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Lotería Grill, Studio City

My childhood friend Brent recently moved to town, and between helping him apartment hunt, unpack and settle into his new digs, I hadn’t made time to take advantage of DineLA restaurant deals around town (Oct 3-8, Oct 10-15). The current DineLA promotion ends 10/15/10.

Loteria Grill – DineLA Restaurant Week 3-course, $16 lunch deal:
Choice of Appetizers
Choice 1: Pure de Chile Poblano

Choice 2: Heirloom Tomato Salad, Quesillo de Oaxaca and Chile Pasilla
Choice 3: Mini Tostada of Crab, Veracruz-style

Choice of Entrees
Choice 1: Chicken in a Green Mole of Michoacan
Choice 2: Grilled Yellowtail Tacos Loreto-style, Achiote Marinade, Chipotle Slaw
Choice 3: Corn Pudding with Strips of Chile Poblano

Choice of Desserts
Choice 1: House-baked Mexican Cookies
Choice 2: Fresh Seasonal Fruit with Lime and Toasted Chile Powder

I chose from the DineLA menu, and ordered Brent a few Loteria Grill “must-have” dishes (his first time).

Pollo en Mole Verde de Michoacan
DineLA Lunch Menu item: Pollo en Mole Verde de Michoacan Chicken in a Green Mole of Michoacan

Loteria Grill's Heirloom Tomato Salad
DineLA Lunch Menu item: Ensalada de Jitomate Heirloom Quesillo de Oaxaca y Chile Pasilla

Note: We chose the Galletas Mexicanas (house-baked Mexican cookies) for dessert, but I forgot to photograph before Brent finished them!

Michelada de Mango
Michelada de Mango (cerveza, fresh lime and mango, spicy salt rim). I’ve only had micheladas with spicy tomato. I really liked this fruity version! (NOT on the DineLA menu)

Loteria Grill's Chicharron de Queso
Chicharron de Queso: Griddle-toasted cheese. Served with Guacamole and Salsas. A MUST-ORDER at Loteria Grill! (NOT on the DineLA menu)

Probaditas, Taco Sampler
Probaditas Sampler: 12 Tacos served on Mini Hand-made Tortillas (NOT on the DineLA menu)

Loteria Grill, Studio CityDine LA

Full list of DineLA restaurants

Loteria Grill
12050 Ventura Boulevard
Studio City, CA
(818) 508-5300

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Drago Centro

My husband Peter and I finally made it downtown for dinner last Thursday. We keep meaning to spend more time in DTLA (DownTown LA), but it took “DineLA Restaurant Week” to get us to check out the sleek and sexy Drago Centro.

The special DineLA menu at the Italian hotspot offers three courses for $44, which is a great bargain (and very filling), but as usual we ordered some extras from the regular menu as well. The three of us (including our friend Laurieann) shared every dish, and now I can’t wait to go back and try the things I missed!

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.comIf you’re not familiar with Drago Centro, here’s what Jonathan Gold wrote about the restaurant in LA Weekly:
“Planted at the base of a formerly sterile office plaza, Centro may be the grandest new restaurant in this neighborhood since the early 1980s, a sprawling former bank space blown out into a double-height modernist dining room, punctuated in the middle by a glassed-in wine vault…”

I have to admit, sitting in the main dining room, near the enormous glass wine room was sort of powerfully intoxicating… but then again, it could have been the red wine and grappa!

All around it was a fun evening, especially spending time with sommelier Michael Shearin and our terrific server, Stefano. Make sure you ask for them if you plan on eating there soon (which you should)!

What we ate:

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
Amuse Bouche: Bocconcini with Pesto Mousse (compliments of the chef)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
La Pancetta Brasata: Pork Belly, Farro, Spinach, Blueberries (Regular Menu $14)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
La Burrata, Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Crostino (Regular Menu $13)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
Top: Antipasto Plate: Roasted peppers, Radicchio, Speck, Eggplant Puree, Burrata and Gnocco Fritto
Bottom: Garganelli, Veal Bolognese. (Both on DineLA Menu)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
Smoked Salmon, Cauliflower Panna Cotta, Fennel (on DineLA Menu)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
Braised Veal Cheeks, Endive, Parsnips, Almonds (on DineLA Menu)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
Pork Belly Risotto, Rapini, Radicchio (on DineLA Menu) and yes it’s true… we ordered TWO pork belly dishes (so GOOD!)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
Crispy Chicken, Assorted Beans & Veg (on DineLA Menu)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
Desserts: Top Left: Mascarpone Semifreddo with Strawberries and Basil.
Bottom Left: Chocolate Coffee Cake, Vanilla Cream.
Right: Prosecco Mousse, Fennel Crumble, Citrus (All on DineLA Menu)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
The custom-built glass wine vault.

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
Drago Centro’s private dining room with exhibition kitchen (in the former bank vault).

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.comDrago Centro
525 S. Flower St #120
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 228-8998

Dining Date: 10/08/09

Jonathan Gold, LA Weekly

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Drago Central, Private Dining

DineLA Restaurant Week

Photo above right: Grappa flavored with Chamomile made by Marolo

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