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Ceremony (Studio City) Scouting Report for L.A. Times

Fan of the movie, “Chef”? Check out my L.A. Times Food Scouting Report here.


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Night + Market

Northern Thai street food that goes with booze? Yes please!

“In Thai, it’s called ‘aharn klam lao’ which roughly translates to ‘food to facilitate drinking.’ That’s at the heart of what we do. We make food for drunkards”. ~  Chef Kris Yenbamroong, Night + Market

Night + Market
SAUSAGE! Front: Fermented sour pork sausage balls from Isan (northeastern Thailand). They are best eaten with the chili, ginger, peanuts and raw cabbage.
Back: Sai Uah sausage from Chiengrai. It’s a grilled herb sausage which you eat with nam prik noom and a mortar-pounded relish of chili, roasted shallots and garlic. Kris makes both sausages in house.

Mekong Old Fashioned at Night + Market
Mekong Old Fashioned – Mekong is probably the most popular of Thai spirits and is actually a rum. It is made from sugar cane and a blend of herbs.

Night & Market
Kab Moo, housemade pork rinds.

Night & Market
Chicken wings, brined in fish sauce.

Night & Market
Chang Beer Tower! You know, because there’s more food coming!

Night & Market
Kor Moo Yang, grilled pig collar. Kris calls it toro because he finds it to be the most decadent part of the pig.

Night & Market
Nam Prik Ong, chiengrai pork ragout. Basically a pork dip for pork rinds. Kris serves it cold.

Night & Market
Nam Prik Ta Daeng, another type of relish eaten with Thai beef jerky.

Night & Market
Moo Sadoong, startled pig — a spicy salad of pork, chili and herbs.

Night & Market
Goong Ten, traditionally this dish consists of live, tiny shrimp. This one is raw shrimp cured with lime juice and dressed with pounded chilis.

Night & Market
Hor Ab, essentially a tamale made with catfish and a mix of chili, baked in a banana leaf.

Night & Market
Fried pig tails.

Night & Market
Gang Hanglay, a Chiengrai stew with Burmese influences — pork simmered with palm sugar and pickled garlic. Kris used pork trotters and tails for this rendition.

Night & Market
Kao Kluk Gapi: Rice, seasoned with shrimp paste, It’s basically a salad because you toss all the components together.

Night & Market
Pu Pad Pong Karee, jumbo lump crab sauteed with curry powder and onions.

“Have you ever felt as if a restaurant was just waiting for you to walk into it?” ~ Jonathan Gold Please read Jonathan Gold’s awesome review here

Night + MarketNight + Market
9041 Sunset Blvd

West Hollywood, CA 90069
Note: Enter thru Talésai restaurant
(310) 275 – 9724

Twitter: @NtMRKT

Night +Market on FaceBook

All my Night + Market Photos

Dining Date: 2/9/12
Shared w Peter, Jessica, Josh, Charles & Robert
Many thanks to Sarah St. Lifer for her assistance on this post!

We started ordering from the DineLA menu but obviously enjoyed so much more!

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Great Pub Grub

Pub Grub @ Laurel Tavern

On those rare occasions when Peter and I don’t have dinner plans, we sometimes head up to Laurel Tavern, our favorite pub on Ventura Blvd.

It’s just a few minutes from our house, and even though they’re known for a terrific selection of beers, we actually go for the food.

After we hustle a couple of seats (it’s a popular joint), we check out the chalkboard on the wall for specials. Then we hunker down with cocktails and share a few plates of WAY above average pub grub.





Pub Grub @ Laurel Tavern
Chorizo Sliders

Pub Grub @ Laurel Tavern
Beet, Buratta & Citrus Salad, Chorizo Sliders, Pork Belly Skewers (we always get these!), Fries cooked in PORK FAT, Chorizo Fondue

Laurel Tavern
11938 Ventura Blvd 
Studio City, CA 91614
(818) 506-0777

More Laurel Tavern Photos on Flickr


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