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“Trisol” for crispier, less greasy frying! – Adventures in Molecular Cooking [6]

“Trisol” for crispier, less greasy frying!

I first learned about Trisol on the Chadzilla website (link below). It’s one of my favorite “molecular gastronomy” blogs and I’m always inspired by the photos and information they post.

Chadzilla wrote:
“We have been working with incorporating the Adria’s Surpises product Trisol into fried food textures. It’s a wheat starch that can be used in a dry mix with AP flour (70% flour: 30% trisol) or in batters.  The great benefit is that it buys time for the chef if the fried product has to sit a minute.  This could obviously be seen as advantageous during large groups or parties, but the real advantage is the texture which is amazingly crispy.”

Trisol Fry-Up, MyLastBite.comMore about Trisol (as noted on La Tienda’s website):
“Trisol : Is a soluble fibre derived from wheat, especially recommended for the preparation of frying batter and tempura, the result being a crunchy, not at all oily, texture. It is also perfect as a substitute for sugar in the preparation of doughs for biscuits. Characteristics: Available in soluble powder form with neutral taste and smell. It keeps tempura crunchy even with the most moist products.”

I immediately purchased the Trisol and when it arrived a few days later, I was surprised to find it came in a bowling bag size tub! The previous Textura products I’d ordered came in cute, little “V8” juice size cans containing just 100 grams in each. The Trisol tub weighed in at 4 kilos (8.8 pounds)! What a great excuse to have a good old fashioned FRY-UP! All in the name of “research” of course.

Trisol Fry-Up, MyLastBite.comTrisol Fry-Up Test #1 – Buttermilk Onion Rings.

Using a simple buttermilk recipe, I incorporated the Trisol:

I sliced the onion rings and placed in a large container.

Poured buttermilk over, covered and placed in fridge for about 1/2 an hour.

Next I prepped two bowls of all-purpose flour then added salt & pepper.

Then I added Trisol to each.

Trisol Fry-Up, MyLastBite.comIn one bowl I had 70% flour to 30% Trisol.

In the other bowl I had 50% flour to 50% Trisol (just to see if there was a huge difference after frying).

I mixed them both (separately) then heated up vegetable oil for frying (to 350 degrees).

I then drained the onion rings from the buttermilk, but reserved the buttermilk in a shallow pan so I could coat each piece twice.

1. Take wet (from buttermilk) onion ring
2. Dredge in flour / Trisol
3. Dip in buttermilk a second time
4. Dredge again in flour / Trisol
5. Fry in batches for about 3 minutes or until golden brown.
6. Drain on paper towels and add salt immediately (while still hot).

Trisol Fry-Up, MyLastBite.com 
The first batch I fried were the 30% Trisol (as noted on the Chadzilla site). They were still crispy after I left them sitting on the counter for four hours. GREAT for dinner parties!

Trisol Fry-Up, MyLastBite.com

The 50% Trisol were lighter in weight and much crispier of course, but they were almost “too crunchy”.

Trisol Fry-Up Test #2 – Asparagus, Tofu Squares and Mozzarella Sticks.

My sister Janet’s kids loved fried foods. They’re not allowed to have them very often though, because my super-healthy sister does NOT. Needless to say, she was less than thrilled when I showed up at her house carrying the tub of Trisol, for “deep-frying research”.

The twins (ages 13) helped me clean and trim some asparagus and then I asked Janet what things we could grab from the fridge. This is when it got fun! After searching through all the drawers, we decided to fry mozzarella sticks, jalapenos and tofu squares (just for my sister).

We marinated each item separately in buttermilk, then got to the fry-up. This time I decided to test 60% flour to 40% Trisol. Following the same instructions as above, we first fried up the asparagus, then jalapenos, tofu squares, and finally the cheese (in case it oozed).

Janet made a huge garden salad and we sat down to our “Deep-Fried-Enjoy-It-Now” (because it will NEVER happen again dinner)! And what did my marathon-running-healthy-eating sister think of the Trisol? She LOVED it. The fact that it wasn’t so greasy made her enjoy it, and we were all shocked to see her reaching for more.

We dipped some bites in ranch dressing, others in ketchup and ate the asparagus on it’s own. I was surprised how much I liked the tofu, since I had cooked it up especially for my sister, but we were fighting over the last, crispy square. The Trisol did a great job holding the tofu wetness inside and I’m definitely going make agedashi tofu soon.

After trying the three Trisol recipes, I liked the 60/40 combination the best. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) I still have half a TUB (four pounds) of Trisol left, and it’s taking up space in my small kitchen. I really don’t deep-fry too often at home, but I guess I’ll have to plan a few more fry-ups in the near future, all in the name of molecular “research” of course!

Trisol Fry-Up, MyLastBite.com
The Asparagus

Trisol Fry-Up, MyLastBite.com
Mozzarella Sticks, Tofu Squares, Onion Rings, (jalapeno underneath)

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The Fairest Food of All

by Jo Stougaard

I hate dieting. I hate it especially because I love writing about food. Trying NOT to think about food makes me depressed and cranky. Dieting means I can’t eat out at the newest brasserie. Dieting means I can’t make pork belly in my gorgeous Le Creuset braising pan. Dieting means I can’t watch José Andrés eat his way around Spain. It also means I can’t fantasize about sharing salmon tartare coronets with Bourdain and Ripert at the French Laundry. And most importantly, dieting means I can’t talk or write about my favorite foods… which for me equals NO LIFE.

Thankfully, I officially gave up dieting a couple of years ago and decided just to work out more everyday. I know…Duh. With my three dogs it’s easy to get in extra runs each day…. especially living in sunny Los Angeles.

If I have a really big food night planned (a new restaurant or food event) then I’ll cut out carbs for a few days, but that’s it. No regular restrictions on any of the things that bring me so much happiness. The days of morning after guilt and self-loathing are gone. It’s all about joy now. It took most of my adult life to get here, but at least I’m HERE. 

Fried Food Heaven by MyLastBite.com

Last month my sister invited me to go to the L.A. County Fair with her kids. I hadn’t been to a county fair in years and wasn’t interested… until I remembered all the scrumptious fried foods. Having been a relentless dieter for the past TWENTY years, I would have felt guilty and shameful even stepping near a junk food carnival stand in the past. But this was a whole new fried freak show experience!

Fried Food Heaven by MyLastBite.comWe arrived at the fairgrounds around sunset, just in time for dinner. With my niece and nephew in tow (twins, ages 12), we made our way through the late summer crowds and headed straight for the infamous Chicken Charlie’s. We stood there a little dazed under the huge neon signs. So many choices… too many choices! I was so excited my heart was racing. There were Deep Fried Poptarts, Deep Fried Cheese Ravioli, Deep Fried White Castle Cheeseburgers, Deep Fried Frog Legs, Deep Fried Twinkies, Onion Strings, Zucchini, Avocados and more.

Since only the three of us would actually be eating the delightfully greasy entrees, we settled on just four plates. Deep Fried Spam, Deep Fried Poptart, Deep Fried Oreo and my personal favorite, the Fried Food Heaven by MyLastBite.comDeep Fried White Castle Cheeseburger. The WHOLE burger, battered and fried. It was SO good! I’m a huge fan of SPAM and thought that would be my favorite, but I was all about the cheeseburger. My niece Kindal loved the fried Poptart the best and nephew Chace devoured the fried Oreos.

The next morning I woke up feeling a little bloated, a little gassy and not really in the mood to lace up my running shoes. But I did. I took my dogs for a morning run and then ran again in the afternoon. No lingering guilt about the THOUSANDS of calories I consumed the night before. Just a cheerful feeling, remembering a fun evening with my family. Which is what going to the fair is all about right?

Fried Food Heaven by MyLastBite.com

 Chace & Kindal

Deep Fried Poptart by MyLastBite.com  Deep Fried Poptart

Deep Fried Spam by MyLastBite.com  Deep Fried Spam   

 Deep Fried Oreo Cookies by MyLastBite.com Deep Fried Oreo Cookies

Fair Visit: 9/17/08

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