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Picca Peru

Food Wine: Best New Chef 2011, my friend RicardoZarateLast month (July 2011) Food & Wine Magazine named Chef Ricardo Zarate as one of their Best New Chefs for 2011. His elevated Peruvian cooking has been a favorite of mine since I first tasted his Mo Chica menu at a “Hatchi” pop-up dinner last year (links & video below).

For “Culinarian’s Day”, the Huffington Post recently asked me to name some of my favorite chefs and of course I included Ricardo. I’m so proud to call him a friend, and with all the recent accolades he’s garnered, I’m pretty darn lucky that I can still get a reservation!

Picca Peru

Entrance to Picca Peru
Entrance (above the former Test Kitchen space)

Picca's Filet w Sea Urchin Butter
Anticuchos (grilled, skewered street food): Beef Filet w Sea Urchin Butter, Garlic Chip

Picca's Beef Heart
Anticuchos: Corazon aka Beef Heart, Rocoto (spicy pepper) Sauce

Picca's PaPa a Lahuancaina
Anticuchos: Papa a La Huancaina: Potato, Quail Egg, Pancetta, Chives

Picca's Cocktails
COCKTAILS! Left: “The Avocado Project” 5 Island white rum, fresh avocado, ascorbic acid, fresh lime juice, agave nectar.
Right: “Chilcano de Anis” Lime Juice, Ginger Syrup, Anise Syrup, Pisco

Picca's Tomatoes & Burrata w Black Mint Pesto
Tomatoes & Burrata w Black Mint Pesto

Picca's Ceviche Crocante
Ceviche Crocante: Halibut, Leche de tigre, Crispy Calamari

Picca's Choritos Mussels
Choritos Mussels: Steamed Mussels, Pancetta, Aji Amarillo Butter

Picca's Chicharron De Costilas
Chicharron De Costilas: Crispy Pork Ribs Crostini, Sweet Potato Puree, Feta Cheese Sauce, Salsa Criolla

Picca's Tuna Tartare
Tuna Tartare: Tuna, Lemon Soy Dressing, Wonton Chips

Picca's Ceviche Mixto
Ceviche Mixto: Mixed Seafood, Sweet Potato, Choclo (a large grain corn)

Picca's Black Cod
Black Cod: Miso Anticucho, Crispy Sweet Potato

Picca's Duck Confit
Seco de Pato: Duck Leg Confit, Black Beer Sauce, Cilantro Rice

Ricardo Zarate's Patita (Pig Trotter Stew) at Picca
Patita: pig trotter stew, chorizo, potato, aji panca, peanuts

Causa: Snow Crab
Causa: snow crab.cucumber, avocado, huancaina sauce

Picca's 32Oz Rib Eye Steak
32 oz Rib Eye Steak

Oxtail Croquette Sliders at Picca
Oxtail Croquette Sliders w avocado & pickled jalapeno, huacatay

Picca's Tres Leches Cake
Tres Leches Cake

Picca's Grill
Checking out the kitchen

Picca, View From Bar
Picca, View From Bar

Rocoto Mezcal at Picca
Rocoto Mezcal

Photos taken 6/21/11 (Opening Night)  7/28/11 & 9/23/11

Chef Ricardo ZarateAll my Picca Peru Photos

Huffington Post “Culinarian’s Day”

About Ricardo> Terrific article about Ricardo Zarate by my friend Julie Wolfson

Picca Peru Restaurant
9575 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 277-0133

FOOD & WINE Best New Chef Ricardo Zarate VIDEO

with Stephane Bombet & Chef Ricardo ZarateFood & Wine Best New Chefs 2011

Ricardo Zarate on LXTV VIDEO

Sophie Gayot of GAYOT.com at Mo Chica VIDEO

Chef Ricardo Zarate at Test Kitchen VIDEO

Follow Chef Ricardo Zarate on Twitter

Follow Picca Peru Restaurant on Twitter

Follow Stephane Bombet, Picca’s Managing Partner on Twitter

Follow Mo Chica on Twitter

Follow writer Julie Wolfson on Twitter

Mo Chica at Hatchi (pop up)

Dinner at Mo Chica

All Ricardo Zarate Photos

Photos at right: With Ricardo and Picca’s managing partner (and my good friend) Stephane Bombet


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Upcoming Food & Wine Festival in Ixtapa 2011

Top Chef Master Rick Bayless was in town recently to help promote Food and Wine Magazine’s upcoming Food Festival in Ixtapa, Mexico. The event was held in Red O restaurant’s tequila bar, where Bayless is the consulting chef. Some of my favorite journalists (including the legendary Barbara Hansen) and lucky food bloggers (myself included) were there to learn more about the upcoming festival.

Food & Wine Ixtapa event at Red OEven though Bayless was only on hand for a short while (Top Chef Masters are busy of course!), my friend Brent and I had fun snapping photos (he’s a huge Bayless fan), and really enjoyed chatting with Jorge Gamboa Patrón, the L.A. Director of Mexico’s Tourism Board. I definitely need to spend more time (eating) across the border!

Travel Weekly writes: “The event, scheduled for March 26 to 28, is hosted by the magazine in conjunction with the Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Convention and Visitors Bureau. Bayless and chefs and bartenders from throughout Mexico will lead three days of cooking demonstrations, tastings, seminars and intimate tours of the culinary scene.” (more via link below)

The festival schedule includes a Catamaran Tour to Zihuatanejo Bay, “Market to Table” with Rick Bayless, a Tequila Tasting, a Wine Seminar and a Celebration of Top Female Chefs of Mexico.

This was my first visit to Red O, and the Partida tequila that bartender Steven Calabro was serving, certainly added to the fun evening. Check out his “Bartending Boot Camp” website, along with festival links below.


Chefs Edgar Vazquez, Rick Bayless, Victor Torres
Chefs Edgar Vazquez, Rick Bayless, Victor Torres

Chef Rick Bayless w my friend Brent
Bayless and Brent

with Top Chef Master Rick Bayless
With the Top Chef Master! (We chatted about my fan club for Ludo!)

Pork Belly Sopes, Salsa Negra, Sesame
Pork Belly Sopes, Salsa Negra, Sesame were fantastic!

Guests were given autographed copies of “Fiesta at Rick’s: Fabulous Food for Great Times with Friends” (Thanks Chef!)

Event Date: 1/19/2011

Many THANKS to Lisa Kennelly (Curator PR) for the kind invitation to this event!

Food and Wine Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Festival Schedule

Top Chef Masters Chef Rick Bayless on Twitter Rick Bayless’ website

Barbara Hansen on Twitter Barbara Hansen’s website

Bartending Boot Camp

More photos on Flickr

Tequila Partida

Mexico Tourism Board
Email Jorge Gamboa Patrón jgamboa@visitmexico.com

Travel Weekly

Red O Restaurant Website

I haven’t dined at Red O yet, but check out these beautiful photos by Kevin Eats

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