Villains Tavern

Because let’s face it… sometimes being bad feels so good…

Villains Tavern Interior

Last week I was invited (by the kind folks at Shiny Object Co.) to check out the new Fall-Winter Specialty Cocktails at Villains Tavern downtown.

Villains Tavern CocktailThe four I tasted (lucky me, I had a driver!):

Blackheart (Goslings Dark Rum, Blackheart Spiced Rum, Rum Batter, Hot Water with Heavy Whipping Cream)

Day of the Dead (Mulled Spice Cider, Vodka, Apple Jack and Bitters)

Sleepy Hollow (Gin, Pumpkin, Citrus, Organic Egg Whites, Sugar, Heavy Whipping Cream and Chocolate Chili Bitters)

Edgar Allan Poe (A spin on the eggnog created in 1862 by Jerry Thomas, with Fighting Cock Bourbon, fresh green apple juice, an organic egg, sugar and nutmeg)

Along with the new cocktails, I munched on some terrific bar bites:

Villains Tavern's Grilled Cheese w/ Bacon Marmalade
Grilled Cheese w/ Bacon Marmalade

Villains Tavern's Burger
Demon Burger w/ Bacon

Villains Tavern's Fried Chickpeas
Deep-fried Chickpeas (couldn’t get enough of these suckers!)

Villains Tavern Interior

This was my first visit to Villains Tavern, and I’m already planning a return visit with friends. It’s location is a bit isolated, but I have to admit… that added to the sort of dangerous fun of it all!

More photos:
Villains Tavern Interior

Villains Tavern Interior

VVillains Tavern Interior
I collect old apothecary bottles too (would love these for my collection!)

Villains Tavern Mixologist
Dave Whitton mixing concoctions

All my Villains Tavern photos on flickr

The Dark Carnival at Villains Tavern
Friday Oct 29th & Saturday Oct 30th
7pm to 2am
Live Music, Freak Show, Costume Contest, Carnival Food more info>

Villains Tavern
1356 Palmetto

Los Angeles, CA 91003
(213) 613-0766

Villains Tavern on Twitter

Note: This was a preview, media event (no cost). Thanks so much to Bradley Tuck and Megan MacEachern for the invite!



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2 responses to “Villains Tavern

  1. I want to go and play too!!!!!!!
    It sounds like a truly fun place, and I’ve never had a deep fried chickpea, I’m obviously missing something.



    Love you blog!


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