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The Bacon Bowl

Ok… let’s talk desert island. What would be the one food item you wouldn’t live without? The one tasty bite that you could eat every day… if you were stuck on a desert island. I’m not talking about nutrition, health or availability. For me, it would have to be bacon, preferably guanciale, but any old crispy slab would do me just fine.

A few months ago my good friend Bob sent me a link to the NotMartha website, that featured a recipe for delicious looking bacon cups. In the original recipe the cups were formed using upside down cupcake molds. Of course I wanted them bigger and bolder so I built a mold out of ramikens and foil. The edible art was large enough to hold a salad and homemade Manchego fricos! 
Bacon Bowl by MyLastBite.com

Recipe & “how to” photos below. Enjoy!

1. Preheat oven to 400
2. 5 slices of regular bacon each
3. Form the uncooked bacon around the mold (see photos)
4. Place in a pan (deep enough to catch grease)
5. Cook until just brown and crispy (turning pan once)
6. Allow to cool for a few minutes
7. Gently remove bacon bowl and continue to cool
8. Fill with salad or more bacon!

Bacon Bowl (How To), MyLastBite.com

The original bacon cups on NotMartha

The Bacon Bowl on Foodista


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