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Lotería Grill, Studio City

My childhood friend Brent recently moved to town, and between helping him apartment hunt, unpack and settle into his new digs, I hadn’t made time to take advantage of DineLA restaurant deals around town (Oct 3-8, Oct 10-15). The current DineLA promotion ends 10/15/10.

Loteria Grill – DineLA Restaurant Week 3-course, $16 lunch deal:
Choice of Appetizers
Choice 1: Pure de Chile Poblano

Choice 2: Heirloom Tomato Salad, Quesillo de Oaxaca and Chile Pasilla
Choice 3: Mini Tostada of Crab, Veracruz-style

Choice of Entrees
Choice 1: Chicken in a Green Mole of Michoacan
Choice 2: Grilled Yellowtail Tacos Loreto-style, Achiote Marinade, Chipotle Slaw
Choice 3: Corn Pudding with Strips of Chile Poblano

Choice of Desserts
Choice 1: House-baked Mexican Cookies
Choice 2: Fresh Seasonal Fruit with Lime and Toasted Chile Powder

I chose from the DineLA menu, and ordered Brent a few Loteria Grill “must-have” dishes (his first time).

Pollo en Mole Verde de Michoacan
DineLA Lunch Menu item: Pollo en Mole Verde de Michoacan Chicken in a Green Mole of Michoacan

Loteria Grill's Heirloom Tomato Salad
DineLA Lunch Menu item: Ensalada de Jitomate Heirloom Quesillo de Oaxaca y Chile Pasilla

Note: We chose the Galletas Mexicanas (house-baked Mexican cookies) for dessert, but I forgot to photograph before Brent finished them!

Michelada de Mango
Michelada de Mango (cerveza, fresh lime and mango, spicy salt rim). I’ve only had micheladas with spicy tomato. I really liked this fruity version! (NOT on the DineLA menu)

Loteria Grill's Chicharron de Queso
Chicharron de Queso: Griddle-toasted cheese. Served with Guacamole and Salsas. A MUST-ORDER at Loteria Grill! (NOT on the DineLA menu)

Probaditas, Taco Sampler
Probaditas Sampler: 12 Tacos served on Mini Hand-made Tortillas (NOT on the DineLA menu)

Loteria Grill, Studio CityDine LA

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Loteria Grill
12050 Ventura Boulevard
Studio City, CA
(818) 508-5300

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