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Jinya Ramen ‘Round the Corner

I love bargain hunting, especially stores like Marshalls or Ross. They’re like super organized thrift shops but without the musty smell of used clothing. The Marshalls on Ventura (in Studio City) is just a few blocks from my house, so I frequent that location the most. My first stop is always the kitchen goods, and I’ve picked up some beautiful Le Creuset pieces (at half-price) over the years.

Ramen JinyaLast summer, I noticed a new ramen shop had opened just across the way from Marshalls, but didn’t take time to stop in for a bite, until I read Jonathan Gold’s review in July (link below).

Jonathan wrote:
“Best of all was an odd, strong-smelling tonkotsu ramen, whose pork broth had been pumped up with industrial quantities of dashi and dried fish, a broth on steroids, a broth that seemed to be trying to establish the record for the most umami per milligram. Can tongues pant? After a few bites, you may feel as if yours had just run a half-marathon without bothering to notify the rest of your head.”

I know. He’s genius. And now I’m hooked on Jinya…

Ramen Jinya
Tonkotsu Ramen: Pork Broth, Chashu, Flavored Egg, Green onion

Ramen Jinya
Spicy Ramen: Chicken Broth, Chicken meat ball, Spicy bean sprout

Ramen Jinya
Chashu Ramen: Choose chicken or pork broth, Chashu, Egg, Green onion

Ramen Jinya
Jinya Ramen: Chicken Broth, Chicken meat ball, Spinach, Green onion

Tokyo Premium Tonkotsu Ramen at Jinya
Tokyo Premium Tonkotsu Ramen: Pork Broth & Bonito Soup, Flavored Egg, Spinach, Green Onion

Hakata Ramen (PORKY heaven) @ Jinya
HAKATA ~ Pork Premium Rich Flavor ~ Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen

Vegetable Ramen @ Jinya
Vegetable Ramen: Chicken Broth & Japanese soup stock, Mushroom, Baby leaf , Spinach

All my Jinya photos on flickr

Ramen Jinya
11239 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604
Tel 818-980-3977

Read Jonathan Gold’s Review

Le Creuset


UPDATE: Jinya is on Jonthan Gold’s 99 Essential Restaurant List!


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