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My Sister and My Mother
My Sister Janet

Haggis Hunt
Goofing around in the garden,

The Key to Red Meat
With my big sister Janet,

Chefs are Rock Stars

Wonder Twins
Kindal and Chace,

Loco Moco
Hawaii 2003,

One of the GREATS
Jo with Ferran Adria by

Smokin’ Hot
With Cody in Okinawa,

Aayanjit: A Chef In The Making
Aayanjit Pukan,

My Island of Pork
Hibiscus in the Benjo!

Afaf’s Arabic Kitchen
Cooking with Afaf by

The Paris I Never Knew
Paris Train,

The Fairest Food of All

Fried Food Heaven by

Anything but Lamb!
Animal Restaurant's Leg of Lamb by

A favorite quote:
“Everything has been said, but not everything has been said superbly, and even if it had been, everything must be said freshly over and over again.” Paul Horgan

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4 responses to “Stories

  1. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for your compliments about my book on Seattle Tall Poppy. It was so nice of her to list my class on Leite’s Culinaria.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, particularly your bio page and the essay about growing up in Japan.


    • Dianne,
      What an absolute honor to have you visit my site. My copy of your book, “Will Write for Food” is never far from reach.

      When I read books, my system for flagging specific pages are:

      1) Flagged page on top means “great quote”.

      2) Flagged page to the right means “action” or “get more info”.

      After I read your book (the first time), my husband made fun of me because almost EVERY page was marked with a flag on top, AND on the right.

      Thank you for writing such an invaluable guidebook!


      Posting a link so my visitors can get more info about “Will Write for Food”.

      Official site

  2. Glad hand,
    I really impressed with” Story: mylastbite”.
    Life needs struggle and you effort success constitute motivation for me.

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