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Wanton Eggs (eggs baked in wonton squares)

Here’s a terrific little egg dish I tried out last weekend.

On Sunday evening I was with my 12 year old niece, Kindal, and her two best girlfriends at the Jonas Brothers concert. It was great fun and I loved feeling like a teeny bopper again. Although I have to say… the next morning I felt like I had a wicked hangover and NO I did not drink at the show. My ears and brain were just totally wasted from enduring FOUR straight hours of 7,000 screaming tweens (plus a few of us screaming boomers)!

For breakfast I wanted to make something easy and comforting… but I also wanted it to be a little bit special because it’s always a treat to have Kindal stay over. I grabbed my “recipes to try” binder and decided on the “Eggs in a Basket”. Luckily I had wonton wrappers in the fridge so it was a snap. My version was made with eggs, shredded Vermont cheddar cheese, a little cayenne (to make them wanton), salt & pepper.

"Wanton" Eggs, MyLastBite.com
"Wanton" Eggs, MyLastBite.com
Breakfast in the garden: Joya, Ilana and Kindal

Eggs in a Basket Recipe by Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh

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