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Chef April Bloomfield Chef April Bloomfield

IFBC 2009,
With Gourmet Magazine Legend, Ruth Reichl

I can die now...
Anthony Bourdain

with ERIC RIPERT!!!!!!!!!
Eric Ripert

with the awesome Michael Ruhlman
Michael Ruhlman

Chef Ludovic Lefebvre,
Ludo Lefebvre

With Jose Andres,
José Andrés

Hanging w/ José Andrés
Having a drink (and a laugh) with Chef José Andrés at the Bazaar

Jo with Ferran Adria by
Ferran Adria

with Chef Michael Voltaggio
Michael Voltaggio

with Chef Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver

w Chef David ChangMomofuku’s David Chang!

with Thomas Keller at Bouchon
Thomas Keller

With my brother Greg, Chef Tom Kitchin after a lovely lunch at The Kitchen, Edinburgh
Tom Kitchin (Edinburgh)

with Chris Cosentino @ Umamicatessen Chris Cosentino

With Chef Michael CimarustiChef Michael Cimarusti

Oahu 2012Morimoto!

Chef Ricardo Zarate @ Hatchi
Ricardo Zarate

with Chef Chris Crary at JitladaChef Chris Crary

WolvesmouthChef Craig Thornton aka WolfsMouth

Great Chefs of L.A. 2009
Marcel Vigneron
Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen

Chef & Author Gabrielle HamiltonGabrielle Hamilton

with Chef Laurent QueniouxChef Laurent Quenioux

Magnum at BiergartenJoseph Mahon

with Top Chef Master Rick Bayless
Rick Bayless

with the legend... Chef Juan Mari Arzak!
Juan Mari Arzak

José Andrés and Jo Stougaard
With Chef José Andrés

Chef Bailly at Petrossian,
Benjamin Bailly

At the Bazaar,
With the AWESOME chefs in the kitchen at the Bazaar by José Andrés.
Marcel Vigneron
Michael Voltaggio
and Ruben Garcia (of DC Atlantico/Minibar fame)

Top Chef Michael Voltaggio
Top Chef Michael Voltaggio!
(A few minutes after he won TOP CHEF!!)

Chef Michael Mina, Jo, Sammy Mina at Michael Mina,
With Chef Michael Mina and his son Sammy.
Michael Mina Restaurant, San Francisco
Dinner at Michael Mina

Chef Thomas Keller,
with Thomas Keller at
American Wine & Food Festival 2009

Pastry Chef Waylynn Lucas,
Chef Waylynn Lucas

With Chef Akasha Richmond

With Chef Tony DiSalvo
Chef Tony DiSalvo

Jon, Jo, VinChefs Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo
Animal Restaurant

With Chef Walter Manzke, MyLastBite.comWith Chef Walter Manzke at Church & State Bistro

with Chef Katsuya Fukushima,
Chef Katsuya Fukushima
(of MiniBar fame!)

Chef Octavio Becerra,
With Chef Octavio Becerra, Palate Food & Wine
L.A. Magazine’s Best Restaurant of 2008

Jitlada Thai, MyLastBite.comWith Chef Tui and his daughter Sugar,
Jitlada Thai Restaurant

With Chef Susan Feniger

With Mario Batali,
Mario Batali –  With my husband Peter
at Gourmet Magazine (Conde Naste), NYC 2005

Jo, Nancy Silverton MyLastBite.comNancy Silverton of Pizzeria Mozza & La Brea Bakery.
Photo taken at L.A. Magazine’s Third Annual Food Event.

with Marché Chef Gary Menes
with Marché Chef Gary Menes at Marche’

RH @ Andaz,
RH Executive Chef Sebastien Archambault

Eric Greenspan, Jo

Chef Eric Greenspan, The Foundry on Melrose.
L.A. Magazine’s Third Annual Food Event.

With Tom Colicchio,
Tom Colicchio at James Beard Foundation’s Chef’s & Champagne

Jade, Chef Vinny Dotolo, Cody by MyLastBite.comChef Vinny Dotolo of Animal Restaurant
with my nephew Cody and his girlfriend Jade.

Chef David Myers,
David Myers – Chef and Owner of
Sona & Comme Ca. Dining at Comme Ça

With Chef Govind Armstrong, MyLastBite.comGovind Armstrong of Table 8 and 8 oz. at Taste of the Nation,
Culver City. Burgers at 8 oz.

Molecular Gastronomy Class,
With my nephew Cody and Chef Michael Young,
Photo taken at Molecular Gastronomy Class

All Smiles with Giada,
All smiles with Giada de laurentiis
at a Bon Appetit Event, Beverly Hills

with Chef Scott Conant at Scarpetta Beverly HillsScott Conant, Scarpetta

With Chef Blumer,
Bob Blumer, the Surreal Gourmet at Taste of the Nation, Culver City

Jo, Neal Fraser MyLastBite.comChef Neal Fraser, Grace & BLD. At L.A. Magazine’s Third Annual Food Event.

Chef Josiah Citrin,
Chef Josiah Citrin from Melisse, my favorite French Restaurant in L.A.

Jo and Wolfgang MyLastBite.comJo & Wolfgang Puck at the American Wine & Food Festival

Michel Richard, MyLastaBite.comWith Michel Richard at James Beard Foundation’s Chef’s & Champagne

Peter & Ripert, MyLastBite.comMy husband Peter with Eric Ripert of Le Bernadin
at Gourmet Magazine, NYC

Peter & Wolfgang Puck, MyLastBite.comMy husband Peter with Wolfgang Puck at Spago


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33 responses to “Chef Photos

  1. man… it’s like you’re a celeb chef groupie! kidding! but i am jealous of all of these great pics. i’m most jealous of the one w/ my crush, jose andres. awesome!

    amy @

  2. They are definitely “rock stars” to me!

  3. Janet


  4. wendy

    Holy Amazing Chefs Jo!!!….how amazingly fun!

  5. Wendy, Thanks for checking out my site! xoxoxo

  6. I really like this blog … I love the in-depth pictures, I am pretty envious of your experiences … wish I had the money to go to all of these places! Where’s your picture with Anthony Bourdain? Just kidding…

  7. Wow, I’m impressed. I think I would pass out if I met any of those chefs.

  8. ericriveracooks,
    Thanks for checking out my blog… and I’ve definitely had a few “weak knees” moments for sure!

  9. wow, that’s a cool set of photos. I want to meet Giada!

  10. OMG I am IN LOVE with Chef Ruben! I’ve been to Bazaar 4 times now and last night I FINALLY met him and talked to him (as well as got my own picture with Jose!)
    He is so cute, do we know if he is married??

  11. Adela

    These are absolutely amazing! But where is sexy Bourdain?? I’m obsessed with your site Jo!

  12. Just got the link from my friend from Church Gina Alexander.
    Great Blog! I feel that you have a touch of soul in everything you do. Looking forward to follow your blogging and learn from you.


  13. hello!
    I stumbled upon your blog and was very inspired by all the delicious pictures that you post! I am nowhere near to being a chef and can barely boil an egg but I certainly know and appreciate the magic of food. I look forward to becoming a follower of your delicious adventures!


  14. Stumbled upon you in Twitter. I saw the Chef Photos link on your page and just had to look. My wife does the same thing. She has to get her picture taken with the chef at every food event we go to. Her next “victim” will be Daniel Boulud at a James Beard House wine dinner. I look forward to your future adventures. Lenny

  15. Liz

    You are so effing cute!

  16. We love your pics Jo and man are you photogenic! That must be nice. You always display such warmth and energy in your pictures. It is so obvious that you love what you are doing and it is your calling. And the chefs and folks with you look happy to be there too. You are a treasure girl:-)

  17. Jackie

    your picture with Michael must be before his fame because I couldn’t get a picture of him at the Dining room in Pasadena where I went recently with my husband and friends. He refused to come out and they wouldn’t let me go back in the kitchen so I had our waiter snatch a pic of him instead. Nevertheless, he didn’t look very happy on the pic!…and his food is always amazing!

    • Hi Jackie,
      The photo with Voltaggio is recent (from Feb). We are friends, and I have to say he is super sweet in person. I’m sure he was just busy running the kitchen when you were there.

  18. Ludo Lefevbre, Adria and Keller would be surely those I wish I could meet head to head: they seem fun and would have I am sure a lot to say on the future of cuisine in general

  19. Another Spanish chef here….I love your blog!
    Check out mine and please tell me what you think 🙂


  20. Jimmy

    I’m so jealous yet happy… you do a great job with the blog/photos i get a food orgasm EVERY TIME!

  21. Wow….I’m really digging the photo’s of you will these famous chefs! Quite impressive. I really like your blog. I’ll be visiting often.

  22. Wow!! Where do you live and are all these chefs at events in your area! Amazing!

  23. Wow you have so many pics!! that’s great!!

  24. sunshine

    great pics! where did you take the one with Juan Mari Arzak?

  25. so happy that i discovered you on twitter. not only do your posts make me smile … but, it’s also refreshing to see someone else get just as excited as i do when it comes to food and the master chefs who prepare it so well. my boyfriend thinks it’s cute when i get all giggly over some of my favs … can’t wait to show him your pictures! only thing is, i’m afraid i might scare him. he’ll start to think that this is what “i’ll” be doing next !!! hahaha keep up the great work, you are wonderful. 🙂

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