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Gangadin Indian – Lunch

I love when my ex-husband comes to town, because it’s always a fun afternoon of catching up and eating really good food. Perry flies a private jet for a company in San Diego, and on occasion he and his co-pilot have just enough layover time for lunch in L.A. 

Perry and I were married almost 22 years ago and I think it’s pretty amazing that we remained friends after divorcing. When I met my husband Peter (in ’94), he liked my ex so much that he insisted on inviting him to our first Thanksgiving dinner. And when my nephew Cody graduated from High School two years ago, Perry and his wife Karen came to celebrate at my sister’s house. We’ve got quite the special extended family and I’m so grateful for it.

When I look back at the years I spent with with my ex, there is only one MAJOR regret that still, to this day, annoys me. Even though he was (and is still) one of the best cooks I’ve ever known, there were times when I didn’t let myself enjoy his food. Back then I was a foolish twenty-something dieting fanatic and would COMPLAIN when he spent hours in the kitchen cooking dinner for me.

On some days I’d choose dexatrim and diet coke over his slow-cooked curries. And when I think about all the times I passed on his crispy deep-fried spicy potatoes or his home-made sausage, I want to go back in time and slap myself silly. Perry not only mastered Indian recipes, but he also whipped up platters of Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Greek and South African delights. His kitchen was an absolute foodie paradise.

When he called last month about getting together for lunch (with his co-pilot in tow), I suggested we meet at my favorite Indian restaurant, Gangadin. I’ve been going there for years, but hadn’t tried the traditional Tiffin Service lunch specials yet (photos below).

These lunches start at just $8.95 and come with five items served on a traditional tiffin tray. Besides your main course, you also get a side of daal (split lentils cooked with spices and creamy sauce), salad, raita (yogurt and cucumber) and basmati rice, all served on cute, metal dishes and trays!

It’s always fun reminiscing with old friends and family, and it’s even better sitting around a table of spicy goodness (at least for me). I don’t think I’ll ever redeem myself for those non-eating-dieting years way back when, but you can bet that nowadays I finish every last bite.

Gangadin Indian, MyLastBite.com
Chicken Tikka Boneless juicy chicken marinated in homemade yogurt, spices and grilled in an authentic Tandoor oven.

Gangadin Indian, MyLastBite.com
Chicken Korma Tender pieces of marinated chicken with spices, onions, yogurt, and assorted nuts.

Gangadin Indian, MyLastBite.com
Aloo Gobhi Cauliflower and potatoes sautéed with tomatoes, ginger and special ground spices. This is SO SPICY and comforting at the same time.

Gangadin Indian, MyLastBite.com
Keema Samosas Indian pastry stuffed with mildly spiced lamb. (ordered separately)

Gangadin Indian, MyLastBite.com
Garlic Naan garnished with freshly chopped garlic and baked in the 900 degree Tandoor. (ordered separately)

Gangadin Restaurant
12067 Ventura Place
Studio City Ca 91604

Dining date May 11, 2009

More about Perry on “About” page.

My awesome husband, Peter!

Gangadin’s 900 Degree Oven

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The 900 Degree Oven

Gangadin, MyLastBite.comMy favorite Indian restaurant is currently featured on the cover of “Studio City Lifestyle” magazine. I wish I could find an online version of it, so I could share the entire article with everyone, but here’s a paragraph from the cover story printed on page four.

Gangadin Indian Cuisine is owned by Manmeet Singh Sahni and family. Manmeet takes pride in serving home style cooking. Every dish is cooked from scratch with no MSG, preservatives or animal fat added. “We specialize in outstanding, flavorful Indian Punjabi cuisine,” says Manmeet, “including homemade and exotic curries, fresh baked breads from the hot tandoor and meats marinated in delicate spices and herbs.”

Peter and I have been regulars at Gangadin for years, and we even served their food at our wedding back in 1996. Our favorite dishes include: Chicken Korma (tender pieces of marinated chicken, spices, onions, yogurt, and assorted nuts), Saag Paneer (cubes of homemade cheese, spinach and spices), Chicken Tikka (boneless chicken marinated in homemade yogurt and spices, grilled in the tandoor) and the most flavorful Garlic Naan bread (garnished with freshly chopped garlic and also baked in the tandoor).

Gangadin Restaurant, MyLastBite.comLast week we stopped in for dinner with David Gussin (executive sous chef at Akasha) and his roommate, Dan. It was their very first visit to Gangadin and we were so pleased that they loved the food as much as we do.

After dinner, owner Manmeet and his son Sangmeet let us check out the tandoor clay oven in the restaurant kitchen. It’s amazing how quickly the naan bread bubbles up and cooks along the super-heated oven wall.

I’ve never made Naan bread at home but definitely plan on trying it soon. While researching various recipes, I came across a great “Learn To Make Naan Bread” video by Manjula Jain (link below).

Gangadin Restaurant, MyLastBite.com Gangadin Restaurant, MyLastBite.com
Photos: Naan being made in the 900 degree tandoor

Gangadin Restaurant, MyLastBite.com
Gangadin Chef Kamaljeet Singh making the naan

Gangadin Restaurant, MyLastBite.com

Gangadin Indian Cuisine
12067 Ventura Place
Studio City Ca 91604

Website (with menu)

More Gangadin

Video: Naan Bread Recipe by Manjula

Manjula’s Kitchen


Anyajit: A Chef in the Making

India Sweets & Spices

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Gangadin Indian Restaurant

My husband and I love Indian food and our favorite Indian restaurant is Gangadin in Studio City. We like it so much that when we were married in 1996, we had Gangadin cater our wedding dinner. 

Gangadin Restaurant, MyLastBite.comAll these years later, we still like to order the same dishes we shared at our Indian “wedding feast”. Of course we try new ones every now and then, but when we feel like some comforting curry goodness, we always get the following:

Onion Pakoras – Shredded onions, dredged in spiced gram flour and deep-fried.

Papadum – Spiced crispy Indian crackers baked on an open flame.

Raita – Perfect to cool off your spicy mouth. Wonderfully refreshing yogurt blended with cucumbers, spices and tomatoes.

Mango Chutney – A wonderful, tart and sweet condiment that you order separately.

Gangadin Restaurant, MyLastBite.com

Chicken Tikka – Chunks of boneless chicken marinated in spices and yogurt and then grilled over the Tandoor flames.

Garlic Naan – Fluffy garlic naan bread that’s baked in a traditional Tandoor oven. (We each have to have our own!)

Saag Paneer – Small chunks of cheese  in a delicious spinach mixture. You can ask for this dish extra spicy if you want. Note: If you are sure that you can handle the heat, then tell them to make it “traditional spicy”.

Gangadin Restaurant, MyLastBite.com

Chicken Korma – This is our favorite dish at Gangadin. It’s a mild curry flavor, marinated chicken. You can ask for it spicy, but beware… it’s REALLY spicy!

Rice Pudding – Super sweet, but a really nice finish to a spicy Indian dinner. The pistachio chips on top add great texture to the pudding.

Kingfisher Beer – For me, an Indian meal is not complete without drinking one or two (or sometimes three!) Kingfisher beers.

Gangadin Restaurant
12067 Ventura Place
Studio City Ca 91604

Lunch at Gangadin

Check out Gangadin owners Manmeet (right) and his son Sangmeet on the cover of Studio City Lifestyle Magazine. They are always so friendly when we eat at their restaurant.

Gangadin, MyLastBite.com

















More Gangadin!

Gangadin on Urbanspoon

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Connoisseurs Indian Tandoori, London

A late night curry dinner near our hotel in Paddington! The owner was about to close, but was kind enough to stay open for us, after I explained this was my nephew Cody’s first Indian meal! A much-needed feast (and rest ) after a full day of sightseeing around London.

Late Night Indian Dinner in London, MyLastBite.com
Delicious Garlic Naan, Chicken Korma and Basmati Rice

Late Night Indian Dinner in London, MyLastBite.com
Kingfisher Beer and Pappadums

We loved every bite!

Connoisseurs Indian Tandoori
8 Norfolk Place, Paddington, London W2 1QL
Phone: 0207 402 3299
Dining Date: 6/22/07 

More about Cody’s Graduation Trip to England & Scotland

Indian Connoisseurs on Urbanspoon


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