favorite, new book. And guess what? I was tickled pink, NOT to be in my twenties again.

All-You-Can-Eat Kogi Event,
Peter saving our spot in the Kogi line

All-You-Can-Eat Kogi Event,
DJ Derek Basco entertaining the kids (and us grown-ups too!)

Wrestling at GAPP Event,
Waiting for the wrestling event

All-You-Can-Eat Kogi Event,
The Kogi Taco Truck arrives!

All-You-Can-Eat Kogi Event,
Peter almost up to order… and check out the line behind him.

All-You-Can-Eat Kogi Event,
The Kogi Truck menu

All-You-Can-Eat Kogi Event,
Korean Short Ribs and Spicy Pork!

All-You-Can-Eat Kogi Event,
GAPP founder (Gina Alexander Philanthropy Project) Gina Alexander, with Kogi owners Caroline Shin-Manguera and Mark Manguera.

Upcoming All-You-Can-Eat Kogi Taco dates: 

Thurs, June 25
Thurs, July 30
Thurs, August 27
You must rsvp for your name to be placed on the list.
Email/RSVP or Get more info by contacting

More Kogi photos on Flickr

Mentioned Above:

Kogi Website

Gina Alexander Website

Center of Hope Village in Philippines

Kogi on Twitter

About Twitter

The Alibi Room

All-You-Can-Eat Kogi Event Info

Eater L.A. – Lesley Balla on Kogi

Lesley Balla currently writes for Tasting Table


Eater LA

My current, favorite book (that I’m reading again)

With Peter

Our Pups

Roberto’s Taco Photo Courtesy of David C.

The Pennant Bar

The Beachcomber

Dining Date: 4/30/09

Kogi Korean BBQ on Urbanspoon


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