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Jitlada’s Dynamite Challenge

Jitlada’s new “Dynamite Spicy Challenge” by Chef Tui is simply INSANE, or rather… insanely HOT.

Khua Kling Phat Tha Lung at JitladaIf you thought the spiciest dish on the Southern Thai menu was the legendary Khua Kling Phat Tha Lung (Beef Dry Curry), you are wrong.

It took me months to brave the hottest spice level of the Khua Kling Phat Tha Lung, and I “trained” at home by eating a fresh, whole habanero chili (with seeds) every day. I’ve now moved on to ghost chilies.

When I order the dish now I just say, “make it Tui hot”. The cordial chef knows I can take it, even though I’m usually the only one at the table enjoying the delicious, ear buzzing pain.

When Jitlada revamped their menu last month, a new item was added that made me wince. “Dynamite Spicy Challenge”Presented by Chef Tui, with a warning that read, “If you do not eat spicy food do not order this. This is REAL CHILI REAL SPICY.

Jitlada's Dynamite Challenge

I’ve eaten the new challenge twice in the last two weeks (with beef) and loved it. Since Peter can’t take the spice (although he likes it pretty darn hot!), I always get to take a bit home. The Dynamite Spicy beef was even better the next morning with eggs.

Chef Tui's Dynamite Challenge
Dynamite Spicy Challenge by Chef Tui (Beef)

Jitlada Dynamite & Eggs (at home)
Leftover Dynamite Beef with eggs (my kind of breakfast fuel!)

Jitlada's Dynamite Challenge - Seafood
Updates: Photo above is of Chef Tui’s Dynamite SPICY Challenge with Seafood: Green mussels, scallops, squid, crab and veg. Shared with my good pal Phil on 1/30/10. OUTSTANDING!

Jitlada's Dynamite Challenge - Pork
Chef Tui’s Dynamite SPICY Challenge with PORK. Shared with Charles & Mark 2/11/10

SUPER SPICY Dynamite Tofu  @ Jitlada Thai
Chef Tui’s Dynamite SPICY Challenge with TOFU. Shared withChef Akasha, Alan, Haskell, Jenn & Drew o 4/6/10

Jitlada's Dynamite (SPICIEST ON MENU) Chicken
Dynamite Chicken 10/20/10 Shared with Brent

Jitlada's Dynamite (*SPICIEST ON MENU) Softshell Crab
Dynamite SPICY Softshell Crab, shared with 10/21/10 with Betty H. 

Jitlada's Dynamite Scallops
Dynamite SCALLOPS, shared with Craig M., Jess, Peter, Esther, Mark, Aaron & Angela 6/4/11


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Jonathan Gold wrote that the Khua Kling Phat Tha Lung “may be the spiciest food you can eat in Los Angeles at the moment” back in 2007

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