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Makin’ Bacon Ice Cream

Bacon Ice Cream @ Home, MyLastBite.comOnce a week I cook dinner for my sister and her family at their home in San Dimas. I rarely make dessert because honestly, I’m just not that into sweets. But when I read about someone making “bacon ice cream” on Twitter recently, I suddenly found myself obsessing about the one part of the meal that I usually dismiss… dessert!

I can’t remember who’s “tweet” I read, but it said something like, “off to make bacon ice cream”. My apologies (and my thanks) to the author of such a life-altering-under-140-character message!

I’ve now made the Bacon Ice Cream twice. On Thursday for my sister’s kids (she doesn’t eat bacon and her husband was at the fire station), and then again this evening for my husband (who was pouting that he missed out). Two days in a row is crazy I know, but it simply had to be done! Now that I have a recipe concoction that we all love, the Bacon Ice Cream will be mixed up for SPECIAL OCCASIONS ONLY. I’m marking dates on the calendar already.

The recipe isn’t really a recipe at all. On the first try I used just bacon and ice cream, then added chopped pecans into the mix on the second batch. The sweet and salty mix, with the added crunch of the pecans was outstanding, and I’m proud to say we now have an official family dessert!


1 Pint of Dulce de Leche Ice Cream, warmed just enough so you can stir

3 Strips of Thick Bacon, cooked crisp and crumbled

1/4 cup of chopped pecans

Instructions with Photos:

Bacon Ice Cream @ Home, MyLastBite.com
Mix bacon and nuts in bowl. Set aside a teaspoon of bacon and nuts for topping.

Bacon Ice Cream @ Home, MyLastBite.com
Mix chopped bacon and nuts into ice cream, then place back in freezer.

Bacon Ice Cream @ Home, MyLastBite.com
After Bacon Ice Cream is frozen, scoop into cup and top with bits of bacon and nuts. Enjoy!

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