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In March 2010 I decided I would try 300 dishes on Jitlada Thai Restaurant’s menu. Goal completed March 16, 2013!

My favorites dishes are on the “Spicy Southern Thai” pages and I usually invite friends to join me for lunch. Sometimes I just go alone and work in my “remote office“, but either way the focus is all about the amazing food.

Of course I’ll be taking photos of each plate during my delectable journey. Check for updates here at http://EatingTheMenu.com

Eating the Menu Jitlada Thai Cuisine
300 Dishes Completed! (updated 3/16/13)

Eating The Menu: Jitlada
(click above for more info on each dish)

3/30/10 I met the cutest couple today, who are WAY ahead of me on this quest. Jan & Ron from Glendale. They’ve tried over 100 dishes and eat at Jitlada every week as well! It was so nice to meet some fellow SUPER Jitlada Fans!!

9/10/10 With the help of friends (Julie, Ed, David & LeAnn), I passed 100 dishes today!  All photos here

More about Jitlada

Thanks Zach for sharing lunch with me!

Below are Completed

It took me twelve visits to the Bazaar, but I eventually ate every one of the 76+ dishes on the original two menus (a personal goal I set for myself). I’m so looking forward to the new spring menu, and will post updated photos here.

Eating the Menu – The Bazaar by José Andrés
Dishes Completed (All on menu, Year 1) – 76

Eating The Menu: Bazaar

More about The Bazaar by José Andrés

More Flickr “Eating the Menu” Groups Coming Soon
Dining Room

In the spirit of “full disclosure”, I just want to note that I manage and update JitladaLA.com but do not receive any compensation from the restaurant. I do it because I love the incredible food so much (and wanted to help promote the restaurant), but mostly because I adore Jazz, Tui and their remarkable family.



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Party at the Ox!

Most of the time, when Peter and I go out to dinner, it’s just the two of us at the table. While catching up on the day’s activities, we order cocktails and share a few dishes, trading plates after eating EXACTLY half. I think we’re pretty lucky because after fifteen years together, we still love hanging out, especially when we’re trying a new restaurant. Just look for the couple having the most fun in the room… it’s probably us!

Lazy Ox Canteen visit 1Every once in a while we go out with a group of friends, and two of our most recent gatherings have been at the Lazy Ox Canteen in Little Tokyo. The first visit was on January 14th after we attended an earthquake fundraiser at TiGeorges Haitian Restaurant on Glendale Blvd. Peter and I, along with our neighbor Nelson, met up with Charles and Robert to find a very successful charity event, but no food (they had just sold out). So after we all made donations, we decided to head downtown and check out the Lazy Ox.

We didn’t have reservations, but hostess Janna (who is gorgeous and super sweet) let us takeover a long, communal table. The giant mirror across the way made it perfect for checking out the entire room.

Our servers were both fantastic. At first “Q” took our orders and helped us decide on a few dishes from the $5 happy hour menu, then Rolando stepped in with recommendations from the regular menu. Having just come from the Haiti charity event, we were all in such great spirits and it showed in what we ordered. Lots of wine, lots of sharing and lots of laughs.

Lazy Ox Canteen visit 1I started talking to Rolando about his “day job” at Sage Mountain Farm, and was fascinated to learn that he personally delivers his vegetables to the Lazy Ox. His passion really showed in the way he spoke about the produce, and it also made me slow down and pay more attention to the  food on the plate in front of me. Rolando also works with several other L.A. area restaurants including Locali in Silverlake.

Our second dinner at “the Ox” (as everyone now seems to be calling it), was a couple of weeks after the first. Another group dinner with friends Bob and Andrew, who were entertaining visiting relatives. Another fun night sharing almost unending plates of (albeit daring to some) delicious food.

My favorite bites so far have been the Bӓco (if you go, order this FIRST!), Pig’s Ears, Chicharones Skewers, Braised Beef with Cream of Wheat… oh HECK, just look at the photos below because I’ve fallen for everything on Chef Josef Centeno’s menu!

Peter and I will be back soon, if we can get a reservation that is! Rave reviews (links below) and a recent mention on Jonathan Gold’s “99 Things to Eat in L.A. Before You Die” list will make it a bit more difficult to party at the Ox, but it’s definitely worth the effort!!

Lazy Ox Canteen visit 1
The Bӓco: Grilled flatbread, crispy pork belly, arugula and poblano sauce

Lazy Ox Canteen visit 1
Truffled Potato Croquettes. Only $5 on Happy Hour Menu

Lazy Ox Canteen visit 1
Patatas Bravas with Smoked Paprika

Lazy Ox Canteen visit 1
Sea Bream is brick oven roasted, head on, with herbs, lemon, purple baby scallions, and chimichurri

Lazy Ox Canteen visit 1
White Soy Marinated Yellowtail with crushed avocado, crispy hash brown and creme fraiche

Lazy Ox Canteen visit 2
Crispy Pig Ears with Horseradish Cream

Lazy Ox Canteen visit 2
Whipped Jersey Cow Ricotta with Sea Salt and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Lazy Ox Canteen visit 2
Toasted Peruvian corn, with spices and lime called cancha

Lazy Ox Canteen visit 2
Pork Chicharones Skewers with poblano sauce at Lazy Ox Canteen. $5 on the Happy Hour Menu.
Lazy Ox Canteen visit 2
Chicken Livers with Whole-Grain Mustard & Pancetta Crisp $7

Lazy Ox Canteen visit 2
Charred Octopus with Pickled Shallots, Lima Beans and Smoked Paprika $15
Lazy Ox Canteen visit 2
Salt Cod Brandade Fritters with Grated Mojama & Lemon Vinaigrette $8

Lazy Ox Canteen visit 2
Braised Beef Paleron (pot roast) w/ cream of wheat, kumquats and red wine $23
Lazy Ox Canteen visit 2
Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder with Turnips, Quinoa and Walnut Chile Tarator Sauce $21

Lazy Ox Canteen visit 2
Hand-Torn Egg Pasta with Sunny-Side Egg, Brown Butter & Fines Herbs $11

Lazy Ox Canteen visit 2

All my Lazy Ox Canteen Photos on Flickr

241 S. San Pedro St.
Little Tokyo, Downtown L.A. 90012
(213) 626-5299

Dining Dates: 1/14/10 & 2/6/10

99 Things to Eat in L.A. Before you Die by Jonathan Gold

Jonathan Gold’s Review on L.A. Weekly

L.A. Times Review

Jonathan Gold discusses Lazy Ox on KCRW’s Good Food

Check out Anne Fishbein’s BEAUTIFUL photos!

Haiti Fundraiser at TiGeorges’ Chicken

Sage Mountain Farm

Follow the Lazy Ox on Twitter

Lazy Ox Canteen on Urbanspoon


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Deeply Madly Marché

Marché Restaurant Sunday Supper [Visit 6]

When Peter and I fall in love with a restaurant, we fall MADLY. Especially so, when it’s just a few minutes away from our home in Studio City. Although we tried to show some restraint in the past few weeks, we have NOT been able to stay away from our (now favorite) neighborhood spot.

During our New Year’s Eve dinner at Marché (link below), Chef Gary Menes told us about his upcoming “Sunday Suppers”. Instead of the regular tasting menu (which we LOVE because we share multiple plates), there would be a 4-Course Prix Fixe dinner for only $30.

When we learned (on yet another visit) that Marché server Ashton Sullivan would be the evening’s entertainment, we decided to make this first “Marché Sunday Supper” a good old fashioned party.

It’s not a real party without my nephews (big brothers to the twins), so Camron and Cody (along with their girlfriends) drove out from Glendora in the pouring rain. Friends Emrah & Silma trekked into the valley from over the hill, and although Lisa & Dave could have easily walked the few blocks to the restaurant, the streets were just too wet for a casual Sunday stroll.

The atmosphere is so cozy at Marché, especially on a cold and rainy night. Our table of ten hunkered down for a few hours of great food, drinks, soothing guitar by Ashton and of course lots of laughs. As Lisa (@DailyWine) tweeted the next morning: “You’re doing something right when place is packed on a Sun in LA in the rain”. So true.

Sunday Supper #1 [visit 6]:

Marché Restaurant visit 6
1st Course: Romey Lettuce, Goat Cheese, Apples, Cider Vinaigrette.
2nd Course: Soup – Okinawa Sweet Potatoes, Leeks, Truffle Scented Creme Fraiche.
3rd Course: Beouf Bourguignon (cooked sous vide for 36 hours at 60 degrees celsius), Pomme Puree.
4th Course: Creme Caramel, Coconut Butter Cookies.

Marché Restaurant visit 6
3rd course option (instead of the beouf bourguignon) was Blue Hubbard Squash, Wheat Berries, Smoked Pearl Onions, Sauce Soubise.

Marché Restaurant visit 6
Cody (my nephew) & his girlfriend Jade, Camron (my nephew) & his girlfriend Jennee at the first ever Sunday Supper at Marché Restaurant

Marché Restaurant visit 6
Peter having a laugh with Chef Menes

Marché Restaurant visit 6
Music by Ashton Sullivan
Marché Restaurant visit 6
With our good friends Emrah and Simla

Sunday Supper: $30
Quartino of Wine $5
Dining Date: 1/17/10 with Peter, Cody, Jade, Camron, Jennee, Lisa & Dave, Simla & Emrah.
Mentioned above:

Marché [Visit 5]
Marché Restaurant visit 5
Pig Candy: Applewood Smoked Bacon, Brown Sugar, Spices

Marché Restaurant visit 5
Veal Tongue Pastrami, Horseradish Creme Fraiche

Marché Restaurant visit 5
Jambon, Butter, Pain Grille

Marché Restaurant visit 5
Local Yellow Tail, Honshimegi Mushrooms, Sugar Peas, Green Garlic

Marché Restaurant visit 5
Healthy Family Farms Chicken, Purple Top Turnips, Chantrelle Mushrooms, Hearts of Romaine

Marché Restaurant visit 5
Prime Beef, Pomme de Terre, Torpedo Onions, Haritcots Verts, Red Wine

Dining Date: 1/08/10 with Peter, Bob, Lisa & Dave

Note: This restaurant is now closed. Please follow Chef Menes on Twitter

13355 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 784-2915

Update: 3/30/10 Read Jonathan Gold’s Review!

All Marché photos on Flickr

Marché [1 & 2]

Marché [3]

New Year’s Eve at Marché [4]

Marche on Urbanspoon


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A Bossa Nova New Year’s Eve

Bossa Nova music makes me feel giddy and extraordinarily happy. You know that feeling you get from listening to childhood records? A sudden spike of joy deep inside your soul?

Dancing with my big sister Janet, OkinawaWhen my sister Janet and I were growing up in Okinawa, our favorite records were the ones we weren’t allowed to play. Dutifully, we listened to Disney records that our grandparents mailed from the states, but we most enjoyed sneaking into our dad’s immaculate record collection.

He never found out about our little secret because my big sister was absolutely brilliant (even at seven years old). When we decided on an LP that we wanted to hear, Janet would pull THREE albums partially out of the record shelf. The one we wanted to hear was in the middle, the two others on each side were place holders (so she knew where to return the treasured vinyl). Big sis never allowed ME to actually TOUCH the records, which was probably a really good idea.

Our very favorite albums back then were Herb Alpert, and the awesome Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66. We knew all the words to “Mais Que Nada” (still do), and would invite friends over for after-school dancing. To this day, Bossa Nova is always on my party mix. Just try listening to “One Note Samba / Spanish Flea” without dancing or bobbing your head.

When Peter and I first met fifteen years ago, we bonded over discussions of Bossa Nova music. Two years later on our wedding day, I walked down the aisle to Astrud Gilberto’s “Summer Samba (So Nice)”. If you don’t know the song, the lyrics begin with:

“Someone to hold me tight, that would be very nice
Someone to love me right, that would be very nice

Someone to understand each little dream in me
Someone to take my hand and be a team with me

So nice… life would be so nice, if one day I’d find
Someone who would take my hand and samba through life with me”

And yes, it’s been SO NICE!

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBiteFor New Year’s Eve, we like to do something low-key. Sometimes we spend it with family, sometimes we cook together at home or go out to a nearby restaurant.

We’ve fallen in love with chef Gary Menes’ cooking at Marche’ recently, and luckily the restaurant is just a few minutes from our house. When I read there would be a live JAZZ band on New Year’s Eve, I don’t know why but I just assumed it would be modern or fusion jazz. Not my favorite, but I figured at least Peter would really enjoy it. Besides Bossa, I’m a big fan of New Orleans jazz (especially Preservation Hall, the legendary band we recently saw at Disney Hall).

We had a 9pm dinner reservation, and I knew the food would be fantastic (this would be our fourth visit) so I wasn’t going to let the jazz in the background bother me. The duo wasn’t playing when we were being seated, and after we settled in and put on our party hats, there it was…. glorious BOSSA NOVA!

Yes, it was an elegantly laid-back, truffle-filled (thank you chef Menes!) food fest of a New Year’s Eve at Marche’, but with our beloved Bossa Nova warming up the crowded yet cozy dining room, it felt more like a party just for two.

My very Last Bites in 2009:

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBite
Winter Black Truffle Risotto. Raviolli: Swiss Chard, Mascarpone, Reggiano, Chestnuts.

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBite
Foie Gras Terrine, Date Compote, Brioche. Romey Lettuce, Baby Beets, Goat Cheese, Pistachios.

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBite
Hokkaido Scallops, Cauliflower, Apple, Gastrique, Vaudouvan Butter.

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBite
Fennel, Orange, Pear, Forbidden Rice.

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBite
Healthy Family Farms Chicken, Peas, Carrots, Tendrils, Grits.

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBite
A5 Grade Australian 100% Wagu eye of RibEye , Pomme Puree, Hearts of Romaine, Bunch Onions, Red Wine

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBite
Calvados Brandy Cheesecake (plus lovely Caramel Apple Millefeuill, Apple Walnut Cake and Brown Sugar Ice Cream!) 

Note: This restaurant is now closed. Please follow Chef Menes on Twitter


Marché Restaurant, MyLastBiteMarché
13355 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 784-2915

Dining Date: 12/31/09 [this page is Visit 4]

Photos of all my dinners at Marché

Update: 3/30/10 Read Jonathan Gold’s Review!

Mentioned Above:

Bozza Nova from Wes Smith and Graham Dechter

All Marché photos on Flickr

More Okinawa Photos


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Marché [3]

We can’t seem to stay away from our favorite neighborhood bistro! Another fantastic evening Marché Restaurant:

Marché Restaurant visit 3
Amuse Bouche: Kumamoto Oyster w/ Minuet Sauce

Marché Restaurant visit 3
Pickled Fuyu Persimmon

Marché Restaurant visit 3
Perigord Truffle Risotto

Marché Restaurant visit 3
Coleman lettuce, baby beets, walnuts, goa cheese, herbs

Marché Restaurant visit 3
Arugula, tangerine, pecorino, pistachio, verjus vinaigrette

Marché Restaurant visit 3
Sushi grade big eye tuna, baby broccoli, forbidden rice, scallions, shitake, pea tendrils

Marché Restaurant visit 3
Creme Brulee & Beignet

Note: This restaurant is now closed. Please follow Chef Menes on Twitter

13355 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 784-2915

Dining Date: 12/26/09

Update: 3/30/10 Read Jonathan Gold’s Review!

Marché [1 & 2]

New Year’s Eve at Marché [4]

Marché [5 & 6]

Photos from previous dinners at Marché

Marche on Urbanspoon


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Marché [1 & 2]

CONGRATULATIONS to chef Gary Menes for the terrific L.A. Times review of Marché Restaurant (link below).

Peter and I have been eating at the Sherman Oaks location for years, and have happily returned to each new incarnation of the restaurant, formerly known as Max.

A few years ago, there was a daily show I watched regularly on cable called “Recipe TV”. It featured chefs from L.A. (as well as other cities) sharing recipes and cooking in their restaurant kitchens. Some of the chefs I enjoyed most were Dave Myers of Sona, Eric Greenspan (before he opened the Foundry) and Andre Guerrero (chef/owner) of Max restaurant in Sherman Oaks.

Since Max was just up the street, Peter and I got a kick out of ordering dishes that we had seen prepared on the show. The restaurant became our nearby “special occasion” place and we even celebrated New Year’s Eve in the elegant dining room one year.

Then in late 2008, Max restaurant was stripped down into a more casual bistro. At first, we were leery of trying out the new menu, but then fell absolutely in love with the Max Black Angus Burger and chicken liver pate’. That became our favorite comfort meal in the valley, and I would shamelessly dip my crispy fries into the creamy potted chicken liver like it was ketchup! French fries and chicken liver… a match made in heaven.

When I read that Max was being retooled, I figured it was the end of our favorite “old new” spot. Until I learned that the new chef had most recently worked at Palate Food + Wine in Glendale, under the helm of the awesome Octavio Becerra.

I’m happy to say, our first visit to the NEW Marché restaurant did not disappoint. Peter and I are looking forward to seeing (and of course TASTING) what’s next on the menu!

What we shared on our first visit:

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBite.com
Coddled Eggs, Summer Truffles

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBite.com

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBite.com
Pork Rillette

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBite.com
Salad with Speck, Piedmontese Beef

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBite.com
Pork Belly with Figs

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBite.com
Apple Charlotte

Above Dining Date: 10/2/09

Below Dining Date: 11/28/09

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBite
Foie Gras Terrine, brioche au maison

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBite
Castelvetrano Olives with orange and pistou. Potted smoked prawns at Marché Restaurant

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBite
Local Calamari, Haricots Verts, Shitake, Meyer Lemon

Marché Restaurant, MyLastBite
Natural Beef, Potato, Red Wine

Photos from all my visits to Marché

Note: This restaurant is now closed. Please follow Chef Menes on Twitter

Marché L.A.
13355 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 784-2915

Mentioned Above:

L.A. Times Marché Review

L.A. Times Article about Max

Dining at Palate Food and Wine

Dining at the former MAX (Angus Burger)


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Drago Centro

My husband Peter and I finally made it downtown for dinner last Thursday. We keep meaning to spend more time in DTLA (DownTown LA), but it took “DineLA Restaurant Week” to get us to check out the sleek and sexy Drago Centro.

The special DineLA menu at the Italian hotspot offers three courses for $44, which is a great bargain (and very filling), but as usual we ordered some extras from the regular menu as well. The three of us (including our friend Laurieann) shared every dish, and now I can’t wait to go back and try the things I missed!

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.comIf you’re not familiar with Drago Centro, here’s what Jonathan Gold wrote about the restaurant in LA Weekly:
“Planted at the base of a formerly sterile office plaza, Centro may be the grandest new restaurant in this neighborhood since the early 1980s, a sprawling former bank space blown out into a double-height modernist dining room, punctuated in the middle by a glassed-in wine vault…”

I have to admit, sitting in the main dining room, near the enormous glass wine room was sort of powerfully intoxicating… but then again, it could have been the red wine and grappa!

All around it was a fun evening, especially spending time with sommelier Michael Shearin and our terrific server, Stefano. Make sure you ask for them if you plan on eating there soon (which you should)!

What we ate:

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
Amuse Bouche: Bocconcini with Pesto Mousse (compliments of the chef)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
La Pancetta Brasata: Pork Belly, Farro, Spinach, Blueberries (Regular Menu $14)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
La Burrata, Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Crostino (Regular Menu $13)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
Top: Antipasto Plate: Roasted peppers, Radicchio, Speck, Eggplant Puree, Burrata and Gnocco Fritto
Bottom: Garganelli, Veal Bolognese. (Both on DineLA Menu)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
Smoked Salmon, Cauliflower Panna Cotta, Fennel (on DineLA Menu)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
Braised Veal Cheeks, Endive, Parsnips, Almonds (on DineLA Menu)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
Pork Belly Risotto, Rapini, Radicchio (on DineLA Menu) and yes it’s true… we ordered TWO pork belly dishes (so GOOD!)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
Crispy Chicken, Assorted Beans & Veg (on DineLA Menu)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
Desserts: Top Left: Mascarpone Semifreddo with Strawberries and Basil.
Bottom Left: Chocolate Coffee Cake, Vanilla Cream.
Right: Prosecco Mousse, Fennel Crumble, Citrus (All on DineLA Menu)

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
The custom-built glass wine vault.

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.com
Drago Centro’s private dining room with exhibition kitchen (in the former bank vault).

Drago Centro, MyLastBite.comDrago Centro
525 S. Flower St #120
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 228-8998

Dining Date: 10/08/09

Jonathan Gold, LA Weekly

Follow Drago Centro on Twitter

Follow Michael Shearin, Sommelier on Twitter

Drago Central, Private Dining

DineLA Restaurant Week

Photo above right: Grappa flavored with Chamomile made by Marolo

Drago Centro on Urbanspoon


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Back in May, I attended the International Food Bloggers Conference in Seattle, Washington. It was the first ever conference just for food bloggers, and was organized by the founders of Foodista, Barnaby Dorfman and Sheri Wetherell.

Foodista Blog of the Day, MyLastBite.comFoodista is described as “a collaborative project to build the world’s largest, highest quality cooking encyclopedia”. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s like “wikipedia for foodies”, and since I’m such a hard core “info junkie” AND food lover, Foodista is definitely one of my favorite online resources.

As a food writer working alone at home most days, Foodista is also an important part of my personal (although virtual) community. I get most of my Foodista updates via Twitter now, where I usually “retweet” and share (recipes or food stories) with my own Twitter followers. Learn more about Foodista (and Twitter) via links below.

When I first read about the International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC) on Foodista.com, the main thing that caught my eye, was the fact that Gourmet Magazine’s Ruth Reichl was the celebrity guest speaker. Like most food lovers, I’ve read all her books, and was eagerly awaiting (her then) soon-to-be released memoir “Not Becoming My Mother”.

Hmmm… a chance to meet Ruth in real life? Without looking like a stalker? The airfare and hotel costs would probably be worth it, just for this opportunity alone!

The book I was reading at the time was Molly Wizenberg’s “A Homemade Life” (she’s also the author of Orangette.com), so when I saw her name on the weekend roster as well, I thought, “that’s it… I have to attend IFBC!”

But here’s the thing… I HATE conferences. I make fun of conferences. I make fun of people that go to conferences. I especially hated when I was forced to go to them for work. The only thing I probably dislike more than a conference, is a committee. One of my favorite quotes being, “as useless as a committee”. I would think to myself, “why would I want to sit in a room full of women (or men) talking about one subject? Why not just google?”.

Okay, you get it… I’m just not a “conference” type of gal. Or at least I used to NOT be. Foodista’s IFBC changed it all for me. It wasn’t a stuffy, “all women only” (also not for me), large venue type of event. The organizers (Sheri and Barnaby) really put on a thoughtful, relaxing and FUN weekend in Seattle.

IFBC 2009, MyLastBite.comThe actual conference was held at the beautiful “Sanctuary at Admiral”, a restored historical building (from 1929), located in West Seattle. It was two stellar days filled with food writers, photographers, technology pros and, of course, lots of FOOD (and wine!). 

A few IFBC topics (that I was most excited about) were: “Food Porn – Food Photography & Styling”, “Blogging As A Career” and “Blog to Book – Getting Your Writing On Paper”. The latter in which Molly Wizenberg was on panel. She was so warm, informative and refreshingly humble. I was already a fan BEFORE meeting her, but I probably elevated myself to “Molly Groupie” afterwards.

One of the sessions that I thought would be boring, “Passionate Purveyors & Producers”, was far from it! I was especially captivated by Karl Kupers of Shepherd’s Grain, when he spoke about the “Find the Farmer” project. It’s a website that traces flour from farm to table. Cool, right?

The IFBC nights were fantastic as well. Friday evening’s welcome party was held in a funky, old building near Safeco Field, home to the Mariners. Lots of wine, food (oh, the fresh oysters!) and more wine!

On Saturday evening, it was all about Ruth Reichl. We all gathered at the Pan Pacific Hotel to hear the legendary writer read from her new book. It was just a wonderful, inspirational gathering, and the highlight of the weekend for me!

My good friend Afaf was my traveling companion for the trip, and we were both so happy to finally meet Charles Thompson, another L.A. based food blogger. It turns out that Charles knew my husband Peter from years back (they both work in movies), so the three of us (Afaf, myself and Charles) quickly bonded during the weekend in Seattle. We had two fabulous dinners out (that I’ll post soon), and we even squeezed in a sneaky, quick getaway to the Seattle Cheese Festival on Sunday morning.

There were so many nice folks at the conference (I can say that “c” word without grimacing now!), and it’s been fantastic keeping in touch with several on a regular basis. Here’s a shout out to a few of my daily Twitter pals that I met at IFBC: @Inuyaki, @PlumpestPeach and Washington’s own @PassionForEating … who just so happened to visit me for a wild night (with her family) in L.A. recently! 

I know for sure I’ll be going to IFBC again, and hopefully we’ll have a large L.A. group attending the next one. It was a treat to get out of my “virtual” community (internet & twitter) and actually spend time with my fellow food lovers in person. It just took a special type of conference, like Foodista, to make me appreciate it!

As you can tell, Foodista isn’t just the “wikipedia of food” for me. They’ve also been a solid support for the growth of my blog. If you’re lucky enough to be named Foodista’s “Blog of the Day”, just sit back, smile and watch your page hits skyrocket!

WOW. MyLastBite in the New York TimesA couple of week’s ago, Foodista co-founder Barnaby Dorfman emailed me and asked if I’d like to be photographed for the New York Times. The article would feature Foodista as well as other web-based recipe sites. Soon after, New York Times reporter Kim Severson called and she interviewed me via the phone. Two days after that, photographer Axel Koester was in my kitchen, taking countless pictures of me making bacon-wrapped breadsticks. 

The article was published yesterday… online and in print, and my husband was so excited he got up early and bought twenty copies for family and friends. I’m framing a copy for the kitchen of course, and am just so grateful to Foodista for even thinking of me! For all your support, kindness, guidance and generosity… THANK YOU!

More Photos from IFBC:

IFBC 2009, MyLastBite.com
The Sanctuary at Admiral

IFBC 2009, MyLastBite.com
A few of the many wonderful speakers at IFBC!
Top left: Kristy Melville, Molly Wizenberg, Jaden Hair
Top right: Molly Wizenberg, Jaden Hair
Bottom right: Rebekah Denn, Kathleen Flinn, Julie Brosterman 
Bottom left: Kristy Melville, Molly Wizenberg

IFBC 2009, MyLastBite.com
Inside the conference

IFBC 2009, MyLastBite.com
Welcome cocktail party

IFBC 2009, MyLastBite.com
Meeting Ruth 

IFBC 2009, MyLastBite.com
The most amazing goodie bag EVER. Thanks Sur la Table & Foodista!

About Foodista

IFBC details

IFBC 2009 Agenda

Foodista (and me!) in the New York Times

Mentioned Above:

A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg

Not Becoming My Mother by Ruth Reichl


About Twitter

About Wikipedia

Gourmet Magazine

Steamy Kitchen by Jaden Hair

Eat All About It by Rebekah Denn

Shepherd’s Grain


Simply Heaven Food by Afaf

100Miles by Charles

Bacon Wrapped Breadsticks!

Kim Severson, New York Times

Photographer, Axel Koester

All my IFBC photos on Flickr


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N E W… Y O R K… T I M E S!!

WOW. MyLastBite in the New York Times


A great big THANK YOU to Foodista for including me in the article! Thanks also to Kim Severson at the New York Times, and the awesome Axel Koester for all the lovely photos he took of me in my kitchen! That’s me (above, right) about to cook a tray of bacon-wrapped breadsticks in the N E W… Y O R K… T I M E S!!

I’ll post more pics from the photo-shoot soon.

Read the New York Times article here

Make Bacon Wrapped Breadsticks!

Kim Severson, New York Times

Photographer, Axel Koester

Bacon Wrapped Breadsticks on Foodista


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Phil’s Food Fest

One of the joys of writing a food blog is getting positive feedback from readers, friends and family. Naturally, I expect my own family to be supportive and not criticize me (too much) for spending almost all my waking hours consumed with thoughts of food.

Dinner w/ "My Life As A Foodie", MyLastBiteAt first, when complete strangers complimented my writing or photographs, I felt sort of stunned because I couldn’t believe anyone (who wasn’t forced via family ties) would take the time to visit My Last Bite. I thought each visitor HAD to have found my website by accident, and very much appreciated each and every comment left.

I still do, and as a “Twitter Fanatic”, I can appreciate how difficult it is to read a blog post that has more than 140 characters these days. It’s a bit frustrating because I’ve found myself becoming impatient when I click on a link to read a detailed recipe or even a two page food story.

What I’m learning to do now, is to stop myself, shake out of “Twitter Mode”, and force myself to relax. This way I can enjoy the words that someone has taken the time to share with the world.

So to those of you who take the time to visit my blog, I want to say THANK YOU! And a very special appreciation of thanks to my good friend Phil Nigash (aka my most frequent commenter!).

Phil and I first corresponded via email after he commented on a Molecular Gastronomy Class post I wrote last year. He was at that time, just thinking about dabbling in “Modern Cooking” and during that first class, we got to make Ferran Adria’s FAMOUS Pea “Ravioli”.

Phil was downright angry that he didn’t know about the class and even spoke about it on his radio show (audio link below). His blog is called “My Life As A Foodie” and focuses on every part of the food industry… not just the pretty side either! Check below for links and more info.

After I heard that first radio segment, I thought, “Wow, what a really generous and solid guy”, and felt totally thrilled that he even mentioned me on his show. I wanted Phil to be my new best (foodie) pal, but of course I was wary about making friends with a complete MALE stranger.

We continued emailing, FaceBooking and getting to know each other’s spouses through photos. Our daily messages consisted of shared food articles, restaurants we wanted to try, or chefs we dreamed about meeting someday.

With my good buddy Phil, MyLastBite.comIt wasn’t until two months later, that Phil and I actually met in person. In February he drove up from Orange County with a friend to attend another fun Molecular Gastronomy class at Sur la Table. My husband Peter and nephew Cody joined me for the class again, and this time we focused on making groovy “Airs and Spheres”.

Soon after I got to meet Phil’s wife Katrina, and we planned an evening at the Bazaar by José Andrés (molecular cooking heaven!). Ever since then the four of us have shared more and more of our lives with each other, including spending some great evenings with my sister’s family and friends.

Since late Spring, Phil and Kat had been trying to organize a dinner party for us at their home in Irvine. The dinner was not only for myself and Peter, but for my sister Janet, her husband Paul, plus family friends; Afaf, Ray, David and John.

Due to scheduling conflicts, the dinner didn’t happen until last month, and it was so worth the wait! The food was fantastic (Phil is an awesome cook), but more importantly we all enjoyed the warm friendship and delicious fun of the evening.

Less than a year ago we were all complete strangers, and because of that first blog comment by Phil, we now get to share this friendship (plus lots of tasty food!) for the rest of our lives.

To this day, Phil is usually one of the first readers to leave a comment on any of my posts or photos, and each message is so thoughtful and supportive. Thank you Phil for your ongoing encouragement and for being my wonderful food-obsessed friend!

Phil’s Food Fest:

Dinner w/ "My Life As A Foodie", MyLastBite
Photos Top Left: Shrimp Cocktail and Bisque.
Top Right: Poke Tacos
Bottom Right: Calçots and La rouille sauce
Bottom Left: Serrano Ham

Dinner w/ "My Life As A Foodie", MyLastBite
Chorizo Sarta, Green Olive Piquillo Pepper Anchovy, Serrano Ham

Dinner w/ "My Life As A Foodie", MyLastBiteCantimpalos (cocktail chorizos) and Aoli

Dinner w/ "My Life As A Foodie", MyLastBite
Potato Blini, Creme Fraiche and Smoked Salmon

Dinner w/ "My Life As A Foodie", MyLastBite
Savory Lobster Ice Cream w/ Chervil, Horseradish Cream and Caviar

Dinner w/ "My Life As A Foodie", MyLastBite
Phil in the kitchen (Savory Lobster Ice Cream)

Dinner w/ "My Life As A Foodie", MyLastBite
Cassoulet (white bean stew, duck confit and garlic sausage)

All Flickr Photos from Phil’s Food Fest

Dining Date: 8/29/09

Phil’s Blog: MyLifeAsAFood.com

Phil’s first mention of MyLastBite on his radio show

At Molecular Gastronomy Class with Phil

Phil’s radio show on Molecular Gastronomy Class

The first Molecular Gastronomy class

Dinner at the Bazaar with Phil & Kat

Sur La Table Cooking Classes

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