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So Far…

As of 12/31/11, I’ve completed these 257 dishes at Jitlada.
I’ll definitely hit my goal of 300 dishes in 2012!

257 Dishes At Jitlada So Far

click above for details

More at EatingTheMenu.com



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Thanks HuffPo!

In Huffington Post!

Many thanks to Lien Ta for the Huffington Post interview on “Culinarians Day”!

Article on Huffington Post

Extended article on Lien’s website

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Truly Humbled & Super Excited!

A great big THANK YOU to Betty Hallock and the L.A. Times!!!

Thank You L.A. Times!

Also, thank you Anne Cusack for photographing me (and the food) so beautifully!

Continue reading article on L.A. Times

Some photos of the PRINT copy (so excited!)

Eating the Jitlada Menu (photos)


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In March 2010 I decided I would try 300 dishes on Jitlada Thai Restaurant’s menu. Goal completed March 16, 2013!

My favorites dishes are on the “Spicy Southern Thai” pages and I usually invite friends to join me for lunch. Sometimes I just go alone and work in my “remote office“, but either way the focus is all about the amazing food.

Of course I’ll be taking photos of each plate during my delectable journey. Check for updates here at http://EatingTheMenu.com

Eating the Menu Jitlada Thai Cuisine
300 Dishes Completed! (updated 3/16/13)

Eating The Menu: Jitlada
(click above for more info on each dish)

3/30/10 I met the cutest couple today, who are WAY ahead of me on this quest. Jan & Ron from Glendale. They’ve tried over 100 dishes and eat at Jitlada every week as well! It was so nice to meet some fellow SUPER Jitlada Fans!!

9/10/10 With the help of friends (Julie, Ed, David & LeAnn), I passed 100 dishes today!  All photos here

More about Jitlada

Thanks Zach for sharing lunch with me!

Below are Completed

It took me twelve visits to the Bazaar, but I eventually ate every one of the 76+ dishes on the original two menus (a personal goal I set for myself). I’m so looking forward to the new spring menu, and will post updated photos here.

Eating the Menu – The Bazaar by José Andrés
Dishes Completed (All on menu, Year 1) – 76

Eating The Menu: Bazaar

More about The Bazaar by José Andrés

More Flickr “Eating the Menu” Groups Coming Soon
Dining Room

In the spirit of “full disclosure”, I just want to note that I manage and update JitladaLA.com but do not receive any compensation from the restaurant. I do it because I love the incredible food so much (and wanted to help promote the restaurant), but mostly because I adore Jazz, Tui and their remarkable family.


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Jitlada’s Dynamite Challenge

Jitlada’s new “Dynamite Spicy Challenge” by Chef Tui is simply INSANE, or rather… insanely HOT.

Khua Kling Phat Tha Lung at JitladaIf you thought the spiciest dish on the Southern Thai menu was the legendary Khua Kling Phat Tha Lung (Beef Dry Curry), you are wrong.

It took me months to brave the hottest spice level of the Khua Kling Phat Tha Lung, and I “trained” at home by eating a fresh, whole habanero chili (with seeds) every day. I’ve now moved on to ghost chilies.

When I order the dish now I just say, “make it Tui hot”. The cordial chef knows I can take it, even though I’m usually the only one at the table enjoying the delicious, ear buzzing pain.

When Jitlada revamped their menu last month, a new item was added that made me wince. “Dynamite Spicy Challenge”Presented by Chef Tui, with a warning that read, “If you do not eat spicy food do not order this. This is REAL CHILI REAL SPICY.

Jitlada's Dynamite Challenge

I’ve eaten the new challenge twice in the last two weeks (with beef) and loved it. Since Peter can’t take the spice (although he likes it pretty darn hot!), I always get to take a bit home. The Dynamite Spicy beef was even better the next morning with eggs.

Chef Tui's Dynamite Challenge
Dynamite Spicy Challenge by Chef Tui (Beef)

Jitlada Dynamite & Eggs (at home)
Leftover Dynamite Beef with eggs (my kind of breakfast fuel!)

Jitlada's Dynamite Challenge - Seafood
Updates: Photo above is of Chef Tui’s Dynamite SPICY Challenge with Seafood: Green mussels, scallops, squid, crab and veg. Shared with my good pal Phil on 1/30/10. OUTSTANDING!

Jitlada's Dynamite Challenge - Pork
Chef Tui’s Dynamite SPICY Challenge with PORK. Shared with Charles & Mark 2/11/10

SUPER SPICY Dynamite Tofu  @ Jitlada Thai
Chef Tui’s Dynamite SPICY Challenge with TOFU. Shared withChef Akasha, Alan, Haskell, Jenn & Drew o 4/6/10

Jitlada's Dynamite (SPICIEST ON MENU) Chicken
Dynamite Chicken 10/20/10 Shared with Brent

Jitlada's Dynamite (*SPICIEST ON MENU) Softshell Crab
Dynamite SPICY Softshell Crab, shared with 10/21/10 with Betty H. 

Jitlada's Dynamite Scallops
Dynamite SCALLOPS, shared with Craig M., Jess, Peter, Esther, Mark, Aaron & Angela 6/4/11


5233 W Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 663-3104

Follow Jitlada on Twitter @JitladaLA

Jonathan Gold wrote that the Khua Kling Phat Tha Lung “may be the spiciest food you can eat in Los Angeles at the moment” back in 2007

About Ghost Chilies (aka Bhut Jolokia Peppers)

Where I bought Dried Ghost Chilies

A Recipe From the Chef: Jitlada’s Thai Beef Salad

My favorite Jitlada dishes (so far) on Flickr


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My husband Peter had “Good Friday” off last week and we did something we RARELY ever do together… we decided to go out to lunch.

Peter almost never takes lunch at work because he feels like it’s a waste of time (classic workaholic), unless it’s a business meeting of course. Not eating during the day, ensures that he comes home hungry for dinner, which means he ALWAYS likes what I make. The truth is, I can get a little cranky when he doesn’t love my cooking, so this “no lunch at the office” system works well for both of us.

Jitlada Thai, MyLastBite.comJitlada Thai Restaurant has been on our “to do” list since last summer, when I first read about it in the July issue of Gourmet magazine. It’s a favorite spot of our friend Jeffrey, who has eaten at even the best Thai restaurants in Thailand. We hoped we could get Jeffrey to join us for lunch, but he couldn’t make it.

I also emailed my food blogger pal, SinoSoul. He loves Jitlada so much that he hosts dinners there, gathering food lovers to experience the authentic, Southern Thai (meaning extremely SPICY) dishes together. He’s invited me to an upcoming Jitlada dinner, but when I read about the extremely painful aftermath of the last gathering, I feared that I may not be able to take the heat.

SinoSoul wrote:
How does previous night’s dinner make you late to work the next morning? When you must explode with something fancy in the toilet. But hot damn the Southern Thai food was good on the way in.

I then clicked on a few other Jitlada blog links and thought FoodMarathon’s was particularly alarming:
I woke up this morning with a black tongue and my stomach precariously balanced between the volatile states of seizure and bleeding.

My apologies if the above offended you, but it’s the reason that I recently became a tiny bit fearful of Jitlada. I LOVE spicy food and can take it pretty, darn hot. Jalapeños are like cucumbers to me, and I add whole habañeros (seeds and all) to my eggs for breakfast. But I’ve never felt like I needed to visit the emergency room the next morning. Obviously Jitlada is a whole new, fiery experience.

So before I attend SinoSoul’s upcoming dinner, I hoped to at least get to Jitlada for lunch, and take sort of a test run. Good Friday turned out to be the perfect opportunity for Peter and I to try it together. SinoSoul wasn’t able to join us for lunch either, but thankfully he did email a list of dishes we should try. The menu is extensive and can seem very confusing if it’s your first visit, so it’s imperative that you do your research before you go.

Peter and I arrived a few minutes before they opened for lunch and were greeted by the lovely and charming, Sugar. She sat us in the second dining room next to the window and quickly took our drink order. I think she was a little shocked that we ordered Singa beer before noon… but heck, it was a holiday after all!

The menu was incredible and we would have been so LOST if SinoSoul hadn’t sent a list. When Sugar came to deliver our beers, she introduced us to her father Tui Sungkamee, who also happens to be the chef. We chatted for awhile then I handed them the printed list of items we would be ordering. It was fun to watch them carefully go over the dishes we wanted… Chef Tui double-checking the English-to-Thai translation with his daughter.

Jitlada Thai, MyLastBite.comOur lunch was OUTSTANDING, and if you haven’t been to Jitlada Thai yet (or lately), you should make the time to go now. We didn’t ask for extra spice on any of the dishes, but most carried a substantial amount of heat. Nothing painful though, just a wonderful, warm, and incredibly flavorful rush. I knew that I could take it much, much hotter, so I felt a great sense of relief.

I’m really looking forward to SinoSoul’s Jitlada dinner now. First of all, he’s promised that he won’t intentionally try to scorch my palate, and second of all… I’m certain that I’ll have chef Tui and sweet Sugar watching over me. With over 300 items available (they don’t all fit on the menu), you can bet I’ll be returning again and again!

What we ate (and loved):

Jitlada Thai, MyLastBite.com
Kung Phae Chup Khreuang Thawt : Deep-fried Shrimp with Crispy Tea Leaves

Jitlada Thai, MyLastBite.com
Sup Hang Wua : Mild, Southern Thai-style Oxtail Soup

Jitlada Thai, MyLastBite.com
Kaeng Hawy Bai Cha-Phluu : Spicy, Turmeric-seasoned Curry with Baby Clam and Wild Tea Leaves

Jitlada Thai, MyLastBite.com Jitlada Thai, MyLastBite.com

Jitlada Thai, MyLastBite.com
Fish ball Stuffed with Salted Duck Egg in Green Curry.

Note: I mistakenly labeled above photo “Curry w/ Baby Clam & Wild Tea Leaves” on Foodgawker.

Jitlada Thai, MyLastBite.com
Coconut Mango Salad (recommended by Sugar)

Jitlada Thai, MyLastBite.com
Obey the sign! It’s SO WORTH IT!

All my favorite Jitlada dishes (so far) on Flickr

5233 1/2 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 663-3104

Dining Date: 4/10/09

Mentioned Above:



Gourmet Magazine

Jitlada article excerpt from Gourmet:
“Then, in 2006, the restaurant changed hands again. The new owners were Sarintip “Jazz” Singsanong and her brother Suthiporn “Tui” Sungkamee, two of 12 siblings from the ancient province of Nakhon Si Thammarat, in southern Thailand, near the Malaysian border—also the home province, coincidentally, of Jitlada’s previous owners. Singsanong, the first of her family to immigrate to the U.S.—she arrived in 1979 with the proverbial (as she says) “two hundred dollars and one suitcase”—had studied hotel management in Bangkok. She enrolled at L.A. City College to learn English and found part-time jobs in local restaurants before landing a job at the Biltmore Hotel. Little by little, she brought her family over, and she and Tui, who owned four restaurants in Thailand, began working with another brother, John, at a Thai restaurant in Westwood called Emporium, which is still in business. “We couldn’t really do authentic home cooking there,” says Singsanong, “because our customers didn’t like things too spicy.” Her dream was to have a restaurant that could and that would offer Tui a showcase for his talents. When Jitlada became available, they took it over.” Full Article

Jitlada’s Dynamite Challenge

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L.A. Times Review of Jitlada

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