A Big Heart-On For Lardon!

Get Your Lardon!
Yes Virginia, there is a BACON TRUCK

Get Your Lardon!
My Bacon Loot

Get Your Lardon!
The Bacone: 3 strips of bacon, served in a cone

Get Your Lardon!
The Baco: Potatoes and cheddar in a bacon shell served with horseradish bacon sour cream

Get Your Lardon!
Bite of Baco

Get Your Lardon!
The Lardon: BLT Nueske’s peppered bacon, butter lettuce & tomatoes with St. Agur blue cheese on toasted baguette

Get Your Lardon!
Lark brownies w/ bacon Nutella spread

Cannot not wait to try BREAKFAST!

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Get Your Lardon!



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6 responses to “A Big Heart-On For Lardon!

  1. Heart-on. HA! I love it.

    If there was ever a food truck, or restaurant niche idea that was practically tailor-made for you, it’s this one. The food looks defibrillator-inducing, and fantastic.

  2. I cannot wait to get my lard on! LOVE LOVE Bacon!

  3. Oh my! Can I have 1, maybe, 5 of everything?

  4. Laughing at the Baco. Does it get much better than that?!

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